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The Eve of Revolution

by Ed Lewis


Lest tyranny consume us, We, the American People, must stand shoulder to shoulder against the oppressive and illegal legislation of the US Government.

Why is it that the American people believe themselves to be free? Or, are they just ignorant of the freedoms being stolen by the federal (and state) governments? Or, is it that they are just afraid to stand up against the tyranny of government?

Fear can rule and does rule when one is afraid to stand up for one’s rights. If one believes any act by government is wrong and doesn’t stand up to the government, the underlying reason is usually fear. Basing lack of action on fear is allowing one’s self to be subjected to government tyranny.

The US Government knows this. Thus, one of its primary tools for control of the people of this nation is fear. The government instills fear in every manner it can, including terrorism, raiding people’s homes, illegally taking of property through force if necessary, illegally taking of property through courts controlled by government forces (usually fear of retribution), misleading people by controlling mainstream media as to its power over the people (such as how it treats stories of people who have defied government), illegally stopping people in their travels, illegally searching and seizing of property in such stops, holding loaded firearms against the heads of those they are terrorizing, and so on.

Does it, indeed, have such power? Yes, it does - the power it derives from instilling FEAR, that is. I know of dozens of people who know the government doesn’t have the power to tax without apportionment, meaning for the average citizen with domestic earnings only, there is not any liability for federal income tax since they don’t have any taxable income.

But, do they stand against the servitude created through the fear? No, they file their 1040’s in spite of their knowledge. They would rather bend to the unconstitutional will of the government than stand on their own two feet and refuse to file a form being used improperly and stating: "I do not have a liability for income tax to the US Government. My earnings are not gross income nor taxable income as my earnings are my property based on my ability and my right to earn for myself. No more will I allow this."

People allow the place they work to take their earnings every payday. They mistakenly believe they must sign a W-4 and that they must have - and willingly give - a social security number to work. They mistakenly believe the W-4 deals with income tax and that Social Security withholdings are automatic.

Many know this is not right, that a place of business does not have a requirement for withholding except in specified situations, all of which relate to foreigners or foreign earnings.

Many know they are not required to have or use a social security number, that no employer (in the common sense) and very few organizations have any right to know or use the number, whether it be for identification or to illegally withhold from citizens or permanent residents working for them.

They know they do not have to sign a W-4, that Social Security withholding is voluntary and is not required by law. But, do they stand up to the business? Do they insist they be hired in spite of the business stating they have to give the information or fill out a W-4 form?

No, they don’t. They let the business steal from them and put their earnings in federal government’s favorite foreign bank, the Federal Reserve Bank.

Then, they dutifully file their 1040 which declares their earnings to not be employment tax based on a privilege granted by government and essentially declare it to be taxable income, and use stupid phrases such as, "Well, I paid my fair share. I am an American in good standing."

The truth is these people have simply fallen prey to a government that has not, and does not, have their best interests at heart. It is a government that has misapplied laws by having the laws intentionally written so as to fool the people into believing the falsehood that every American citizen is liable for income tax. Totally, absolutely false as very few actually have ‘taxable income’.

But, to keep those who do know the truth in line, the government reverts to its terroristic acts and creates fear. It even comes up with laws that are so ridiculous it is hard to conceive the people (including me) believed the US Government has such power. That of a ‘frivolous’ filing.

State the truth on the only form for use by a citizen not acting as a withholding agent for a foreign source of income to one of its employees or a non-resident alien in employ by the firm, Form 2555. It would be filled with zeros by a citizen or permanent resident alien of the 50 States unless one has foreign earnings in excess of $76,000. However, you could be imprisoned or fined heavily (or both) for filing a "frivolous" return. What government crap we wallow in.

Do the people in Congress care? Not hardly, since they passed the frivolous filing law and other unconstitutional laws plundering citizens and expanding illegally the power of the IRS--a non-agency.

Does Congress care about the fact that federal income tax does not apply to citizens of this nation with domestic earnings only? Not no, but hell no, since they rely on this money for their lavish spending, including their ridiculous salaries and retirements, covert actions, and all other types of spending they do not want the American people to know about.

Also, these people know the IRS is not an agency of the US Treasury Department. They know its function as a trust is to collect taxes such as duties, imposts and excise taxes on products or services from foreign sources.

They know federal income tax and the IRS is as bogus as nearly every law ever passed by the federal government that is now being applied to the people of the 50 states.

They also know the IRS is the BATF, that they are one and the same with the same basic functions except the BATF collects taxes due on imported alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

As an example, if you own real property (including land), you may grow anything you wish on it. You may even sell it to others in your state. Having the right to do with your property as you wish is a God-given, constitutionally supported right, not a privilege granted by government.

But, grow tobacco, as an example, and you will have the armed terrorists from the BATF/IRS down on you as if you are an invading army into the White House.

You may also purchase any type of armament you wish. The 2nd Amendment guarantees the RIGHT "to keep and bear arms"; it does not specify the type or that you must register your purchase. If you can afford it, you have the right to buy a military aircraft, a tank, mobile rocket launchers, automatic weapons, and any other weapons you want.

