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News & Editorials

Responses to Clearing the Air... and Moving On

The Third Wave, and still coming



December 20, 2000

The Constitution vs. LEO's

Angel Shamaya:

It was with pleasure that I read your lengthy and detailed rebuttal to what can only have been a distressingly unpleasant experience to undergo. Character assassination is a disgusting and dishonorable method of promoting an idea too weak to stand on its own; I am pleased to see your effective defense.

I commend you for both standing up for yourself - and for so decisively making a critical and timely point:

Law enforcement officers who consider their pension, and their employment, to be of higher priority than their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution - are nothing more than leeches who feed off both the public trough and the public respect for law.

I have tremendous respect for the difficulties and dangers of their job. It does not, however, grant them carte blanche to assume personal powers of dictatorial authority.

I can only hope that your rebuttal serves to put a spotlight on those who have been using a badge as a mask for Constitutionally-destructive behaviors and ideals. To say that one is "only following orders" has been historically proven to be morally and legally bankrupt; it is both sickening and disheartening to see comments from the law enforcement community that they "don't know the Constitution, they just know the statutes" they enforce.

It is particularly sickening to see such comments from purported American defenders of the Bill of Rights.

I pray that Mr. Pyle and his cohorts come to the realization that principled defense of our Constitutional rights is not a matter of degree, according to one's employment....

In closing, let me state that you have increased my respect for your integrity and your sense of honor; and I look forward to working alongside you in defense of the most precious right of Man.

Best regards as always,

Robert Teesdale 

In Defense of A.S.


I've spent about three hours digesting what you wrote, and I have to admire your thoroughness and the use of hyperlinks which is one of the best in any essay I've seen.

Keep up the good work. If I wasn't out of town on business, I'd have just relied on my personal interaction with you to know you are o.k. and that your attackers are out of line.

Keep up the good work. I'll keep working on my family business so I can eventually devote more time and money to the cause of freedom. I really relate your statement of (approximately) If we don't preserve freedom now, our personal life won't matter later. I also look at it this way: I'd rather study farming, music, woodworking, architecture/design/art, chess etc. But as Madison (I think) said in a letter to his wife, I must study politics and war that my children will have the freedom to study other things (very rough approximate quote).

Keep going. You inspire us.

Mark L. in PA

Two Things

These cops need to be made to understand two things:

Any time any "law enforcement officer" seeks to enforce a "gun law" he is operating outside the law of the land, i.e. the U.S.
Constitution and deserves whatever ultimately may happen to him.

This same officer is showing a blatant disregard for the Liberty and thus the lives of millions of children. And though this may sound
harsh and there was a time when I would have disagreed with it, they need to understand that there will come a time when the
families of those who choose to support the police state and thus destroy others' families, will no longer be safe.

I think that's the only attitude that will turn the tide for those whose only consideration is their next paycheck to "support their family."

They're whores. treat them as such.

Enough said...

I Support You


My dad was a police officer for 35 years.

I support your efforts and think some of the LEO's have totally lost perspective and do not realize that tyrany is knocking on our door. They don't realize that they are part of the problem sometimes.

Forget them. You are a gifted man. Work from your strengths. Don't let clowns cause you to lose focus. You have a whole army of patriots behind you.

John M. Marion, Jr.

Cop on your side

Hey, I'm on your side.  You work hard to represent my beliefs.  I'm with you on this one too.  I'm a cop and I swore my allegiance to the Constitution of the United States above all other laws first, the Constitution of my State second, and lastly to the enforcement of law and execution of duty of office.  They don't put the Constitution first for nothing.  If I believe any law, no matter where it comes from, to be unconstitutional I simply don't enforce it.  It is the duty of ALL law enforcement officers everywhere to honor that oath above all other things.  

Sometimes that oath stands in the way of policy or the laws they expect us to enforce, but we need to always keep in mind that it is the yardstick by which ALL laws should be measured.  If a law contradicts those things you've sworn to uphold, in the order you've sworn to them, it is your duty to NOT enforce them.  In fact it is your duty to act to see that those laws are repealed and the individuals who passed them are brought to justice. 

Just thought I'd throw in my two cents worth, and let you know you hit the
nail on the head.  If you need any help holler.

Zach Semonick

Well done, Angel! You returned the focus of the discussion right where it belongs: the Constitution. Presumption of innocence has been long forgotten by too many in the law enforcement business. Thank you!

- Gary Skimin

Right on Angel,

Thank you for upholding the truth.  It will not be an easy fight since the public follows the police and judges without critical review - they are scared.

I have been swamped at work, but hopefully I will get some time next year to sit down and write you a letter explaining why the Constitution no longer applies in America, why each state has created all these illegal laws, and what can be done about it. At this point in time all the patriots are fighting the wrong fight.  I hope you have a great Christmas.

Chet D.

Divided We Fall

Angel Shamaya,

In regards:  Thank you very much for clearing the air. It is pitiful that one need do such a thing within the Firearm supporting community, not to mention the effort and time required in this 90-page effort. The anti-second amendment bunch is smiling at the Pyle/Stark foolish, destructive positions.

