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by Jimmy Wynn

My name is Jimmy A. Wynn. This story is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I tell it to you for several reasons:

1) What happened to me can and will happen in some form to a lot of people in the patriot movement.

2) If you know the tactics of the enemy, you'll take precautions to prevent some of the glaring mistakes I've made.

3) We need to document these cases so that traitors and those who abuse the "system" can be held accountable in the future.

With that said, here's what happened to me:

On 13 December 1998 I was arrested for a crime that never took place. Between 13 December 1998 and 1 June 1999, I was targeted by the FBI and threatened on numerous occasions. (I'll tell more in the details of my story.) On 1 June 1999 I went to court for a misdemeanor charge and by the time the jury came into the courtroom, I was facing charges that would have netted me 25 years in prison had I lost the case....

To me, what is so absurd about all of this is the fact that there was never a police investigation into this matter. Not only did the crime not occur but, the first time I ever saw the police who swore out the warrant was on 1 June 1999 in the courtroom of Timothy Hamil (the "judge" in the case.) As a matter of fact, the prosecutor told the jury:

"I don't have to have a police investigation" (and there wasn't one);

"I don't have to have any witnesses" (and there weren't any);

"I don't have to show you any evidence" (and none was introduced) ...

Now the facts:

I am a long time member of the Militia of Georgia. I've been on television, radio, in newspapers, etc. many times over the years. I was also exposing the local police for violating the laws -- which will explain why so much effort was expended to try and end my life as a free man. On the other side of the coin, 14,000 people were jailed in the county I live in during the 1999 calendar year, so I am not an anomaly. I'm not the exception to the rule... I am the rule. (Georgia has about 159 counties. You do the math.)

In December 1998, I was sent home by my employer to retrieve some insurance papers one afternoon. Upon arriving, I encountered a strange car in my driveway, so I went in with my .357 magnum tucked in the small of my back. My girlfriend was there with her ex-husband. An argument ensued, I called the police and the girlfriend and her ex-husband were removed from my house. At no time did the ex-husband of my girlfriend see that I was armed.

The following Sunday, my ex-girlfriend returned to my house to try and reconcile with me. I flatly refused. At one point, she grabbed my arm and I swung my arms wide attempting to force her to let go. Instead, she kept a firm grip and took a step backwards. She sat down on the couch pulling me with her. My weight was distributed between her body with one hand and the back of the couch with the other hand. I offer this because that is all that happened. My ex-girlfriend admitted to this on the witness stand. There was no attempt to bring about bodily harm. I point out that my ex-girlfriend came to my house both unannounced and uninvited, and she grabbed me. All I did was free myself from her unwanted and hostile action.

Shortly thereafter, my ex-girlfriend left and went to the city police. According to her testimony, she went to the police station looking for a way to convince me to go to counseling with her to save the relationship. I don't live in the city, so the city called the county police. The county police came to the city police station and listened to my ex-girlfriend's story. He said he couldn't do anything for her and asked if she wanted to swear out a warrant. She declined, so the police officer, (Restrepo) said he would swear out a warrant himself.

Several days... maybe two weeks later, I was arrested in a routine stop and told I was had an outstanding warrant for simple battery. I was booked, jailed, searched and bailed out... and I went home.

A few evenings later I was visited by Steve Lazarus and Donald Hamaty of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They said I wasn't in any trouble.... and they weren't even asking questions about any pending investigation. They said one of their contacts (a euphemism for snitches) told them I might know people in the white supremacist movement. I knew a few, but I usually only saw them around gun shows -- and I didn't know anything that would help them... I mean it's not like I eat dinner with the people.

After several visits by the FBI, they finally got to the point. Lazarus offered me money to infiltrate the white supremacist movement and give the FBI info. Lazarus told me to plead guilty to the misdemeanor case and the FBI would pay the fine and I wouldn't even see any jail time. I wasn't biting on their offer. I wasn't guilty and was not about to plead guilty to a crime that never happened.

Let me go off point at this juncture. I once sold an SKS rifle to a man whose name I still can't recall. He paid me $25 down, and I took the rifle to his work site nearly a week later. He was the manager of a Pizza Hut, so I was given free pizza and we went outside and he paid me. As fate would have it, this clown was part of some white supremacist organization that was into robbing banks. Had I even had a clue that this man was involved in anything shady, I damn sure wouldn't have sold him a rifle that was registered to me. The FBI still thinks I had some part in a bank robbery, but I offered to take a lie detector test at the time to prove I didn't know these people, had no part in their schemes, etc.

Anyway, I went to court on a misdemeanor case. Julie Prokopovich, the prosecutor, went to the judge and said, "Mr. Wynn refuses to co-operate with the FBI so we're asking for additional charges." The judge granted them. My lawyer had been retained to defend me on a misdemeanor case, but now it got more serious -- at the capricious whim of a prosecuting attorney and without any evidence on the misdemeanor of which I'd been falsely charged and without any evidence of the more serious charges waged against me.

I'm out of money, and my lawyer is out of motivation.

The prosecutor accused my ex-girlfriend of lying because the prosecutor said my ex was "afraid of me once we got home." The prosecutor said that I would beat the hell out of my ex and she wouldn't have any where to go... This was pure horsehockey. My ex-girlfriend did not live with me when the alleged crime happened. She didn't live with me at any time between the time this alleged crime happened and the day of trial. She didn't live with me the day of the trial (nor since then), and the prosecutor knew this. She was lying, apparently because I would not take FBI bribe money to entrap people I don't even know for crimes they may not have even committed.

