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The Harvest of Silence and Compromise

by Tim Case

This is an open letter to those who say they are on the ‘Left Socially’ while claiming to be ‘Conservative in matters of economics’, who refuse the historical precepts of the Constitution of the United States and the Rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights. 

I am fed-up and offended by the systematic destruction of our civil liberties. Even more, I am fed-up with the way the English language is being used to cover up spurious political activities of liars and traitors (and I use the terms “liars and traitors” in the strictest historical and/or traditional definitions) active today.

Before I start, let me explain something that is important to remember. I was raised to believe that I should never, never start a fight, but if I was dragged into a fight I had better be the one to finish it. My guiding principle since my youngest years has been as Saint Paul said, “Be at peace with all men as far as they will let you.” Now that the battle is fast approaching, I have every intention of seeing it through with every ounce of strength I can muster. 

There is an oligarchy (government by a few, especially by a small faction of elitist persons or families) that, at this very moment, is working to enslave us. We have very little time left before the sanctity of our very homes becomes a chamber of horror; when our safety will be in question every minute of every day and fear will be the ONLY guiding principle of our daily activities. Imagine or remember the most troubling pictures you have ever seen defining life in a police state. Now, how will you react when you’re the one living your own nightmare? Our silence is tacit agreement with those who would enslave us. Compromise, as envisioned by the centrists will only DELAY but never DEFEATS the enemies of our freedom. If you think we have anonymity because you have never been politically active, then consider the following: 

1. Have you ever voted for or donated money to a Conservative organization?
2. Have you ever been in the military or worked for the government at any level? 
3. Do you have any type of insurance?
4. Have you ever spoken your mind, on a political subject, with an opinion that differed from that of your “Liberal” friends or in a group where your ideas were considered “old fashioned”, “outdated”, “too conservative”, or “out of the main stream”? 
5. Have you ever belonged to any organized religion? 
6. Have you ever purchased a firearm, handgun ammunition, or black powder? 
7. Have you ever purchased ANYTHING that even remotely might be considered “conservative” with a credit card?
8. Do you have a Social Security Number?

Even if you have answered “No” to each of these questions (which I doubt) think of how many forms you have filled out and signed in your lifetime. There is enough information available to the government, for each of us to be labeled as “subversive”, “radical” or “undesirable” in the New World (?) Order. No, you too will be marked and “neutralized”. Your silence now, because of fear, lack of time or knowledge, or a whole host of excuses, is paramount to complicity in this evil scheme and advancing the agenda of enslaving the American people. The excuses you use NOW for not working against those who would make you a slave are the same excuses you will use when they come for your family, neighbors or friends. Consider well this statement: 

“...Shall we gain strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power.” 

-- Patrick Henry, from Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry by William Wirt

As you read what follows, some will think that what I am discussing is nothing more than a matter of semantics. Try to understand that “semantics” is the study of the ACTUAL meaning of words from an historical perspective, not what you think or say they mean by the present common usage.

To those who say they are “Social Liberals but Economic Conservatives”:

When are we going to learn from history? Many have no concept of what “social liberalism” is, from common sense or an historical perspective. Why are some calling themselves “social liberals” and making up definitions for words, which convey an out and out lie. How can I make such a statement? Simple, I am a liberal in the truest definition of the word and these self-righteous falsifiers don’t meet the criteria at even the remotest level.

Liberalism is a political theory based on the very principles “social liberals” abhor the most. 

The first principle states the autonomy of the individual is inviolate. This means men and women are free to act... “as they think fit...without asking leave, or depending on the Will of any other Man” (Locke, [1689]) as long as those actions do not interfere with the rights of another. In short, keep your dirty filthy hands off my Bill of Rights!!!! Unless of course, you want to throw out the 16th (income tax) Amendment which is NOT a right but another lie fostered by those, and their sadistic-minded friends in government, who seek to steal Americans’ hard earned wealth.

