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News & Editorials

How we've changed

by Larry E. Bigham


From the characteristics found in the first founding people of this country, how far we've come. It's shameful. From an individualistic thinking, proud self-respecting people with integrity and values, the majority has deteriorated to hedonistic robotic zombie followers with no values whatsoever that willingly continue to heap support on liars and treasonous traitors to this country and offering no resistance to their treachery. Is it any wonder we've become the laughing stock of the world, especially following this latest charade posing as an election? You may feel pride in today's state of this nation, I don't!

Finally coming together over decades of turmoil and an early attempt by the South to separate itself from the dictates of the North (falsely named as a civil war and the reasons for it falsified in history books), each separate state was a sovereignty unto itself and so protected by the Tenth Amendment, united into one nation for the protection of all from outside aggression or interference. Then the federal government slowly began to usurp state's sovereignty and overstep the limits imposed by the Constitution, continuing to the totalitarian form of government we've allowed to engulf us today. As with so-called "reasonable gun control" claims, each loss of freedom and rights -- compromised away by honorless imposters claiming to represent the people -- was followed by another proposal to cost us more loss.

One of the earliest infringements, still in effect today, came on May 7, 1894 with passage of the firearm forfeiture law for illegal hunting in Yellowstone National Park. A handful of similar so-called laws followed early in the 20th century. Forfeiture has provided government with many benefits since and cost some innocent lives in the process, with no viable recourse for the victims of such forfeitures, nor the survivors of those killed by government thugs in most cases. 

One of the most abominable infringements upon the Second Amendment came in 1934 with the first major federal gun legislation since passage of the new Constitution, the National Firearms Act, or NFA. This attempt at "crime control" was prompted by what's dramatically called the St. Valentine's Day massacre, as if the public had suffered some horrendous injury. In reality all it was was an early example of gang turf war we've seen repeatedly to this day and there was no deterrent effect upon crime whatsoever with this infringement upon the Second Amendment. As a ruse it was codified in Title 26, the Internal Revenue Service laws and became an infringement on the Second Amendment in the form of taxation. How did this happen? 

One historical and disgraceful happening that can be credited directly to this NFA treachery took place 58 years later on April 22, 1992 with the murder of Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. The defense for this act of murder was that Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who intentionally shot and killed her, was the same defense that got a lot of defendants hung or sent to prison for long terms at Nuremberg in 1947: "He was just following orders." This is just one example of the justice you can expect when the government decides to come after you, especially with the same entrapment tactics used on Randy Weaver.

One after the other we have allowed government to strip our freedoms from us without a whimper (at least from the majority that I refer to as zombies), from the NFA to the infamous and most blatant violation of the Constitution I can think of to date, the Lautenberg Amendment. Here is one example of why I freely refer to the majority as zombies, especially members of the NRA (see "" to get your feathers ruffled): a senator and member of the Board of Directors of the NRA, Sen. Bob Barr, publicly lauded this feces as "good legislation." Instead of resulting in outrage at such appalling deceit by someone claiming to represent not only his constituency as their senator, but members of the NRA, the zombies still support him. Even a publication claiming to be a supporter of the Constitution, freedom, sovereignty, this nation first, etc., The Spotlight heaps praise upon this phony. How has this come to be commonplace?

The number of citizens still retaining their ability to think for themselves and realizing the losses we continually suffer at the hands of self-serving imposters claiming to be our representatives has dwindled to the point of almost non-existence when it comes to combating those intending to enslave us. If you're reading this, then you're one of the minority and welcome to the fold.

The list of socialist programs now in force and operation in this country is too long to go into here, IMHO, but one such does have relevance: schools. Ignoring the Tenth Amendment is achieved by the federal government in too damned many cases thru an extortive method in the form of threats to withhold federal funding unless agendas and doctrines mandated by the feds are put into place and obeyed without quarrel. The effects of this dark tunnel are seen in the curriculum found in public/state schools. As one example of many recent attempts to install collective socialism in place of individual freedom, we hear the demand that students volunteer a specified amount of time to some charity in order to receive the diploma they've worked 12+ years to acquire.

FDR vociferously repeated the lie that was taken up and promoted by the media, taught in public/state schools as truth and believed by the young and gullible (yes, I was one of them) that this country is a democracy. No mention of the truth that this country was founded as a democratic republic, but if mentioned at all it was in word form only, without explanation of the differences between the two. For all the socialist programs introduced to this country by FDR, along with the fact this man was solely responsible for Pearl Harbor and our entrance into WWII, the zombies revere him as a great icon. His "Day of Infamy" speech was true, but instead of being directed at the Japanese people it should be directed at him.

If a wife, husband, significant other or whatever term you care to apply, should ever look you in the eye and lie to you in one small iota the manner that a sitting president did on television with total contempt for the intelligence of the viewers watching, they'd be on their way out the door with a foot in a posterior portion of their anatomy and probably lucky to not lose their head in the process. That a body of government added to that contempt by refusing to live up to their oath of office and remove this liar from office, the zombies creating every fantasy excuse possible to deny the truth and continue to support this liar and his brand of treasonous traitors is beyond belief. This is the result of brainwashing over more than 50+ years in public/state schools, producing zombie followers unable/unwilling to have an individual thought or decision of their own.

The small number of us not falling into the zombie category cannot expect to bring about changes by attempting to accomplish those changes by working within a system requiring years of effort to achieve anything noticeable; we no longer have the cushion of safety required. One example of this is in the Socialist Ghetto of Kalifornia where there have already been steps taken to disarm the population and bring them into defenseless compliance with the NWO agenda of enslaving the world under control of a few world bankers. There are others, but this one is populated with the largest bunch of socialists I know of: Hollywood. The influence produced there in so-called entertainment filled with subliminal lies is not to be denied and is very difficult to combat. There is no other place in this country populated with so many hypocrites; they are living proof we have the best government money can buy. 

I am not openly proposing revolution, nor threatening any form of resistance considered the acts of terrorists, but I am wondering how long it will be before the gun owners in this country take the same steps taken by Catholics in Northern Ireland in retaliation to their oppression. It's not a question of "if" the bloodshed will happen, the question is "when" and what will you do about it? "A man with a gun is a citizen, a man without a gun is a subject!" and I refuse to become a subject for any reason!

Larry E. Bigham


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Americans who value freedom had better be more concerned about the gun control crowd than the criminals. The criminals want your money. The Neo-Totalitarians want your freedom. Charlie Reese

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