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A Wake-up Call!

by Albert Burns

July 4, 2001

July Fourth is Independence Day, the 225th anniversary of the reading to the public of the Declaration of Independence from English rule.  I wonder how many Americans, as they enjoyed their holiday, gave any REAL thought to the courage displayed by the signers of that Declaration or to the incredible change which it brought to subsequent human history.

Throughout virtually all of mankind’s history, there has only been one real revolution.  Always before, societies had thrown off one form of collectivist rule only to institute a different form: from witch doctor to tribal chief; from tribal chief to king; from king to oligarchy; from oligarchy to dictator; from dictator to mob rule (democracy) and on and on and on.  These were revolutions only in the sense of a wheel revolving around a motionless axle.  There were almost 6000 years of such changes and all that time, mankind suffered starvation, torture and slaughter.

Our Founding Fathers had studied that history and were determined to give Americans a truly different form of government, one in which the chains would be taken off the people and put on the government.  It embodied the idea that the individual, not his government should be responsible for the destiny and welfare for his family and himself.

In the place of the age-old belief that man must be subservient to some external control came the most revolutionary idea of all time: the doctrine of inalienable human rights.  The concept was that each and every individual was endowed at birth by his Creator with the rights of life, liberty and private property which no government could justly abridge or take away.  It was the birth of a wholly new type of civilization, embodying the best of all past civilizations but rejecting their defects.

Human history had been a long succession of planners and fanatics — all determined to mold people according to their own theories.  Throughout the centuries, they all had one inevitable result, the ruthless suppression of the individual, always justified on the idea of the “greatest good for the greatest number.”

Americans tend to believe that because we have the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights that WE don’t have to worry about such a collectivist tyranny.  As a matter of fact, these documents are probably the best preserved documents in the world.  They are encased in a chamber filled with an inert gas with a specially constructed glass facing to protect them from fading.  But, for all their physical protection, these magnificent documents of freedom will become only faded, forgotten museum pieces if too many Americans continue to forget the significance of the words on the surface of the parchment.  Freedom, as given to us by our Founding Fathers, will be only a bitter memory in the minds of those who survive the coming planned despotism under the United Nations.

We are seeing a false revolution taking place before our eyes in this country.  Instead of the divine right of kings and their appointed nobles, we are seeing rule by all powerful political leaders and their appointed bureaucrats.  We don’t have serfdom under medieval feudalism.  We are beginning to suffer under the new serfdom, serfdom under the modern collectivist state.  All of the old tyrannies are being brought back, only the names and outward appearances have changed.

I have given considerable thought to finding a way to bring home to Americans today just HOW SHORT a period has freedom, as Americans have known it, existed in mankind’s recorded history.  I believe that I finally found a way.

Let’s imagine that today, all twenty-four hours of it, represents the total six thousand (6000) years of mankind’s known history.  If we assume that those 6000 years started at Midnight last night, then at about 11:30 A.M. this morning, we are only at 1125 B.C. and the Israelites have only recently escaped from Egypt.

Jesus Christ will not be born until 4:00 P.M. this afternoon.  Europe will not begin to come out of the Dark Ages until about 8:48 this evening.  Columbus will discover the New World at 2 minutes till 10 this evening.  The United States of America will come into existence, with the ratification of the Constitution, at 9 minutes and 22 seconds AFTER ELEVEN tonight.  The Civil War will begin about 28 minutes after Eleven. World War II will begin at 11:46 P.M.  In this analogy of human history, the 6000 years would have been completed at the Midnight tonight which would have represented January 1, 2001.

Looked at this way, it is easy to see that Man has only experienced the concept of individual rights and dignity in the last 50 MINUTES of the entire 24 hour period.  Tragically, slavery, serfdom and servitude have been the NORMAL conditions of mankind throughout MOST of our history — and the kind of men who kept mankind in bondage for the other 23 hours and 10 minutes are STILL around us today, working diligently to take the chains OFF of GOVERNMENT and put them back on the people.  Call them what you will, a cabal, a “secret combination,” a conspiracy or whatever, they have been working diligently to subvert the U.S. Constitution, which is the MAJOR obstacle which must be removed if they are to be successful in their drive for world power.

Over 200 years ago, a man by the name of Johann Von Goethe wrote:

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” 

Our Constitution might not have been perfect, but it is far better than what they are using in Washington today!

If the American Revolution, the one TRUE revolution in all mankind’s history, is to triumph, it must be born anew in the hearts and minds of each succeeding generation.  We have been failing miserably in passing on that knowledge to our children and grandchildren.

Freedom is not ours by simple inheritance, but ours ONLY by virtue of enough citizens being willing to constantly earn it — earn it by faith, by knowledge, by works, by exposing the lies and deceits of the FALSE revolution of Socialism.

James Monroe put it this way:

“There is a price tag on human liberty.  That price is the willingness to assume the responsibilities of BEING free men.  Payment of this price is a personal matter with each of us.”



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