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Operation Oath

Operation Oath

It's time to rattle some cages.

by Angel Shamaya


He who cheats on an oath acknowledges that he is afraid of his enemy, and he thinks little of God. ~~ Plutarch

Anybody wanna sue an oath breaker if we can hand you a ready-made lawsuit on a platter and walk you through the process?


  1. Introduction
  2. Example of The Approach
  3. Information about Oath Requirements in each State Requested
  4. Legal Ammunition Requested
  5. Attorney in Each State Needed
  6. Benefits of Operation Oath
  7. Conclusion



The time has come for gun owners to go on the offensive, in massive numbers, in every city and county of every state in the Union. It is time to press accountability upon every public servant who is infringing on our rights. Gun rights, all rights. Now.

It's time to say "Happy New Year" to the Oath Breakers.

When people say they swear to uphold the Constitution and they don't, we need to make them suffer the consequences of their actions, just like any other citizen who breaks the law. The gross violations of your civil rights must end.

Operation Oath is going to take some time, so we're going to start of by keeping this really, really simple. A few minutes of your extra time can be put to very good use today, this week, and in the coming weeks. Results. That's what we need at this time in our history. Pay attention for the next couple of minutes, and you'll have a blueprint for one of the several ways we are going to hold public servants' feet to the fire on behalf of your Liberty.

Example of The Approach

Start by looking through The Arizona Oath page. I live in Arizona, so I started here. We're going to use this information to figure out how we Arizonans can make the oath-breakers very uncomfortable about their transgressions. Here is the file:

What you will see, briefly, are all of the following. Those items with an asterisk are federal issues that apply to your local and state public servants, as well.

  • The Arizona Constitution's Requirement to take the Oath of Office

  • The Actual Oath of Office Public Servants in Arizona are Required to Take

  • The Arizona Constitution on the Right to Keep And Bear Arms

  • * The U.S. Constitution on the Right to Keep And Bear Arms

  • * The U.S. Constitution Comes Before Statutes, Edicts, Ordinances, Rules or Regulations

  • * The Civil Rights Act (every violator of rights is liable)

  • * Public Law 96-303, Code of Ethics for Government Service

  • * Links to All 50 State Constitutions

  • * All 50 State Constitutions on the Right to Keep And Bear Arms (NOTE: This doesn't yet contain the "right to life" citiations from the State Constitutions where RKBA isn't specifically enumerated. More on those States in a moment.)

I expect my hired public slaves to obey. ("Servant" and "slave" are synonyms. I'm using "slave" here to make a point. It's a mindset shift. Let your mind make the shift. We pay these people to work for us. I won't use "slave" in direct contact with them, but I will use the word "servant.") The days of expecting public slaves to self-regulate are over. I'm done waiting. I say we launch multiple strikes on every last one who disobeys his or her sworn duties, right now.

Here is what I am requesting in the way of assistance. You can pitch in as little or as much time as you please. Do something. This is going to help you in your state, regardless of what state it is, so please chip in.

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Information about Oath Requirements in each State Requested

What we need is what I have already laid out for Arizona, but I'll spell it out for you, for clarity's sake.

  1. The actual oath of office in your state, plus a website address where it can be verified. If there are several, depending upon position, we want them all. In some states, a judge's oath is different, for example. Let's put 'em all in one user friendly file for effective, immediate use.

  2. The Constitutional provision for the oath of office in your state, plus website address where it can be verified   (The web address for your state constitution is at the bottom of the Arizona page linked above.)  NOTE: If you live in one of the states where you believe there is no State Constitutional provision for the right to keep and bear arms, think self-defense, liberty-defense, right to life... and look there. You have a right to life, even if the bodyguarded politicians lie and say you don't. Help us find an attorney with guts and passion in your state, and we can attack on legal grounds based on the "right to life" approach. If we have 200 gunowners attacking in court on the right to life, from several angles, we'll wear 'em down. Strength in numbers, and I'm not giving up on any state, ever. EVER. Every state has an inroad, because we all have a right to life, period.

  3. Any statutory laws relating to the oath of office or to penalties for the public slaves who defy it, plus the website address where it can be verified. Click here to the State Legislative Index, and click over to your state. Search your state's archives for the statutes regarding oaths. Find the information.  (State Legislative Index:

  4. Email with all of the information you can find. Please organize it so it's easy to follow. If you are guided to use the Arizona Oath page as a template and create the html document for your state, please do. You'll get full credit for compiling it and move us along in your state that much faster. PLEASE give your email subject a title that begins with the name of your state. For example, if you live in Montana, your email subject should be MONTANA OATH INFO. We're dealing with 50 states here. It's a lot. Please help the sorting process by giving us your state's name in the email subject.

  5. I'm also looking for volunteers who can help create the pages for each state. If you are handy with html documents and are willing to help, email me directly, and give your email the subject of KABA HTML HELP.

