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The Return of the Black Slave

by A Texan

"The [Black Panther] party first attracted attention in May 1967 when it protested a bill to outlaw carrying loaded weapons in public. Reporters quickly gathered around the contingent of protesters, who had marched on the California state capital in Sacramento armed with weapons and wearing the party's distinctive black leather jackets and black berets. After Seale read a statement, police arrested him and 30 others."  (Source: Click here.)

Black Americans seem to love so-called Black “leaders” who constantly tell them they’re born victims who can’t succeed in racist America without help. The message from these Black “leaders” is, “You’re too stupid and everyone else is too racist for you to make it on your own – you need help from the government, and you need me to get it for you.”

But anyone can see that poor non-Black immigrants succeed in this country all the time. Why is that? Maybe it’s because, unlike Blacks, they don’t have “leaders” constantly telling them they can’t make it without government help, and telling them everyone’s against them.

Here’s a news flash for Blacks – if you believe everyone’s against you, then you naturally believe it’s never your fault if you fail. If you believe it’s never your fault if you fail, then you believe there’s no point in really trying. So you quit trying.

Another news flash for Blacks – if you behave like everyone’s against you, other people notice it. And that makes other people think that you see them as the enemy. And if they think you see them as the enemy, then naturally they don’t want to know you, talk to you, work with you, hire you, promote you, or have anything to do with you.

With “leaders” like Blacks have, it’s no wonder Blacks as a group lag behind everyone else.

But what really disgusts me is Black “leaders” advocating gun control, telling other Blacks that guns are “bad” or need to be “taken off the streets”.

Just why is it that Black “leaders” don’t want mature, responsible Black men and women using guns to protect their homes and families and property?

Why don’t Black “leaders” give a damn how many other Blacks are robbed, raped, slashed, strangled, beaten – you name it – for lack of a gun to protect themselves?

Why do Black “leaders” say that if more gun control laws are passed everyone will be safer, when any idiot can see that places like Washington DC, where citizens can’t even OWN a handgun, are crammed with criminals carrying guns, while good citizens obeying the gun laws get robbed and raped and murdered every day?

Here’s something else that disgusts me – most of these Black “leaders” have private or tax-paid bodyguards protecting them around the clock. Their message to other Blacks is, “Don’t do what I DO, you dumb bastards, do what I SAY. If it costs you your life or your kid’s life, too damn bad.”

Another thing that disgusts me – Black Americans don’t seem to care that their ancestors suffered like hell for the legal right to own and use guns. Not just in wars, but in everyday life. As slaves before the Civil War, Blacks had no right to own guns. As freed men after the Civil war, state and local laws – and outright threats from armed whites — kept them from carrying guns. That meant Blacks were easy marks for ordinary criminals, for racist criminals like the Ku Klux Klan, and for political criminals that kept them disarmed and out of the voting booth.

But over the decades Blacks armed themselves, fought back, and eventually won the fight to own and carry guns like other Americans.

Today, though, Black Americans ignore all that. Whatever Maxine Waters or Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton says, that’s what Black Americans apparently want to hear. They soak it up like sheep hypnotized by wolves. And most Black “leaders” are wolves, all right, feeding off the blood and lives of the Black flock.

If Black Americans were NOT needy, terrorized, unarmed, helpless, and dependent, they wouldn’t need a “leader” screaming about what he’s going to get for them, would they? That means the “leaders” would then be off camera, off television, and out of work.

What’s the “leaders’” agenda? Keeping Blacks down. Keeping them unarmed, helpless, afraid, dependent – and angry. Keeping Blacks convinced that a bigger police budget, more patrol cars, and more “gun control” will make them safe at last, safe at last, Thank God Almighty safe at last.

What a joke. I’ve got news for you, Mr. and Mrs. Black America – if the police could protect you, you wouldn’t be afraid to go out at night in your own damned neighborhood. If gun control laws could disarm criminals, then criminals wouldn’t have guns right now, and never would again.

What’s the main difference between a slave and a free human being? The right to own weapons. That’s really it, because if a slave has a gun, he doesn’t need to stay a slave, does he?

Today most Blacks seem happy to be treated like little children who can’t be trusted with guns.

They seem happy to have masters again – rich people like Al Gore, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Rowan, Major Owens, Bill Gates, or any other wealthy creep who wants to take away everyone else’s protection – guns.

Looks to me like Blacks are happy to be turned into helpless slaves again. After everything that’s been accomplished in rising up from slavery, it really does make me sick.

Every African American and any other citizens who care to explore the issue of firearms from the heart of one of today's African American Firearms Rights leaders are encouraged to read Black Man with a Gun, A Responsible Gun Ownership Manual for African Americans by Kenneth V. F. Blanchard.

We also STRONGLY urge every African American who thinks for him or herself to read the following articles: Inclusion Statement, as adopted from our friends at

We support the right of all peaceable people to keep and bear arms. Your age, race, sex, religion, political party, sexual orientation, or national origin are of no concern to us. Anyone who requires you to disarm is not your friend, and not our friend. Only when all peaceable citizens can freely exercise their inalienable right to self defense, and their right to keep and bear arms, will we attain the ultimate safeguard for our mutual protection, as individuals, as members of a community, and as citizens of the Republic. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness extends to all human beings, and all who support the right to keep and bear arms are welcome here, period.

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The merit of our Constitution is not that it promotes democracy, but checks it. —HORATIO SEYMOUR

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