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Keep and Bear Arms
Newslinks Submission Page

This is where links to gun-related News and Editorials
on other websites are added to our site.

Find a news story online, grab the correct link to that page, provide the title of the article, and include a quote or two from the article, or a quick summary of the story. This is a way for gun owners and liberty advocates to share the news from around the nation and world with people with similar interests.

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NOTE: This Newslinks System is ONLY for adding Newslinks that point to other websites. If you wish to add your own, original articles, editorials, or press releases, click here for the submission guidelines and submission form.

DISCLAIMER: Newslinks are screened for their relevance to the content of this site. Inclusion of a news link does not denote endorsement by KABA. Want to challenge something we've linked? We would welcome your contributions in our Public Forums.

Newslinks Submission Form

Your Contact Information
NOTE: This information will be published unless you indicate otherwise.
If you select "No" below, your information will not be published.
You will receive a confirmation email when your story is accepted or declined.

Your Name/Company (req'd):
Your Email (req'd):
Your Website (optional):
Publish this information?

Your News Story
NOTE: Please maintain courtesy and professionalism in writing the
headline for this article. All fields below are REQUIRED.

Headline (req'd):
Story Link (req'd):
Category (req'd):
Story Date (req'd): (mm/dd/2002)
Summary, Information or Description (optional):
Keep and Bear Arms

Restricted to 500 Max. Characters
Keep and Bear Arms

NOTE: Entries that do not adhere to Submission Guidelines are subject to rejection. Read them carefully if you are a first-time submitter.
Submission Form | Submission Guidelines | FAQ's
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Newslinks Mission

To provide a daily online archive of as many news or editorials relating to guns, gun rights, gun control, anti-constitutional moves committed by oath-breaking public servants, pro-liberty stands taken by oath-honoring public servants, gun-related activism, the second amendment, the Bill of Rights and liberty-related issues in America and abroad as possible;

To provide a user-friendly system that gives liberty advocates the means to submit such news items and editorials to our site;

To encourage liberty advocates to play a role in the process of awakening We The People to the many daily assaults being waged against our rights; and

To stimulate activism toward the restoration and protection of the right of the individual person to keep and bear arms.

Why is this important?

It's important to save people's time and energy "looking for the news" so it can be applied to better use. Many people contributing a small amount of time can produce a greater result than any one individual can ever hope to achieve.

It's important to allow one person's discovery of a relevant news item or editorial to reach the largest number of people possible in order to assure that education and awareness increases in the widest circles possible.

It's important to have an easily-accessible source of such information for daily reference by people who care about our rights and our freedoms -- so we can increase the number of people who take action and ultimately end the assaults on our rights.

Submission Form | Submission Guidelines | FAQ's
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Newslinks Submission Guidelines

We are getting a lot of duplicate submissions. Please check to see if your story is already in KABA Newslinks.

News must be current (within the last 30 days), even if it has never appeared at Exceptions will be made for older items that relate to current events.

Stories must be Second Amendment or RKBA-related in some way. (See Frequently Asked Questions for more detail on ideal Newslinks submissions.)

Stories can be local, state, regional, national, or international; news, editorials, press releases; or new websites that pertain to gun-related or other relevant news. (Note that this is NOT an advertisement zone for every pro gun website on the internet!)

The best way to present the Title is to copy the title of the article exactly as it appears on the page. This will help others find the story if the link moves, and help prevent duplicate submissions. (This is not a hard "rule" because oftentimes the title used by another website doesn't accurately describe the story as we liberty advocates would view it.)

In the "Summary" field, include a quote or two from the article, or a brief, paraphrased summary of the story. NOTE: Personal interjections that do not fit within the guidelines of this site will be edited out of your Newslink submission. Personal comments and thoughts on what the story means and its moral are reserved for the "Comment on this Article" section, once the Newslinks for tomorrow are published on

DO NOT USE ALL CAPS in your headline, and ESPECIALLY NOT in the comments section. If you do, you run a good chance of your own text being edited, even if we use your link.