The second principle of liberalism expresses the idea of Limited government by law with the free consent of the governed. If you doubt me then let’s call as witnesses all those who took the stand as Anti-Federalists during the debates prior to ratifying the Constitution of the United States. They hated the concept of big government. You might also like to read the writings of Thomas Jefferson, who was the consummate liberal. Let me put it a little simpler. The War Between the States was over this principle; States rights lost that one, do we have to fight another war and see if the outcome is the same? Big federal government is what our Founding Fathers hated, which is why they included the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights! 

The third principle lies next to the heart of all freedom loving people because we demand protection from arbitrary authority. The elitists, who control you on the “left”, understand what “arbitrary” means. “Arbitrary” generally refers to any action that is determined by chance, whim, or impulse, and not by necessity, reason, or principle. More importantly it means not limited by law; despotic. More to the point it means that it is time to stop using children as an excuse for laws that violate the Constitution. If the government meant to protect the children at Waco why did they ALL die? The government did not prosecute one single member of the Davidians on any of the charges they used as an excuse to raid them. NOT ONE! And in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, the charge against Randy Weaver of having a sawed-off shotgun, was found to be untrue in a court of law and he was acquitted of all crimes. Yet, Randy lost his wife and son to gunfire from government officials (?)! His son was machine-gunned in the back while running for home and his wife killed holding her newborn baby. Are we expected to accept the explanation of a government sniper who shoots and kills a woman because he thinks (?) a baby is a firearm? What kind of logic is this? If it were your wife would you believe this excuse as being a perfectly good reason for her death? In a legal action the government paid Randy Weaver millions but it will not bring his family back, will it?

Fourth is the principle that states a true liberal believes in the natural goodness of humans. I can hear social liberals reading this and saying, “well, I believe that”. Do they? Do they believe that a family is capable of deciding for itself how their children should be schooled? Do they believe that we are capable of teaching our children the precepts of morality, sex, family, and proper use of the environment better than the government? If the professing social liberals say yes, are they lying again? We don’t need more lies. We are more than capable of deciding how we should protect ourselves and our children in the car, on roller skates, in a stroller, while playing, on a bike, or a myriad of other activities without the government and its inane laws. The government has trouble getting the mail delivered! It justifies spending over 200 billion dollars to help poor inner-city children over the last thirty years and the results are in; instead of just over 15% who can’t read in the fourth grade it is now over 40%! Doesn’t that mean that if we spend 300 billion more dollars NONE will be able to read? Can anyone name one federal program that has worked? No, we lost the war on poverty, because we still have the poor and how many trillions of dollars were spent? Teen pregnancy has increased with sex education and condom give-away programs. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on education to have S.A.T. test scores drop to their lowest level in this nation’s history? Has bi-lingual education helped the children? No, children are thrown into this curriculum to learn to speak English and in six years most can’t speak English and lose ground in their native language. All these programs sold to the American public were “to help the children” and they have all failed! Who did they help? Who besides politicians running for re-election and bureaucrats were helped or rewarded?

Now we get the portion of “true” liberalism the “far left” hate the most. If they were genuinely “liberal” they would be in favor of the economic principles of laissez-faire and the free market. Laissez-faire is an economic doctrine that opposes governmental regulation of, or governmental interference with commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free-enterprise system to operate according to its own economic laws. Do you think the dupes in Congress have any idea what they have done to arguably the greatest economy the world has seen since the 3rd kingdom of the Ancient Egyptian Empire? Do you “Centrists” understand what compromising with the “left” has done? Do any of you “social engineers” realize that the government’s regulatory cat-o’-nine tails has nearly broken the back of America’s economy and free market system, a system so vibrant that coming out of the Industrial Revolution it was the envy of the world? Can you understand what the regulatory whips of the EPA, OSHA, and IRS have done to the once free-functioning markets that have provided you with everything you have? Are you one of the ones who sit and bemoan the cutting of the forests by the logging industry, from your wood frame homes, on your wood framed chair, on your wood porch? Do you curse the gas and oil industry for their profits while you drive your automobile, on tires made from fossil fuels, surrounded by plastics made possible because of fossil fuels? Should I also mention how we are able to heat our homes, cook our food, and heat our swimming pools along with our waterbeds because of the energy industry? Look down; even the soles and heels of our shoes are possible because of the hated energy industry. Name one thing that we do in a day that is NOT made possible because of the energy industry! Then, taking imbecility to new depths, these same people vilify the farmers, ranchers and food producers while feeding themselves and their sluggardly children with the fruits of the producers labor! What are they doing, fattening their offspring for the slaughter? Do these people expect to escape the very chaos they lust after, without knowing it? 