  6. Before you dig in on your state, check our Oath Archive to make sure you don't duplicate work that has already been done. We will update that page as information comes in. We've got a lot of information to pull together, but with help, we can do it.

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Legal Ammunition Requested

We're looking for a few legal gurus to be a legal gurus, for the cause, right now. Our goal is to create cookie-cutter lawsuits that can be self-filed by as many Patriots as possible as quickly as possible for as little money as possible, in every state where we have even a decent chance of winning. (Anybody wanna sue an oath breaker if we can hand you a ready-made lawsuit on a platter and walk you through the process?) Here is what we require, ASAP:

  1. Legal citations where public servants have been defeated in a court of law for violating their oath of office, plus a website address where the information can be verified and linked to. Either state or federal cases are most welcome. Both would be super. The more the merrier, and one in each state would be magnificent.

  2. Legal groundwork laid for launching a prickly, effective lawsuit based on denying our brothers and sisters the right to keep and bear arms, the right to self-defense, the right to life and liberty, or whatever other approach you wish to take

  3. Anything else you can see or dream up that would help us make life a major bummer for the people who are trying to turn our country into a police state

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Attorney in Each State Needed

We need an attorney in each state to draft a lawsuit for your state based on oath violations or directly related to the denial of the right to keep and bear arms. We are open to asking people to pay you a nominal fee for your having done the legwork, but this isn't a money-maker; it's a slingshot for Goliath, and We The People need a big, hard stone.

To that end, we are now making an official call, nationwide, for every pro gun attorney willing to confer with us on this and other legal projects. If you are a pro gun attorney who would enjoy helping create pro gun lawsuits that attack the Rights Infringers, please email me directly. (And I do mean attack. I chose that word. No mercy.) Please let me know what state you live in, and if you have any counsel about the above, feel free to put it in your email. I'll read it. If you know an attorney who is absolutely with us on the right to keep and bear arms, procure his/her email address, name and phone number and email it to us.

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Benefits of Operation Oath

I've talked to several attorneys who said this approach has promise, or I wouldn't be so evangelical about it. The benefits of launching Operation Oath -- as I see them -- are as follows:

  1. We put our legiservants on notice that we are not waiting for them to come to us anymore.

  2. We raise the awareness of everyone we come in contact with that we take the Oath of Office and the Constitution very seriously -- and so should they.

  3. We win some cases based on the Second Amendment in the areas where courts rule based on reality: the Second is an individual right.

  4. Those Second Amendment cases where reality still reigns and we win are all pushes for a ruling from the Supreme Court. (I'm tired of waiting for a ruling from those folks. I say we make it happen by sheer numbers of conflicting rulings from circuit courts. There are so many strong legal scholars on our side who will make a clear case for the individual right, the only way they'll rule against us is if the String Pullers want war -- and I'd rather know that sooner than later, wouldn't you?)

  5. We win cases in states that have a State Constitutional provision for the right to keep and bear arms in defense of self, others and the state.

  6. We win a case where the state has no State Constitutional provision for the right to keep and bear arms -- by fighting based on the right to life and the right to self-defense. (Your right to life necessitates that you be able to defend yourself. In a society where criminals are heavily armed, the only way you can defend yourself with certainty is to pack heat. Anyone who tells you differently has already been turned by the socialist system. But after seeing judges in both liberal California and Taftized Ohio rule in our favor, I'm standing in the belief that real Americans still wear black robes in places like New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and the other Northeastern states now considered by many to be occupied territory. Let's find out if we can win within the system in the socialist corners of our country.)

  7. We activate people who are tired of the more passive forms of Liberty Activism. (Keeping a racehorse in the stable for too long is no way to help improve his speed.)

  8. We learn, through trial and error, what works and what doesn't.

  9. We test the system within our respective communities and find out if it still has a chance. A lot of people believe we can still put the system to work for us. Okie dokie. Prove it.

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We Real Americans will turn this country back around. The Republic will be restored. The rule of Real Law will be cleared of its ballast. There are only two ways that is going to happen. One of them is much prettier -- and more fun -- than the other one, and I say it's time we march down that road, together.

Perry Thompson and his good associates have begun work on the Second Amendment Legal Project. Operation Oath will be affiliated with his work, as one of many legal inroads back to the Constitutional Republic this country was designed to be. The above is one way you can pitch in immediately. Click that link immediately above for several others.

Finally, Jim March is moving forward on his second legal battle in California. He was denied his CCW permit by guys who didn't cover their tracks very well, and it looks like his case has some sharp teeth. If you haven't heard what Jim March is up to, go read the latest right here:

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All our liberties are due to men who, when their conscience has compelled them, have broken the laws of the land. —WILLIAM KINGDON CLIFFORD

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