Not the US Government, or any State government, has the power to enforce any law to the contrary. Their jurisdiction over such matters ended with the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Thus, every law on gun control applied to law-abiding, innocent citizens is beyond the powers given to any government level. The 2nd Amendment must stand with the people of this nation defending it to the death if necessary. It is an absolute necessity if this nation is to remain a Republic.

Once again, federal laws apply only to specific locations which are the District of Columbia, the possessions, and federal properties. The States are not federal property. If you buy and sell within your own state, you have the right to buy any arm you want or to sell any arm you want and government does not have the constitutional right to force you to register any firearm or to notify it of a sale.

This is nothing more than a way to track people and firearms. It wants to know who has what firearms and it has nothing to do with decreasing crime. It only deals with the government’s objective to have complete control over the people of this nation.

Many people know this but do they stand up to government and say, "No more. We will buy, keep, and bear arms as we see fit. It is my right to carry a weapon for my own protection - it is not within your power to force me to do otherwise."

If one deems themselves to be in danger from another person and is being threatened by that person, it is within the God-given rights of the intended victim to defend themselves. Often, the only defense might be a firearm and the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees the "right to bear arms." This right is non-negotiable; it may not be affected by the majority (we are a Republic, not a democracy); it may not be affected by any law to the contrary."

Government knows the facts concerning the seizure of weapons and the increases in crimes that result. But, you see, it doesn’t care. As long as the American people are armed, the people have defense against the tyranny of government, tyranny that has now far exceeded the concept of "being free".

Government, whether local, state, or federal, hasn’t any right to stop you as an innocent citizen and ask for your ID. None have the right to search your person or property, such as your vehicle. But, they do so and so many people allow it that these policing organizations believe they have the right to do so.

They do not. Refuse to stop, though, and you are likely to be captured, thrown down on the shoulder of the road, street, or sidewalk, brutalized, arrested for resisting arrest, thrown in jail, or maybe even killed by assholes with guns. To top it off, these terrorists in action will get away with it since the courts also act in fear of government and in ignorance.

Shoot the bastards stopping and threatening you and you will likely be killed and, if not subsequently killed, convicted of murder. Conversely, if they kill you, it is their ‘right’ to defend themselves and nothing happens. Funny you don’t have the same right, isn’t it?

Actually, you do. You have the right to defend yourself against any person you perceive as threatening your life. And, in the case of armed police, whatever the agency, there is the potential you could be shot just for a random movement (such as the pregnant woman getting her driver’s license out of her purse) or for nothing whatsoever.

When an officer approaches with a drawn weapon, there is the possibility of being shot, regardless of how innocent you are and act. It is the nature of the beast created by the fictitious "need" to fire first and ask questions second that has been instilled in law enforcement, a need that does not exist except in very limited cases. Normally, these cases do not include families traveling, or people commuting to work, or sitting watching TV, or sleeping.

And, there is this. Just as with soldiers in battle, there isn’t any doubt that some law enforcement people simply like to brutalize and kill. Hired CIA killers and mercenaries and others like them support this. They are hired to kill because they like it. And what of the sharp shooters in SWAT teams with the task of shooting to kill? Convince me these people do not feel a sense of pleasure after shooting and killing another human being.

I have personally known many people in my life that loved to beat other people nearly to death - or to death in some cases. Are law enforcement people exempt from this? No.

The problem is a citizen does not know what type he is dealing with just as the officer doesn’t know for sure what he is dealing with. So, how is it any more right for officers to gun down innocent people than it is for innocent people to gun down an officer that is perceived as being in the act of threatening them?

Don’t get the wrong idea. I do not condone people shooting innocent police officers nor do I believe all police officers mistreat people. But, there are law enforcement people who do mistreat, including break-ins, beatings and shootings of innocents that should never have occurred and wouldn’t have 30 years ago.

It is up to the individual to determine the degree of threat, whether the situation is life threatening or not. No judge or jury may determine this after-the-fact. Such judgments must apply both ways, not just in favor of law enforcement. (Strange but I do not recall a law-abiding citizen shooting a police officer. Too bad the contrary isn't true.)

Here is how I see what the bogus war against crime and gun control to date has accomplished. These government tools instilled a sense of power in law enforcement and the judicial system over citizens that doesn’t legally exist. They have instilled a sense of fear in many people that should not exist. Thus, rather than a mutual respect, we are left with mutual fear and separation.

Police officers fear they will be shot. People fear they will be beaten or shot and, thus, respond to laws that are unconstitutional. That is tyranny and denotes the existence of a police state.

Courts support those in law enforcement regardless of their illegal acts against innocent people. Innocent people fear retribution for standing up for their rights. (If you don’t believe this, the next time you come up on a spot check on the highway, refuse to stop. If you stop, refuse to give any information about yourself based on your constitutional rights. And, then, as you lie on the ground bleeding from multiple cuts after being beaten brutally - or dying from a gunshot wound, revel in the truth.)