Now that we can see what political persuasion the “Left” doesn’t belong too, let us see where their social activism and voting record has placed them in the political spectrum. 

Everything they have been active against in the last 40 years says they belong to the failed elite group known as Socialists. I don’t care what they call themselves, Centrist, Global Socialist, Socialist, National Socialist or Communist. They are all basically the same. The only difference between each is the degree of government extortion exerted over the economy, business, and individual freedoms and the extent to which they think they are capable of extending the illegal use of governments’ official position and power to enslave peoples. 

Oh, before I forget to ask: Why, are so many of the “Social Liberals” so sanctimonious in their vehement stance against those who call themselves “skin heads”, “white supremacists”, “Aryan Nations”, “Neo-Nazis” or a host of other cat calls? Don’t they know these cretins are their soul mates? That’s right, they are one in the same thing! Where do you think the term “Nazi” comes from? A Nazi was a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The Nazi party was founded in Germany in 1919 and brought to power in 1933 under Adolf Hitler under a Centrist agenda. NAZI is an acronym for Nationalsozialist meaning a member of NSDAP [National Socialist German Workers’ Party]. That’s right, plebeians, there is no branch in this philosophical family tree, no matter how much they try to divorce themselves from these people, their biases, regulatory prejudices, and social chains PROVE they are still NAZI!!!

Socialists, et al stand for everything Hitler, Stalin and a host of other despots tried in the last century and beyond. “Oh,” you cry, “I would never be in favor of the militaristic status of Nazi Germany!” Really? What do you think will happen if personal firearms where to be outlawed in the U.S.? Does anyone think every armed citizen of this country would line up to turn in his or her weapons? No, many won’t! That means to “protect the children” you would have to pay for the hiring of a larger police force and/or increase the military to police EVERY household in this country. What do you think that is, if not militarism fashioned by Nazism? What do you think the purpose of a U.N. security force is? Haven’t you been paying attention to what is happening to the populations in the rest of the world where your benevolent Nazis have been deployed under the U.N. flag? Here at home you have already started your militaristic buildup with the B ATF’s, FBI’s and DEA’s war on drugs. What is the difference between taking the property of an innocent citizen accused of having drugs and what Hitler did to those he didn’t like? Study the excuses used by your forefathers in the Nazi party in order to justify taking the personal wealth and property of the Jews, Gypsies, Protestants, and others in Nazi Germany and Europe. Then show me how the “new” legalistic excuses for stealing are better when the results are the same. 

You say, 

“I am against any form of slavery and would never condone what Hitler did to ‘those’ people. The peoples of Germany and Europe brought it on themselves”. 

Really; are the Pollyanna beliefs of many Americans any more realistic than those of the German people in 1933 or the European’s in 1939? Haven’t we given up almost as many freedoms as those in Germany did prior to the start of World War II? Haven’t our freedoms been diminished and regulated almost to the point of nonexistence because of the lies perpetuated by our government? Show me the difference!! Haven’t we surrendered our rights as American citizens in the same manner as those in Germany did under Hitler? Haven’t we capitulated, all for the sake of peace, safety and prosperity? Don’t believe me? Then why, in our ignorance, have we swooned, like groupies, over the LAST leader of the Soviet Union and controller of the slave camps in 1/3 of the world’s landmass, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev? Why has he been supported like a demigod and called a “Centrist” capable of bringing peace to this world? Are you sure he is capable of bringing peace? Or did he give up one post in hopes of a leadership position to try to exercise his murdering social philosophies on the world’s stage? What is the difference between Gorbachev and Stalin? Time and circumstances is all that separate the two, their ideology remains constant. It very well could have been Gorbachev who murdered millions of Russians; all that is needed is for him to have taken power as the general secretary of the Communist Party 60 years earlier…

