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The United Kingdom: Gun Control Utopia

The United Kingdom: Gun Control Utopia

April 4, 2002

Britain's gun laws are often promoted by American anti-self-defense fanatics as ideal. The evidence against such an absurd assertion is profound. 

Following are some of the Newslinks submitted to that relate to the United Kingdom, its gun control, its crime, and various other aspects of the burgeoning British police state. While most of these links still function, we are aware that some of them do not. Those that are no longer active web pages are included to show the breadth and depth of the British 'gun ban utopia'.

A few of the links below are highlighted as they are particularly enlightening. Before you start reading from the news stories linked below, consider beginning with this one: Shopkeeper loses eye after 100th robbery.


   Title of News Story
    (Our title, that is)

 3/29/2002  UK: Don't send a car, just ASK if they're committing a crime
 3/28/2002  POLICE STATE, UK: Officials kill pet goat, arrest owner
 3/28/2002  UK: Don't tackle burglars, public told by Neighborhood Watch
 3/27/2002  UK: Guns under pillows in crime-wave Britain
 3/26/2002  UK: Call for 'air gun controls'
 3/26/2002  UK: Judge calls for 'cigarette lighter gun' ban
 3/26/2002  UK: Call to ban 'powerful rifles'
 3/25/2002  UK: Police guidance on 'Firearms Law'
 3/24/2002  UK: Car robbery 'terror' for Liza Minnelli
 3/23/2002  UK: Evil knife-gun hits Britain
 3/23/2002  UK: Britain To Fight Crime By Sending Criminals Home
 3/22/2002  UK: Stun guns sold at town pub
 3/21/2002  UK: Gun club prepares to open
 3/21/2002  UK: Our lawless streets just got worse
 3/21/2002  UK: Offenders Commit Crimes Despite Electronic Tags
 3/21/2002  UK: When Guns Are Banned
 3/21/2002  UK: "Foxhunters sell out"
 3/20/2002  UK: Killer Stunguns
 3/19/2002  UK: Blunkett: 'Muggers rule our streets'
 3/19/2002  UK: Friends foil gun robber
 3/18/2002  UK: Freed prisoners commit 1,400 new offenses
 3/17/2002  UK: 'Arm beat officers' says police chief
 3/16/2002  UK: 'Locals should turn in gun killers'
 3/14/2002  UK: Masked gunman shoots at Suffolk cop
 3/13/2002  UK: Gun gang raid's star's home
 3/13/2002  UK: 'Spy' cameras vs villains in Britain
 3/11/2002  UK: New Stop-and-Search Guide Launched
 3/11/2002  UK: London poaches top detectives to combat gun crime
 3/9/2002  UK: Clubs are urged to help stop gun crime
 3/9/2002  UK: Byers bids to ban clay pigeons
 3/9/2002  UK: MP demands compulsory DNA register to combat crime
 3/8/2002  Soldiers for hire: UK, U.N. moving toward legitimizing mercenaries
 3/7/2002  UK: For their eyes only
 3/7/2002  UK: If the state fails us, we must defend ourselves (second run)
 3/6/2002  UK: Meet the Young Offender, soon to be burgling a house near you
 3/6/2002  UK: Knives and Guns Too Much for Britain's Bobbies
 3/6/2002  UK: Victim tells of gun gang raid
 3/6/2002  UK: Fashionable firearm for a big night out
 3/5/2002  UK: Welcome to gun city 2002
 3/4/2002  UK: 'Prince of blunders at it again'
 3/2/2002  UK: Knifeman Shot With Rubber Bullet
 3/2/2002  UK: MPs demand tough action on guns
 3/2/2002  UK: Disrupt shooting at the Commonwealth Games?
 2/28/2002  UK: Be prepared - and be polite
 2/26/2002  UK: Britain Thinks About Tracking its Drivers
 2/25/2002  UK: If the State fails us, we must defend ourselves! (first run)
 2/25/2002  UK: Gun crime trebles as weapons and drugs flood British cities
 2/23/2002  UK: ‘I watched Rolex robbers gun down my wife’
 2/22/2002  UK: Husband held after knife raider is stabbed to death
