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Government school propaganda teaches kids
to shun and fear guns and gun owners

And tells outright lies in the process

from Angel Shamaya,

with Action Steps below from Neal Seaman,

September 10, 2001

Karl Marx and George Orwell are nodding from their graves, smirks on their faces, as they witness Americans' tax dollars being used to destroy a fundamental American right. America's children are being brainwashed to not only be self-righteous Gun Bigots and defenseless sheep but to shun anyone who will not go down that same dark path. And they are being directly and criminally lied to through a system that includes tests and exercises to make sure their programming is complete.

Following are quotes taken directly from the Meeks-Heit Health Book's Weapons Section -- a book that is being used in America's government indoctrination centers. Interspersed between quotes from this book are brief recalibrations of their "facts". Further below are links to additional information about these Marxist training manuals -- and contact information to assist you in taking action to remove these books from public schools.



An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"The law forbids people of any age from carrying a concealed weapon."

The Truth is:

The above quote and all those to follow were extracted from the Meeks-Heit Health Book's Weapons Section by Neal Seaman of He labored to bring this information to the public based on his commitment to remove these books from South Carolina's public schools. South Carolina is a shall issue state. The above quote from this book is therefore untrue.

An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"Every day, a teen dies or is seriously injured in a gun accident."

The Truth is:

The last year where statistics are available on gun-related accidents (1998) does not support that statement. The categories for reporting break the age-groups down into "5-14" and "15-24". In 1998, there were 80 reported gun-related accidents for the 5-14 age bracket and 310 reported gun-related accidents in the 15-24 age bracket.

Considering the fact that 5-12 year-olds and 20-24 year-olds are not teenagers but are included in those numbers, are we to believe that 365 of those 390 accidents involved teenagers? Statistically speaking, that is what you call a gross improbability bordering on impossible. The above quote from this book is therefore untrue.

An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"Carrying a weapon, particularly a gun, increases the risk of suicide."

The Truth is:

There has been no valid study done to prove that "Carrying a weapon, particularly a gun, increases the risk of suicide." Furthermore, there can never be a study to prove a causal relationship between carrying a gun and suicide; a gun is an inanimate object and cannot make anyone do anything.

The promotion of the lie that a gun might make you kill yourself is a blatant attempt to instill a deeply imbedded fear and loathing of guns.

If anyone can ever prove that a gun caused someone to commit suicide, I will turn in all of my guns to the nearest police station immediately. Until then, anyone who promotes the "increases the risk of suicide" belief is nothing more than a common liar. Giving common liars the space to preach their lies to our children in direct opposition to a fundamental constitutional right should be called what is is: treason.

An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"A weapon is an instrument or device used for fighting."

The Truth is:

1)  Weapons are used for sport, for self-defense, for dispatching foxes that keep eating the chickens and for many things other than fighting.

2)  Fighting off a rapist is not a bad thing; it's a good thing -- and a duty for any woman who holds her right to life and liberty higher than she holds the depraved wants of a violent predator. Weapons are also used to fight off a tyrants -- like the British thugs early American colonialists killed.



An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"Stay away from people who own weapons."

"Avoid being around people who buy, carry, conceal, or use weapons."

The Message Being Programmed into American Schoolchildren:

1)  "People who own, buy, carry, conceal or use weapons are bad. Sport shooters are bad.  Hunters are bad. Women who carry a firearm in case a violent sexual predator tries to rape them are bad. Shun them, castigate them, deplore them."

Considering the fact that there are upwards of a hundred million people in America who own firearms, what kind of separation and social dislocation is being produced by installing this program?

2)  "You are better than the bad people who own, buy, carry, conceal or use weapons. They are inferior to you."

Creating a superiority complex in the minds of children by placing them above their neighbors is what Adolf Hitler did before and while exterminating millions of "less than" human beings.

An American Government-funded Schoolbook says:

"Avoid being in situations in which there will be weapons."

The Message Being Programmed into American Schoolchildren:

Don't go shooting.

Don't go hunting.

Don't defend yourself.

When you grow up, make sure your home is easy to invade by any common criminal.

Be an easy target for a thug, everywhere you go.

Don't visit any friends who go shooting, hunting, or who choose to defend their lives, liberties and properties with firearms. They are outcasts, unworthy of you. They have the plague.