Yes, like the Nazis under Hitler, “social liberals” have been able to get laws passed that further their thieving, murdering agenda of socialization. They have accomplished this with help from both sides of the aisle in Congress. They like Hitler have perverted the judiciary branch of government so that justice in our court system is a mockery. As the Nazis did in 1933 they have politicized the military so that they fear to uphold the rights of free men and women, while the Generals kowtow to the U.N. or cower in their holes, waiting to do the “socialist’s” bidding. As with Hitler’s propaganda machine, they too have enlisted the news media and film industry in their propaganda blitz of lies. Like the Nazis in 1935, socialism has caused division, discontent and distrust among the races of our country. True to their Nazi ancestors they have succeeded in perverting our education system and are polluting the minds of our children with the most profane squalor imaginable. When they, through their political correctness, ban books, they are following the same path as their Nazi lords who burned “subversive” books. Their occult lies are destroying families and family traditions, (take a look at what is happening in Klamath Falls, Oregon); true to their heritage they are using false science to justify their perversion. Their abhorrent philosophy of socialism has disrupted and subverted the Judeo/Christian teachings that made the country strong and vibrant. The states of Germany suffered the same fate under their predecessors, the German Nazi Party. They are trying, like Hitler, to stop the use of free speech by vilifying people as criminals who disagree with them. (When do they start the arrests and illegal incarcerations for speaking the truth?) Every bit true to their evil history, their hands drip with innocent blood.

The one thing they have NOT accomplished, but I know is very dear to their heart, is the disarming of the American population. Because they are Nazis they will try, and may even get the law passed. What are you “centrists” willing to sacrifice for this fight? Does anyone understand what another war for freedom would mean? Can you on the “left” comprehend the devastation that will come to our cities, our industries, and our standard of living? I can not, nor will I, postulate on what the outcome would be, but I can tell you on the “Left”, it will be a war that we will experience personally. All will suffer the chaos. All will see the dead and dying not only on the evening news but also up close and in all its abomination. There will be nothing sanitary or impersonal about this fight. You on the “left” will live in fear for your life and your families’ well-being because you will not know who/or where your mortal enemy is. This war will not be a war of facing armies like that witnessed on TV, during Desert Storm. This will be guerrilla warfare with the terrors of the unknown haunting you for the duration of the fighting. How much death and destruction are you on the “Left” willing to take and inflict before you realize that freedom is FAR superior? We do NOT want this fight; we would prefer to be let alone to live in peace and freedom but you won’t let us!! Why; because the philosophy of “Socialism” forces them on to the natural results of their actions. They want to be the slave masters and we refuse to be slaves. They won’t learn even when they are sick of the smell of death and destruction. It is their choice, they will decide when the fight begins, but they will NOT decide when it is finished! There will be an end to it but they will deplore how we get to that point. We know the price we will pay will be heavy, but we also know there is no substitute for freedom.

Consider well, “social liberalism” and listen! Those rumblings being heard are war drums. History has witnessed the ideology of socialism and in every instance has rejected it. Learn quickly how ideals of socialism are driving people to hate and, worse yet, to fight. The following passage is from “General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century” by Pierre Proudhon: 

“To be governed is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured, commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom or the virtue to do so. To be governed is to be at every operation, at every transaction, noted, registered, counted, taxed, stamped, measured, numbered, assessed, licensed, authorized, admonished, prevented, forbidden, reformed, corrected, punished.” 

You “Centrists” were clearly understood by John Hay who said in 1872:

"The Evils of Tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it." 

The days of peace are becoming short, just as the days of fall shorten with the approaching of the winter solstice. It is your time to listen, learn and change. Silence and further compromise will only stir the flames of revolution.

Also from Tim Case


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Rifles, muskets, long-bows and hand-grenades are inherently democratic weapons. A complex weapon makes the strong stronger, while a simple weapon — so long as there is no answer to it — gives claws to the weak. — George Orwell

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