Thus, the Constitution is ripped to shreds because of the federal government’s need to control all people. It has extended down to all levels of enforcement even though unnecessary and, most certainly, unconstitutional.

The US Government uses the bogus wars of ‘against drugs’ and ‘against crime’ or ‘for the children’ to justify every unconstitutional law it passes and every unconstitutional act it carries out. It is not conducting any wars of this nature but, instead, uses these concepts while conducting a war against the freedoms all people should have, freedoms that are not within the domain of federal government’s control but are only in the domain of our Creator.

All animals, whether human or not, have the right to defend themselves against harm. That is a law of life itself. Man may not make any laws to the contrary and the Constitution guarantees this right in writing. Thus, the right to keep and bear arms must never be infringed upon.

The United States, meaning the US Government as designated in the Constitution, is trying to circumvent every amendment guaranteeing God-given rights. It has circumvented privacy with social security numbers, driver’s licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, licenses to conduct business based on one’s abilities, licensing of weapons, and so on.

It is now trying to do away with the 4th Amendment which will circumvent the 5th, 10th, and 14th that I know of right at this moment. The day agents of any level of government may enter your home anytime, whether you are there or not, without a search warrant, and seize any property they wish, is the day this nation gives it last gasping breath of life.

The government has circumvented the First Amendment and now raids people’s homes and businesses who speak out against it. It monitors all forms of communication. It fears the truth and it fears an armed populace. Thus, if any bill resembling S486 passes (it passed unanimously in the Senate) and people accept it as applying to the States, the primary purposes of any raids on people’s homes allowed by this atrocious bill will be to steal computer drives or disks, along with any weapons found and label those attacked by the government as ‘criminals’.

And, of course, should you have any cash in your home, you will be arrested for being a ‘drug dealer’ and convicted as such through planted evidence or being shot to death so the truth will not out. The judge, arresting officers, and the prosecuting attorney will split your money and other belongings.

In case you scoff at these truths, there are multiple cases of this occurring in Louisiana and Kansas. Since mainstream media hides the truth for the government, who knows how often such actions actually occur nationwide. Look at the Los Angeles police force and the 3000 cases against it and admissions by the officers who have participated in planting of evidence, giving false testimony, and the like.

Look at the numbers of innocent people’s homes being broken into by agents of the federal government and others.

I state all this to state this. I believe we are on the eve of a revolution against the United States, the US Government, and its unconstitutional acts. I believe this as millions now believe it is time to stop the federal government’s thefts of citizens’ hard-earned money and its destruction of the Constitution.

Everyday working people are beginning to discuss it openly with the consensus being the only way to stop the US Government is to over-throw it in order to reinstate the freedoms we are supposed to have.

It could be done peacefully simply by creating a new government. It is our right - no, our constitutional duty to do so. However, the United States with control of the military and all the agencies it has now armed will try to stop this by force rather than using reason. Trillions of dollars of income to it, its members, and the financial giants controlling these greedy corrupted people will be the driving force for the government.

However, I do not believe the majority of the military will take action against their neighbors, families, and friends. That leaves only the federal government’s armed agencies. But, the few that will take the lives of other citizens is also probably rather limited to those who love to beat and kill other people.

If all people stood together and sent thousands of representatives to Washington, DC, and stood face-to-face with Congress petitioning it with their grievances and making their demands (a constitutional right), it could change over night.

If this did occur, Congress could be expelled and replaced on the spot since the American people have the right to change the federal government at any time and by any means necessary.

I pray an armed revolution is not going to be the result of the government’s actions against the people of this nation but the multitudes who believe threats against freedom by the US Government must be stopped and every unconstitutional law wiped off the books are going to rise up. Armed or not will depend on those corrupted people we have in Congress and the rest of the US Government.

You who sit back on your unconcerned asses believe you are free. But, you aren’t. Anytime you are forced to license anything, from marriage to arms, or respond to some other bogus government requirement, you are not free. You are experiencing servitude to government (also, unconstitutional), not freedom.

Folks, I want my freedoms restored. I want no interference from any level of government except as permitted by the Constitution. It gives the US Government power primarily to defend those rights and freedom - not to take them away - and to deal with foreign and interstate commerce.

States may not make any law repugnant to the Constitution but do so regularly, including, I believe, taxing your right to own property. Of course, they get by with it since too many people believe State governments have power to do so. Pure crap in far too many cases. States may not enact any law contrary to the rights of free men stated in the Constitution since every territory in becoming a State of the Union accepted the Constitution in its entirety.

I do not want to be a servant to government any longer - I want government to be a servant to me and my fellow American citizens as intended. If this means an armed revolution, then so be it.

Let us all pray it doesn’t come to this but, if it does, let us also pray that Freedom reigns supreme.

Ed Lewis is the latest member of's growing team of liberty advocates. Judging by the above, he fits in quite well, and we're glad to have him with us. Mr. Lewis' archive can be found at

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I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion. —THOMAS JEFFERSON

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