Consider the fact that the things we program into our minds in our formative years have a lasting impression. Beliefs created in youth often last a lifetime.

American Schoolchildren are asked to say:

"I will not carry weapons."

"I will not carry a weapon"

What They Are Committing To:

being easy prey

being ideal targets for rape, robbery, home invasion, kidnapping and murder

being easy to control by government once they enter society as adults

American Schoolchildren are asked to memorize:

"Why It Is Risky to Carry a Weapon"

What Is Wrong with This Program?

The "risk" is linked to an inanimate object in an attempt to place blame and responsibility on that object.

A fear of weapons is created where none need exist if proper training is employed.



American schoolchildren are also being trained to recruit others into the above dangerous belief systems. Specifically, they are given the following statements -- in books purchased with our tax dollars:

"Encourage others to avoid buying, carrying, or concealing a weapon. Be a positive influence. The fewer weapons there are in your community, the safer you and others will be."

There have been no valid studies to prove that "The fewer weapons there are in your community, the safer you and others will be." In fact, Professor John Lott's book More Guns, Less Crime proves just the opposite -- and nobody has successfully used exacting scientific methods to disprove his findings: a higher percentage of guns and more relaxed laws on possession and carry of guns reduces the chance of being victimized and thus produces a safer community.



A thorough indoctrination must include some form of testing process to make sure the programming has been successful.  Upon completion of the Meeks-Heit Health Book's Weapons Section, American students are asked to do the following:

"List and discuss four reasons why carrying a weapon increases the risk of being injured."

"Write a rap or a poem about why it is risky to carry a weapon. Ask your teacher for permission to perform the rap or poem in class.

After being lied to, deceived, misled and propagandized, young victims of disinformation are given presuppositions that what they've just "learned" is all true when it isn't. Then they're urged to employ a form of creative action in order to more deeply imbed the programming.


There are people in high places in the Government Indoctrination Industry working diligently and meticulously to eradicate firearms ownership in America.  Those people are using the Marxist tactic of going straight to society's children to assure a profound and lasting shift away from responsible gun ownership and into gun demonization, and they are using our tax dollars to do it.

These so-called Meeks-Heit Health Books -- deceptive tools for the Anti-gun Propaganda Machine -- must be removed from our public schools, and the people responsible for getting them there in the first place must be punished for playing their roles in this blatant attack on the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

Any additional books put out by Meeks-Heit should be subjected to the same high level of scrutiny Neal Seaman employed when he produced his thorough analysis of their "Health Book": Meeks-Heit Subversion: The Brainwashing of Your Children In Our PubliK Schools. What is their gradeschool "History Book" telling our children?



from Neal Seaman

There are two ways to approach this problem, locally and statewide. I believe it should be approached both ways. I believe that in order to stop this problem one must make these brainwashers so uncomfortable that they will think twice the next time they try and put a books like this, or others with the same message, into the hands of our children.

1. Call your county school board and your state board of education and find out specifically what Meeks-Heit books are being used.

2. Then secure the book(s) from one of your local schools or go to the library and secure the book(s).

3. Take my information from my site (the Meeks-Heit section) starting with the qualifications test through the footnotes section, print them out, modify them for your application. Send each packet, priority mail-return receipt requested, to your state and county school boards. In your packet include a cover letter stating you want an answer within 30 days as to what they plan on doing about this horrific situation. If you get an answer from either boards saying they will remove the books that is good but whichever board does not take this books out then it is time to go to court. State court for the state board, county court for the county board.

Qualifications Test

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Letter of Introduction


History of Meeks-Heit


Health Book - Weapons Section

Numbers Don't Add Up

Did You Read This?

History of a Conspiracy

SC AG Press Release

Analysis of Weapons Section


5. I have prepared the court papers for a pro se lawsuit (be your own lawyer) for these cases. I am not a lawyer, but I will be happy to send you the packets (via email with attachments) so you can modify them for your specific application. All you have to do is ask. Neal Seaman Telephone: 843-488-5311 Email:

Remember that the people sitting on the boards probably will not fill out the qualifications test. That is ok because the test can be used in evidence at the trials showing they are not qualified to evaluate this subject matter.

Semper Fidelis, Semper Vigilante,

Neal Seaman



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Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in... Dianne Feinstein, CBS-TV's "60 Minutes, February 5, 1995.

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