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"Project Exile" hearing in Arizona
Submitted by: American

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The AZ Star admitted openly some months back that they are anti-gun. Getting pro gun press with them is quite a feat.

Now, they are taking the NRA's "zero tolerance enforcement" message and supporting it.

Tucons and Phoenix are expressing interest, and they are using the NRA to get forward motion -- because, of course, the NRA supports the enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws.

Former officer flips out and shoots cops
Submitted by: Citizen

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This guy was a bit of a nut case...

"...he painted his $310,000 house black, festooned it with cryptic symbols and began frightening his upscale neighbors and frustrating code enforcement officers with bizarre behavior..."

"The city was closing in. Friday morning, a code violation notice was plastered on his door. ``We knew he was a loose cannon. We used to say to each other that Truman was the type of person who would walk into the station one day and shoot everyone in it..."

When the shooting stops
Submitted by: Citizen

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This is a wild report...first paragraph:

"A year after the Columbine school massacre, Americans still wonder how and why such tragedies occur. Times national correspondent Richard E. Meyer offers a rare look into the world of a teenage gunman and his family. He tells the story of the Rouses, whose son killed two people in one of the nation's first school shootings--a 1995 double murder in Lynnville, Tenn."

"Gun control for dummies"
Submitted by: Citizen

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Canadian feds will stoop and stoop again to sell pre-confiscation laws in their country...

Gun Haters go after Bush
Submitted by: Fredom

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More of the usual gun-hating, irrational, non-reasoned rhetoric:

"... gun control advocates assailed GOP presidential candidate George W. Bush, blaming him for legislation that permits concealed handguns virtually anywhere, including churches, hospitals and amusement parks."

"Mike Barnes, president of Handgun Control, called Bush's record on gun issues ``dangerous'..."
I guess he doesn't consider taking guns away from women in high crime areas "dangerous."

UK: another gun attack in "gun free" UK
Submitted by: Another One

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The police are investigating a gun attack in Carrickfergus in County Antrim.
A masked man armed with a shotgun forced his way into a house at Thorndale Square in the town at about 0430 BST on Sunday.

The gunman confronted a woman in an upstairs bedroom while a man who was in the house escaped through the back door.

He fired a shot through the living room window as he left.

Apparently, a kid getting shot with a BB gun is news now...
Submitted by: This is News?

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How this is making news is beyond me:

"A high school football player preparing for practice apparently was wounded by a pellet- or BB-gun in the school locker room, and school officials are investigating how the incident was handled."

"Travis Waters, a 15-year-old ninth-grader at Warwick High School, heard a noise and felt a sting on his chest Monday just before practice was to start, according to Bonice Waters, the boy's mother."

Teen shoots brother in face
Submitted by: Lack of Training

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Clearly a lack of proper training on this one, but will liberals get behind a massive training effort? They claim to care about preventing such events, but they refuse to support Eddie Eagle because it doesn't condemn firearms.

Fastest guns in the world
Submitted by: Wow

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"In the blink of an eye, Calgary's Howard Darby set a world record yesterday."

"In daily life the 39-year-old computer consultant wields a mouse -- in his other incarnation he's the fastest gun in the world."

"At the Canadian Fast Draw Championship yesterday in Cochrane, Darby -- dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and a black hat -- slouched back in a gunslinger's stance, his left hand poised over the hammer of his holstered .45 pistol, his right hand quivering..."

Texas militia left alone (for now)
Submitted by: Next

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The next writeup on the Texas Standoff of John Joe Gray.

"With holsters on their hips, three bearded men in camouflage hats and torn jeans sit in folding chairs at the end of a dirt driveway."

"Homemade signs hang on the gate, barbed-wire fence and trees: "We are militia and will live free or die!" "Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God!" "Notice to all public servants. No trespassing - survivors will be prosecuted."

11-year-old robs bank with fake gun
Submitted by: Hmmm

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"An 11-year-old bank robber may have been trying to help his dysfunctional family when he walked into a branch armed with a fake gun and a note demanding $4 million, says a defence lawyer."

Gun laws links -- interesting access point
Submitted by: LegalBeagle

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Some quick access to some not good laws we hear about but most people have never stopped to read...

As an individual, I believe, very strongly, that handguns should be banned and that there should be stringent, effective control of other firearms. However, as a judge, I know full well that the question of whether handguns can be sold is a political one, not an issue of products liability law, and that this is a matter for the legislatures, not the courts. The unconventional theories advanced in this case (and others) are totally without merit, a misuse of products liability laws. Judge Buchmeyer, Patterson v. Gesellschaft, 1206 F.Supp. 1206, 1216 (N.D. Tex. 1985)

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