 2/21/2002  UK: Shotgun advertisement attacked
 2/20/2002  UK: Vicar On Gun Charge (Update)
 2/17/2002  UK: The four most used guns In London
 2/17/2002  UK: Just £200 for a gun in London
 2/17/2002  UK: London Chiefs Warned About Crime
 2/15/2002  UK: Vicar denies gun allegations
 2/14/2002  UK: Vicar Faces Gun Charges
 2/14/2002  UK: Giuliani To Advise Britain On Crime
 2/11/2002  UK: 'London has become like New York', say police
 2/10/2002  UK: The growing trend of car-jacking
 2/8/2002  UK: Watching your every move
 2/8/2002  UK: National ID Cards Still A Possibility, British Government Says
 2/7/2002  UK: Police Car Crime Warning
 2/5/2002  UK: Rural Poll: Shooting better for children than virtual violence
 2/4/2002  UK: Mayor calls for war on 'gun epidemic'
 2/4/2002  UK: The streets where 'peace and safety' come at a price
 2/4/2002  UK: Fear and murder in the comfort zone
 2/2/2002  UK: People who don't stand idly by
 1/27/2002  UK: Farmer who shot burglars is refused new appeal
 1/25/2002  UK: Zero-tolerance guru visits capital
 1/25/2002  UK: 'Ban live-bullet airguns used by criminals'
 1/22/2002  UK: Emotions running high
 1/21/2002  UK: Armour for north London police
 1/21/2002  UK: Mayor calls for "war on gun crime"
 1/20/2002  UK "Special Report": Gun Violence in America
 1/14/2002  UK: Tory u-turn over right to defend property (followup)
 1/12/2002  UK: Police "Worried" About Gun Violence Rise
 1/11/2002  UK: Handgun Ban Fails To Quell Surge In Gun Crime Across Britain
 1/10/2002  UK: Mobile Phone Shootings Shock Britain
 1/8/2002  UK: Tory Split over Defense of Home
 1/7/2002  UK: Brits reject "armed" sky police
 1/7/2002  UK: Brave New Britain
 1/5/2002  UK: "I'm shocked he shot me just for my phone"
 1/5/2002  UK: A Country in the Crosshairs
 1/4/2002  UK: More muggers turning to guns
 1/4/2002  UK: London sees steep rise in muggings
 12/29/2001  UK: Briton faces quiz over "US gun camp"
 12/29/2001  UK: Torrington murder "investigations" continue
 12/28/2001  UK: Lock up pedophiles "before they strike," says judge
 12/28/2001  UK: "Dunblane gun law has been failure," says marksman
 12/26/2001  UK: Police release guidelines for "gun-safe season"
 12/23/2001  UK: Gunman causes havoc in store
 12/21/2001  UK: London Gun Crime Up 90%
 12/19/2001  UK: Bungling cops raid wrong home
 12/16/2001  UK: Blair to let EU arrest Brits
 12/15/2001  UK: Hear no evil
 12/11/2001  UK: Moves To Lock Up Mental Patients Are 'Orwellian'
 12/10/2001  UK: Dunblane dad condemns moves to lift ban on handguns
 11/26/2001  UK: Naughty children to be registered as potential criminals
 11/19/2001  UK: When Citizens allow themselves to be disarmed, Thugs will rule
 11/13/2001  UK: Berserk Knifeman subdued by Off-duty Police Officer
 11/9/2001  UK: Family Terror as Gun Shot Fired
 11/2/2001  UK: 12,000 say free Martin
 11/2/2001  UK: Man with homemade shotgun shot dead by police
 10/31/2001  UK: One in 10 "would not report murder"
 10/31/2001  UK: Shotgun farmer's life sentence reduced
 10/21/2001  UK: Raid uncovers 300 weapons
 10/21/2001  UK: 'Golden girls' thwart armed car hijacker
 10/19/2001  UK: London Street Crime Jumps 31 Percent
 10/17/2001  UK: Presiding over the demise of shooting (sound familiar?)
 10/15/2001  More armed police to patrol UK 'hotspots'
 10/13/2001  Boy Shot in UK
 9/30/2001  UK: Police Seek Gun Alternatives
 9/26/2001  UK: Fingerprint ID cards possible in two years
 9/7/2001  UK: Pregnant driver shot "for disrespect"
 9/7/2001  UK: ARMED Serial Rapist preys on unarmed victims
