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NYC Cops Learn From the Best -- Common Criminals!

from Cliff

1900 Hours, Monday March 26th, 2001 -- In a city like New York City, one of the biggest problems you face in home security and crime prevention is restricting access to your apartment building's interior common areas by criminals. Sadly, the weakest link in your security is unfortunately your stupidest neighbor. All uninvited trespassers, from the unwanted solicitor to the burglar and ultimately the violent predator, know and rely on this very fact. Typically, entry is gained by placing both hands across the building's intercom calling board and pressing as many buttons as possible. All the creep, up to no good, has to do is wait a moment for the building idiot to let him in without any attempt at identification. Now our citizen of the underworld has free reign to do as he pleases.

Earlier this evening, my intercom buzzed. I answered and requested the identity of the caller. There was NO reply. I also was aware that there were the other voices of my neighbors on the intercom system trying to ascertain the same thing -- who the "visitor" was. As I ALWAYS do, I promptly descended the three floors of stairs to the lobby to stop any uninvited individuals who were NOT "licensed and privileged" to be in my building.

There is a history of burglaries, muggings, armed robberies, and assorted mischief by youths NOT belonging in this building. There have been many occasions where I have escorted offending

trespassers out of the building. (This does not even include the numerous occasions where I have also shown the door to "Early Sunday Morning Saviors," uninvited solicitors, and restaurant

delivery menu pushers / "I-am-NOT-home-Flag installers.")

Upon my arrival to the lobby, I witnessed a uniformed NYC Police Officer pinning something up on the bulletin board by the bank of resident mailboxes. I asked him, "is everything O.K.?" He nodded affirmatively. I then inquired, "did you call on the intercom? His reply was, "yes." I then asked, "why didn't you identify yourself when I asked you to do so?" His reply was, "I rang several of the apartments." I then asked, "why did you lay your hands across the intercom board pressing as many buttons as you could?" With that he gave me a gruff look and left the building.

Well, you ask, what was he doing in my lobby anyway? I'll tell you.

He was a willing, active participant in the promotion of New York City's policy using Nazi tactics to turn neighbor against neighbor by offering a reward to secret informants on members of our population belonging to an unpopular class of citizens. (And do NOT tell me that he was ordered to do so. The Nuremberg defense is NOT valid.) The program is "OPERATION GUN-STOP." Please see the links below for an image of the flyers being used, worded precisely as were the 3-1/2 x 4-1/2 inch cards that this "member of service" in New York City's finest in blue was pinning to my lobby's bulletin boards -- UNINVITED and WITHOUT PERMISSION!

NYC Gunstapo's "Turn in Your Neighbor" Flyers

English Version

Spanish Version
(equal rights tyranny)

So, it's NOT just government you have to worry about anymore -- beware of your neighbors -- whether misinformed, vengeful with a grudge, or just plain hard-up for cash.

Please see the contact links below, as well as the telephone numbers for Mayor Rudolph W. Giulianni's radio call-in programs. We must take over the agenda of his programs and publicly confront him on this policy of oppression of our U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights Article II Protections. Please also see below for article XII of the New York State Constitution, as well as the New York State Consolidated Law containing our Civil Rights legislation.

Thank you.

With Liberty, Cliff


We must do it for the Children -- RKBA!
Ask yourself regularly: "Have I been screwed by the government lately?"
The 1st Amendment protects free speech -- the 2nd guarantees it!
Always ask, "Why do both criminals and governments LOVE gun control?"
Always seek out, identify, and destroy contradictions to our
Liberty -- but, NEVER forget. We must learn from history!


The Official New York City Website

Office of the Mayor
The Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani
City Hall New York, NY 10007
(212) 788-9600 Voice (212) 788-7476 Fax

Radio Shows (Call early, the lines are always busy)
Rudolph W. Giuliani, Mayor

Every Friday from 11:00 to 11:45 AM Radio Call-in Program WABC Radio (770 AM) Call 1-800-848-WABC (9222) during this radio show

First Thursday of Every Month from 7:00 to 8:00 PM Radio Call-in Program WCBS Radio (880 AM) Call 1-800-268-8227 during this radio show.

Every Sunday at 10:10 AM Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's Weekly Radio Address WINS Radio (1010 AM) (212) 397-1010 Ben Mevorach, News Director (212) 315-7090

The New York City Council:
Councilmember Address book:
Councilmember Email List:
Simultaneously send a message to all who have email (45 of 51):

Local Laws:

New York State Laws:

New York State Consolidated Laws:


Title WA400 (This is where the text of the dreaded Sullivan Law of 1917 is found)

NYC Police Department Web Site:

Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik:

Chief of Department:


Mayor Guiliani Delivers Eighth and Final "State of the City" Address, Tuesday, January 9, 2001:

New York State Constitution
ARTICLE XII Defense Section 1.
The defense and protection of the state and of the United States is an obligation of all persons within the state. The legislature shall provide for the discharge of this obligation and for the maintenance and regulation of an organized militia.

New York State Consolidated Laws
Civil Rights, Bill of Rights
ARTICLE 2, Section 4. Right to keep and bear arms. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms cannot be infringed.


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Our Founding Fathers were proud that Americans were trusted with arms because they knew that only when people are armed could they truly be thought of as free citizens. And that's where the circle closes. Those who want to deprive you of your right to keep and bear arms are intending to deprive you of your freedom, period. Like the criminals their policies encourage, these elitists know that it is always best to disarm victims before you enslave them. Charley Reese

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