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Newslinks for 12/2/2000

Man convicted in accidental shooting death
Submitted by: Clifford J. Petersen

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"People need to understand quite clearly that the gun did not cause Mr. Wakan's death," Mathers said. "Mr. Pruett caused the death." Now there's an unusual perspective. I'm surprised that defense didn't argue that the gun was "inherently evil" and corrupted Mr. Pruett's otherwise stellar character. These lawyers were obviously hiding behind the door at college the day common sense and logic were TAKEN AWAY from the rest and "duh" was handed out.

Federal Agents Search Area Couple's Home
Submitted by: Melissa

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The Whitneys are active in finding homes for greyhounds who have outlived their usefulness at race tracks. They were at their home Friday afternoon.

Officials from the ATF in Kingston and the U.S. Attorney's office in Scranton refused to comment on the raid.

Lucian Gandolfo, supervising agent at the FBI office in Scranton, said the search warrant was still sealed, so he could reveal only a few details.

Smart crooks carry mobile phone guns
Submitted by: Ron Dotson

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GERMAN police are being put on their guard when dealing with criminals carrying mobile phones after border guards discovered some carrying "phone-guns". They appear to be normal mobile phones but can fire four bullets in quick succession.

Neat! I wonder how long before they are available on the black market in the USSA?

Cop Shot Dead By Own Gun -- Police say he was cleaning the weapon
Submitted by: Cop Gun Accident?

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How could a 15 year veteran cop "accidentally shoot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun"? This sounds quite fishy. Hate to be cynical here, after a good man is lost, but I don't buy this story, at all.

Indiana town considering banning BB guns from being fired in city limits
Submitted by: ATF

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Must more on the slate for this Indiana town, too.

Quebec provincial police seize guns from home of child who shot man
Submitted by: Canada

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Little boy shot 64 year old man, who is nearly dead, brags about it when they send him back to school.

The paper calls a .22 rifle "high velocity" and, while true, reveals its hand.

Wow. But Canada's gun laws are so helpful...

Report Bolsters Calls for Gun-a-Month Limit
Submitted by: ATF

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ATF's latest "report" says, "Nearly a Quarter of Crime Weapons Bought in Batches"

And now they tell lawful people including collectors that we must have a limit of one gun a month. That would destroy a good many collectors and would dramatically reduce sales for a good many lawful dealers, too.

UK: 'Privileged' boys plotted gun robbery at school
Submitted by: UK

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"THREE teenage boys who robbed a millionaire businessman at gunpoint in his home after planning the raid between lessons were sentenced to four years in youth custody yesterday."

"The boys, who were all from respectable homes, stole 400 after one boy posed as a policeman to gain entry to the house."
They used a fake gun in the robbery.

Attorney who pulled gun to get prison time
Submitted by: Hmmmm

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Claims he pulled it in self-defense, but he did it in front of a bunch of little kids. Now he's likely going to the lockup for a while, losing his license and his gun rights for life.

D.C. Crime Guns Coming From Va., Md., ATF Says
Submitted by: ATF

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"More than half of all guns recovered in crimes committed in the District were purchased from gun dealers in Virginia and Maryland, according to a study released yesterday by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms."
This "study" has been released at least one other time. And what is so difficult to understand that people in areas where they can't get them bring them in from areas where they can. Does the ATF need a "study" to figure that out?

The "assault weapon" ban didn't stop the [World Trade Center/Pentagon] terrorists, Brady checks didn't stop them, the high capacity magazine ban didn't. Right to Carry would have. If it had saved only one tower and the people in it, it would have been worth it. GUN CONTROL KILLS. LTC Stasski, 9/11/01

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