 9/5/2001  Letter: High court should define 'arms'?
 9/4/2001  UK: Man killed by Crime-Spree Gang
 9/3/2001  UK: Alleged attack by Policewoman caught on film
 9/2/2001  UK Media Bias: Second [American] mass killer caught
 9/1/2001  UK: Police Force questions all offenders in area
 8/21/2001  UK: Motorists Vent Fury on Speed Cameras
 8/21/2001  UK: Guns and Stiff Upper Lips
 8/20/2001  UK: Gun killings double as police claim progress
 8/17/2001  UK: Gun killings double as police claim progress -- more machineguns found
 8/17/2001  UK: Police "gun chopper" machine can destory 50 guns an hour
 8/15/2001  UK: Gun Control and the Defenceless State
 8/13/2001  UK: When guns are outlawed, outlaws will make guns
 8/12/2001  UK: 93-year-old woman ordered to remove barbed wire from home
 8/11/2001  UK: Police warned of US-style 'gun culture' spreading to Britain
 8/11/2001  UK: Anti-hunting group donated £50,000 to Labour
 8/11/2001  UK: The anarchy on our streets reflects our lack of liberty
 8/10/2001  UK: Stun-guns blamed for string of US deaths
 8/7/2001  UK: Britain gripped by gun crimewave
 8/6/2001  UK: Eye Specialists Urge Crackdown on Air Guns
 8/4/2001  UK: Spiking The Country's Guns
 8/3/2001  UK: Newlyweds Relive Honeymoon Horror
 8/3/2001  UK: Bomb Found At Airport
 8/3/2001  UK: Police Warn Parents not to buy Toy Guns
 8/1/2001  UK: Has the British Bobby turned Nasty?
 8/1/2001  UK: Police get knife detectors
 7/29/2001  UK: Criminals are buying gun parts from the U.S. on the Net!
 7/22/2001  UK: Gun Control Does Not Work
 7/17/2001  UK: Gun Crimes Soaring Despite Ban
 7/17/2001  UK Police to be armed with stun guns
 7/13/2001  UK: A Nation of Criminals
 7/11/2001  More gun (and power tool) attacks in 'Gun-Free' UK
 7/11/2001  U.S. rebukes U.N. gun control proposals
 7/10/2001  UK: Girl, 14, gangraped by teenagers under pier
 7/9/2001  The international dealers in death: Today: The gunrunner
 7/7/2001  UK: Paperboy robbed at gunpoint
 7/7/2001  UK: Yet another shooting in the "guns are banned" utopia
 7/7/2001  LONDON: 5-year-old dies after shooting
 7/6/2001  UK: Armed gang drags family from beds
 6/30/2001  UK: Wall of Silence over Guns
 6/30/2001  UK: Armed Robbery of Pedestrians
 6/30/2001  UK: Shooting 'A local fall out'
 6/30/2001  UK: Boy, 7, shot in the face by a sniper
 6/30/2001  UK: Men shot in city gang attack
 6/30/2001  UK: Top Cops to Tackle Gun Terror
 6/29/2001  UK: Criminals could sue self-defending victims
 6/26/2001  Six Stabbed in Brawl at Wedding (UK)
 6/26/2001  Our 'Buy a Gun Day' Reported in the UK
 6/21/2001  UK Gun Hell for Boy with Ice Cream
 6/18/2001  UK Police vs. Criminals - The Arms Race
 6/14/2001  Father of dead teen burglar is jailed (UK)
 6/14/2001  Wife 'shot dead at home by intruder' (UK)
 5/24/2001  UK: Police cleared in killing at bungled raid
 5/15/2001  UK: Gun law takes over in gangland drug wars
 5/1/2001  UK Repeat Burglar Consulted on Jail Release Date of Homeowner Who Shot Him
 4/17/2001  Three injured in UK samurai sword attack
 4/13/2001  UK: British Police Raid 11-year old's Birthday Party
 4/4/2001  UK: Bill could turn MoD police into a paramilitary force
 3/22/2001  Four Years After Dunblane...
 3/11/2001  UK: Girls with Guns is The Latest Trend
 2/13/2001  UK: Anti-Gun Poster Campaign Abandoned
 2/10/2001  UK: New Site Details Gun Crime Problem in Britain
 2/1/2001  Yard Summit as Gun Crime Peaks (UK)
 1/29/2001  Sunday Herald (UK) Smears Second Amendment Sisters
 1/1/2001  Read all about it! The UK considers Home Invasion Remedies

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