Each submission will be previewed and verified for link, date, spelling, grammar, and subject matter accuracy to the best of our ability -- please get it right to save both your time and ours.

The URL you enter in the "Link To Headline" field must be an accessible web page, and it must be the link to the story that you are submitting, NOT to the website's home page.

In the "Date" field, please enter the date in which the story hit the page to which you are linking.

If the story requires a special player such as Flash, RealPlayer, Acrobat Reader, etc., please say so in the Summary to save others' time! Some people do not have or do not want these programs installed on their systems. We will add the links to these free programs for others' convenience.

If the website to which your Newslink points requires registration at the site in order to be able to read the page, please say so in the Summary to save others' time! Some people will not want to bother if they have to register.

HTML code is allowed, but only when it is tasteful. You can use html to offer additional links within your commentary, or to make text bold or italic. NOTE: Do not use quotation marks around links; if you do they will not work. Examples:

Correct: <a href=> 
Incorrect: <a href="">

All Contact Information fields, except for "Your Personal Website", are required. If you wish to submit anonymously, select "No" in the pulldown menu.

All Newslink Submission fields, except for the "Summary", are required unless otherwise specified. If you do not include a Summary, we will add it for you after reviewing the news story or editorial.

You may, if you choose, include a link to your own personal website in the "Your Personal Website" field, and will probably receive referring hits. This feature is one small way of saying "Thank you for helping us inform fellow liberty advocates."  If you don't have a website, you can include a link to your favorite site instead.

The size limit for your submission is 500 characters, maximum. Clicking the "Character Count" button will tell you how many characters you've entered.

Submission Form | Submission Guidelines | FAQ's
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you release Newslinks submissions to the website so people can read them?

We currently create one daily feed of Newslinks. What you submit today will either show up on the site late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

What types of news and editorials are appropriate for Newslinks submissions?

Any news and editorials that relate to guns, gun rights, gun control, gun legislation, gun owners, shooting, hunting, the Bill of Rights, liberty and liberty advocacy, tyranny, and taking action toward the restoration and protection of the individual right to keep and bear arms will usually be accepted immediately.

Why do you place such a small size limit on the amount of the article we can excerpt from relevant news stories?

First, we do not allow complete posting of relevant news items for copyright reasons. We also do not wish to make people wait for the full text of a lengthy article to load when they are not interested in that particular article. Finally, we would like you to excerpt the most telling passages from relevant articles so people who are busy or pressed for time can read the Newslinks page without clicking every link to get the gist of what is happening in the news today regarding guns, gun rights and liberty -- as a time-saver and a matter of convenience for our members and site visitors.

How can I add multiple Newslinks simultaneously in the most efficient manner?

After you submit the first Newslink article or editorial, hit your "Back" button on your browser twice to be taken back to the submission form. Your contact information will still be contained in the form. Highlight and delete the Headline, Link and Summary. Then add the information for your next submission and click the "Preview News Story" button.

Why do you require an email address from me to allow me to submit to your Newslinks system?

First, we occasionally need to touch base with you about your submission. Next, our system will send you a confirmation email once your submission is accepted or declined.  If it's declined, we provide a reason it was declined in order to help you understand why -- to increase the chances of your future submissions being published. Finally, please note that we offer the chance to keep your email address off of our website and that our Privacy Policy is very strong and clear.

IF you simply refuse to even allow us to email your confirmation email to you but keep it off of our website, please put a fake email address in the EMAIL field, such as, so your submission will go through and be considered for publication.

Who can I contact to discuss Newslinks-related issues?

Our Newslinks Director works daily to keep our Newslinks system running smoothly and within guidelines. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have at: We respectfully ask that you PLEASE DO NOT add this address to ANY email distribution lists without express written permission to do so.

Submission Form | Submission Guidelines | FAQ's
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America needs fewer laws, not more prisons. JAMES BOVARD

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