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Newslinks for 5/15/2010

Fox News: Airsoft can be converted to real guns. Will that make toy owners felons?
Submitted by: David Codrea

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... "Importantly, will anyone who has one now be in danger of being classified a felon if it can be proven they know about this, making their possession or transfer of their airsoft gun 'willful,' and thus subject to criminal prosecution?" ...

Will Lautenberg Anti-Gun Airport Bill Increase Vulnerability?
Submitted by: David Codrea

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... "Not satisfied with putting grandmothers at risk of losing their legal right to the means of self-defense, or of denying gun purchases to people who haven't even been charged, let alone tried and convicted of any crime, Sen. Frank Lautenberg now means to see us defenseless on the way to and from airports, when we go to drop off or pick someone up." ...

Also find out what our foreign enemies are up to with their UN Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence.

UN Determined to Destroy America’s Second Amendment
Submitted by: Anonymous

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... "Last October, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the Obama administration's support for the United Nations plan to regulate 'convention[al] arms transfers.' Brady-endorsed Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher (D, CA-10) was chosen as under secretary for arms control and international security in the State Department."

"Fortunately, sufficient data exists among UN non-governmental organizations to determine if civilian firearms ownership will 'negatively impact on security, human rights and social and economic development.'" ...

The next frontier for gun rights
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Fresh from our victory opening up the community college campuses of Colorado to holders of concealed carry permits, let us turn our attentions to federal buildings all across America. The Gun Control Act of 1968 § 930 specifies that no regular folks, including employees, can carry a weapon into any federal building or part of a civilian building leased by a federal agency. According to the General Services Administration website, my little Rocky Mountain Region has 16.7 million square feet of office space controlled by the federal government. It houses 50,000 employees. Nationwide, there are thousands and thousands of buildings controlled by the federal government ..." ...

Update On The Hutaree Hullabaloo (Remember The Hutaree Hullabaloo?)
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"With much media fanfare, 9 members of a Michigan militia were arrested last March and charged with 'seditious conspiracy'–specifically, plotting to murder law enforcement officers. Ostensibly, this was supposed to precipitate some kind of wholesale revolt against the government."

"Question: Have any of you heard anyone from the propaganda press corps (national news media) tell you what has been happening with this case? No? Did you not wonder why? Well, I’ll tell you why: the case has fallen apart." ...

Dubious, agenda-driven 'poll' says women prefer mandated defenselessness
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"The Brady Campaign is loudly trumpteting the results of a poll it commissioned, purportedly showing widespread opposition--particularly among women--to armed self-defense in public." ...

"Know much about Lake Research Partners, referred to in the Brady Bunch press release as a 'respected pollilng firm'? I didn't, so I decided to go to their website and look around. This is the kind of thing I found:"
"The right message to the right audience wins the day. LRP is one of the most reputable firms in providing issue advocacy organizations with research that shapes the debate and leads to winning policy outcomes. ..."
"Well that certainly sounds like a polling group committed to objective research ..." ...

Gun News: Firearms Dealers Creating Trusts For Customers
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Some dealers are currently providing trusts to their customers to avoid the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (the 'CLEO') signoff that is required for individual purchasers of Title II Firearms."

"When a non-lawyer dealer fills out or creates a trust for an individual they are violating their state's unauthorized practice of law ('UPL') statutes. Many dealers and manufactures are providing generic trusts that do not address the unique issues of the NFA and often do not comply with the state requirements for proper execution." ...

NRA Criticizes Kagan on Gun Rights
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Gun-rights advocates have started to raise concerns about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, possibly leading to a rockier confirmation process."

"Ms. Kagan's public record on gun rights is limited and mainly consists of positions she took as a White House lawyer in the Clinton administration and as a law clerk at the Supreme Court."

"But the National Rifle Association, one of the nation's most powerful and well-funded lobbying groups, regards Ms. Kagan's views as 'outside the mainstream,' said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam. He said the 4.3 million-member group intends to 'work with the Senate to make sure tough questions will be asked during her confirmation hearings.'" ...

Winning Tactics For Handgun Training on a Budget
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"Going to a dedicated handgun training camp isn't possible for the average survivalist."

"Le'’s face it, most of us are hard up for cash and what 'extra' we do get hold of, usually goes toward procuring needed survival gear."

"Most of you reading this, I am sure; have a good working knowledge of firearms safety and proper shooting fundamentals."

"If not, I recommend you to take the time needed in leaning the basics by taking a safety class in your area." ...

"Once you have the basics mastered and can shoot well enough to place all your shots into a six-inch circle or less at 25 yards, then it is time to broaden your skills."

"Instructional DVDs and books are good learning tools ..." ...

H/t to David Codrea.

Submitter's Note: I understand wax bullets are good for cheap practice too.

Posse Tea Party Comitatus
Submitted by: Bruce W. Krafft

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"I have to admit, I enjoy browsing Tea Party websites. The sites are overrun by some of the craziest, teabagging, wingnuts on the web. There are some common themes. Here, for example, is one, 'Second Amendment Rights, Any truth to the story that Secretary of State Clinton, word is she's working on a small arms deal with I believe the UN to disarm all of us by creating a treaty with the world. ...' This teabagger's posting mimics ideology of some of the most dangerous, racists, extremists groups our nations has seen in the[sic] fifty years ..." ...

Submitter's Note: From H. Nemerov: "Last October, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the Obama administration's support for the United Nations plan to regulate 'conventional arms transfers.'" So where would those black-helicopter fearing conspiracy-theorist nut-jobs get the idea that Hil is working with the UN on a small arms treaty?

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. — Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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