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Newslinks for 11/15/2000

Lawmakers Fire Back At Gun Lawsuits
Submitted by: Melissa

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The lawsuit, copies of which can be obtained on the Civil Liberties Defense Foundation website at alleges
that the defendants have conspired to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment rights of Texans and the rights of gun stores as protected under the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The plaintiffs are seeking monetary damages and other relief proper under the law.

Colorado's Electoral College voters start feeling pressure
Submitted by: Riverheart

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ABC News seems to be engaging in electoral campaigning:

"Hergert said the caller said he was "Ed from ABC News" and asked if she would ever consider voting for Al Gore, then said it is unconstitutional for her to be bound by state law to follow Colorado voters' preference for Bush.

"A second Colorado elector, Rob Dieter, also mentioned a call from ABC News when the Denver Rocky Mountain News asked if anyone had tried to influence his vote."

It turns out the caller IS from ABC News.

Heston attacks British gun laws
Submitted by: Riverheart

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"In an address to the Oxford Union, he said the right to carry arms, enshrined in the US Constitution, maintained freedom and actually saved lives.

"He described the UK's anti-gun laws as nothing but "cultural cowardice and a subtle form of surrender to the criminals".

"The actor said those UK laws were the result of an unwritten constitution which gave politicians too much power."

The BBC News put this report in the Entertainment section.

Goodbye to Clinton's Arkansas Signs
Submitted by: Riverheart

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"Visitors to Arkansas next year will no longer be greeted by signs welcoming them to the "Home of President Bill Clinton."

"Arkansas has 80 state border signs welcoming visitors to Clinton country, with another 18 marking the four towns where he once lived.

"It will cost about $10,000 to take them down."

Arkansas taxpayers shouldn't have to cover this cost. I'm sure there are many who would gladly volunteer! Anyone in Arkansas want to take it on?

Sensible Media Control Measures
Submitted by: James William Barnes

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"The current election has demonstrated the necessity for implementing sensible media control laws. No right thinking person can dispute this position. Of course some unprogressive traditionalists, not to mention free speech extremists, will argue that the First Amendment protects the media from restrictions on the basis of free speech guarantees."

Exactly the arguments being used about guns by anti-freedom folks...stood on their head. Very funny!

Navy flying home 3,000 lost ballots
Submitted by: Jeff Stewart

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Ship captain: 'A majority of the pilots
aboard are registered voters in Florida'

... so... we're making this stuff up, eh?

Mothers Arms gets new Las Vegas coordinator ...and she's purty
Submitted by: Las Vegas

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It's great to see Alicia Wadas' group expanding. Very great, indeed.

Texas Legislators to Sue Cities and Counties Across U.S. In Fight to Protect RKBA
Submitted by: Pro Gun Lawsuit

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This also includes information about events in Texas.

Shooting Contest Uses Old-Style Guns
Submitted by: Shooting Contest

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In the LA Times, no less:

"In a throwback to another time, the Ojai Valley Gun Club will pay tribute to the turkey shoot this weekend when it hosts a target contest for muzzle-loading guns, with frozen turkeys going to the winners."

"Contestants will shoot at paper targets shaped like buffalo and other range animals."

"More skilled marksmen can try hitting a moving paper turkey, hung on a string so that it flutters in the wind."

Editorial in New Hampshire News Telling it Like it IS about Triggerlocks
Submitted by: New Hampshire

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A quick and worthy read. Mostly, we all know this, but it's nice to see it hit the press...somewhere.

Sailors on USS Cole didn't have ammo in their guns
Submitted by: USS Cole

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"The sailors on sentry duty aboard the USS Cole when it was bombed last month did not have ammunition in their guns and were not authorized to shoot unless fired upon, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing recent interviews with 20 members of the ship's crew."
Excuse me, but isn't Yemen a hostile area? Huh? What kind of MORON ordered them not to have ammo? Are they supposed to beat someone up with their gun? Jesus help us.

Official to take gun to meeting
Submitted by: Andrew Johnstone, RPh/MD

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One official who actually believes in the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, his peers are urging 'caution' and 'reasonableness' for his horribly controversial and dangerous plan of .... *gasp* .... carrying a handgun on public property...!

By calling attention to a well-regulated militia for the security of the Nation, and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our Founding Fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of governmental tyranny, which gave rise to the second amendment, will ever be a major danger to our Nation, the amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic military-civilian relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of the country. For that reason I believe the second amendment will always be important. --JOHN F. KENNEDY

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