The prosecutor accused me of beating the hell out of of my ex-girlfriend, but the doctor which supposedly treated her was never subpoenaed, and my ex was served in this doctor's office (she works there.) The prosecutor said that I pushed my front door open and threw my ex off the front porch. Actually, my front door opens inward but, was blocked by furniture while remodeling was under way. Either way, the event as told by the prosecutor was horse hockey. And the prosecutor knew it.

My ex-girlfriend testified at trial that several days before trial she was threatened by the prosecutor's office to either corroborate the police report or be thrown in jail. Bear in mind that my ex-girlfriend went to a magistrate's office right after I was released from jail and had the temporary restraining order pending against me (compliments of the police) lifted. She told the magistrate what really happened at that time. Repeat: the magistrate's office had already been told the truth of the blown-out-of-all-proportion event -- directly from the alleged "victim" of a crime that never happened, and the prosecutors were pressuring her to lie under oath or be thrown in jail.

Finally, with the trial almost over, the judge reads over the charges one by one. He said they could find me guilty of assault with an intent to kill or they could find me innocent...or they could find me guilty of a lesser offense. Count two, they could find me guilty of another charge, or they could find me not guilty OR they could find me guilty of this "lesser charge." Five times this judge told the jury that they could find me guilty of this lesser charge. It would have been much more honest to say, "I know we don't have a damn thing against this man, but you're going to give me SOMETHING; He's in my court."

I do want to point out that my ex-girlfriend told the jury that the prosecutor warned her that I would go to jail... one way or another.

Well, the verdict comes back. I'm found NOT GUILTY on assault charges, NOT GUILTY of family (domestic) violence.... I'm NOT GUILTY of all counts save of this "lesser charge" of conduct of an insulting nature (non - domestic simple battery.) But wait a minute. The judge sentences me to a year's probation, 21 days of community service, domestic violence counselling, $625 fine. Repeat: I was found NOT GUILTY of every non-existent crime I was charged with, but I was given probation -- by a judge who was trying to get the jury to find me guilty of something I didn't do in order to put me in jail.

Okay, here's the real cost: After two years of going to probation offices, I simply quit going. Each trip cost me a "supervision fee." The domestic violence program is Pavlovian style brainwashing that cost $25 per trip, and it can last as long as they want it to (mine was 6 months in duration.) The $625 fine eventually cost $1,125 with surcharges. So, with the arrest, bail money, lawyers, fees, fines, surcharges, supervision charges, etc. combined with lost wages it cost me a whopping $24,000. Yes $24,000 -- 24 with three zeros after it. And think about it. I was found not guilty on all charges of domestic violence, but I was sentenced to the program anyway.

I filed an appeal, but the judge denied me the appointment of an attorney. I had $1,500 in the bank (no job due to the time lost fighting this case) and $2000 a month in expenses. I then tried to do the appeal myself. The judge filed false papers in the case and the appeal was dismissed. I have copies of the papers now, but the case number is wrong, copies were sent to the wrong prosecutor and I was never sent copies of these papers so I couldn't respond to them -- which is why the appeal "failed".

Since that time the FBI -- specifically Steve Lazarus -- has shown up at house and said that I would work for the FBI as their snitch or that BATF would some day raid my property when I least expected it and they would find a howitzer buried here. Steve said,

"Who would a jury believe? You're a convicted criminal, and we're the FBI."

Devin Vicknair, the mind control artist at the violence counseling center, said that the prosecutor is always calling up the newspapers and complaining that the editors and writers call "domestic violence" an assault -- so she is using her office to drum up support for gun control.

In short, all of my civil and Constitutional RIGHTS have been violated. Outside of this trip to court, I had never been in any kind of trouble in my entire life. Over the years, I had two bitter divorces in this county, and neither ex-wife would get on a witness stand and say I "beat them." I didn't, and there is no evidence anywhere to the contrary.

This ordeal has left me scared of any kind of cop; it's left me paranoid; it's broken me financially; and my name and clean record has been permanently tarnished by people whose sole aim was to take away my gun rights. And I tell you this because it can happen to you. If you even know one politically incorrect person, a white supremacist, an anti-abortion crusader or some Christian activist, you could be targeted for this kind of treatment. I'm telling you straight up. At the time of my arrest, I was a working stiff. The only organization I belonged to at that time was Citizens for Safe Government (the affiliate to Gun Owners of America.) I had no police record, no friends that I knew of that had ever been arrested and was not even remotely involved in anything illegal.

That's my story. Thanks for listening, and watch your back. Note: This is from Angel Shamaya, Director, is not necessarily the opinion of any KABA members, employees or other parties involved with this organization, and is directed to FBI agent Steve Lazarus (probably a fake name considering that federal agents routinely behave as imposters),

Steve: If you're doing what Mr. Wynn says you're doing, that makes you an oppressor and a traitor who puts his own thuglike desires above the Constitution and the freedom of free people.  One of these days, if you are in fact doing what Mr. Wynn has alleged here -- and judging from the way your organization operated in Waco and Ruby Ridge I don't doubt it -- someone who respects their own rights is going to fight back successfully. Any government agents who behave in the ways described above deserve whatever comes their way.


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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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