I was never confused about the truth and correctness of your actions in support of Jerry Michel in Arizona. I was among those who sent him some money following your original story. When Stark/Pyle again attacked (as they had following the Peter Mancus letter) I did an "unsubscribe" from Stark's GOA-TEXAS list. The following is his response. "Know them by their words".

> "Un-subscribe". I feel JPFO, CCOPS, KABA provide me more useful information
> and are providing the 2nd Amendment community better service than GOA-Texas.
> I remain a contributing member to GOA. You have a lot to learn from your
> parent organization – but you never will.
> Adios,
> JM

With pleasure, I un-subscribe you.

Just to show you how stupid you are, did you not even know we are not 
affiliated with GOA? How many times must we post this on our alerts? It is on every alert, and plastered everywhere on our website. But this goes to show how you "pay attention" and really study what we are saying. Its no wonder you have misunderstood us.

Numbskulls like you likely run through red lights, and claim you never
saw the red light.

Without Respect,

Gun Owners Alliance
Chris W. Stark - Director

Ph. 1-713-202-9548
The views contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views
of any other individual or organization, than Gun Owners Alliance.
We do not officially represent Gun Owners of America.

Readers please know I was never confused they were completely different organizations and have supported Gun Owners of America for years. I have always felt Stark traded on the G.O.A. name to gain readership in GOA-TEXAS. But thinking they shared similar philosophies -- was referencing Mr. Larry Pratt's and G.O.A. stellar efforts. How sadly mistaken I was! Examine Angel's work carefully – you will find similar disdain for anyone not agreeing with Pyle & followers -- the "self-anointed" high priests of "truth and justice." Stark is just a kamikaze.

My regards to KABA readers. "Come on Henry Bowman!"
Jerry Miller

Dear Angel,

On occasions we find the worst in what we considered the best. These people are not the friends you thought they were. My boss always said, you can do 1000 good deeds, and no one will remember, but do one bad thing and they will remember forever. You need to remember forever, that there are a lot of people on your side. 

Print the truth and don't worry about what some people think. Keep up the good work, I look forward to your emails. Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all the hard work.

Joe Alexander

Clearing The Air

Dear Angel,

I've been a member of Keep And Bear Arms for a few months now. I have been a believer in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights for 54 years, 5 months and 10 hours. The first few years might have been in doubt due to the fact that I was too young to remember much back then.

I look forward to your comments and publications on KABA website everyday. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is get my coffee and log on to see what new and informative things you have posted today.

I have never met you in person, which I would greatly like to do some day, but I believe you to be a person of integrity and honesty.

I feel that these attacks on you and your character are something like what the Democraps and the media are also doing to George W. Bush. They are trying to cast doubt on your words and what you are honestly trying to do.

People like you, who keep us informed with the truth, are always the target of the left-wing, commie-wannabe spinners like the Democraps who want this GREAT NATION of ours to turn into a Socialist, knuckle-under State. I for one don't like or believe Socialists and I sure as hell won't knuckle under.

My only regret to becoming a member of KABA is that I am not a rich man and can only contribute what little funds I have to our cause to help keep you sending out your words of truth to keep us informed.

I hope and pray that you never cease your great work as this is my first and favorite place to get my information.

Please keep up your great work, Angel! Those of us who are true believers in The Constitution and The Bill of Rights need and want you to.

Dale Nick


I am sure our fore fathers that spoke out against tyranny were also persecuted ,and those of us who understand
will pray for those who do not, and hopefully this matter can be resolved.

God bless America, and continue to spread the news.

Ron H.


Interesting that you sent this message today.  Just yesterday I was talking with a federally licensed gun dealer (who shall remain anonymous), and I asked him about this AZ controversy.  Without getting specific on that particular case, he told me about the time that he was held hostage for 4 days by BATF agents who even cited him for illegally possessing 4 guns without proper paperwork -- even though these were personally owned guns not required to have paperwork, and similar things.  At great expense he got a
good lawyer and beat all the charges which were mostly groundless -- although he did get "stung" by a teenager who purchased a pistol a month before he was 18 (this kid did this to about 12 gun dealers in the area on behalf of BATF) -- MN issues firearms permits to youngsters younger than 18 so they can buy long guns, and the permits do not specify "long guns only."

The impression I came away with was that this guy was just too high profile, and was being set up to teach the rest of the 2nd Amendment community a lesson.  ("Don't mess with the man, whether he's KGB, SS, or BATF.)

If you want a diversion, check out and see what the International Olympic Committee is trying to do to the boy scouts in the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Tradition is under fire from every side. 

Keep your chin up and have a Merry Christmas.  Never compromise even an inch when dealing with evil.

Ken N.
Duluth, MN

While, I know numerous law enforcement officers, all of them honorable men and women, I also know that many of their fellow officers LIE. Not only do they lie, they will lie in the most outrageous manner one can imagine. An example of which is the officer, who responding to a traffic accident I was involved in wrote in his report that "the complainant was GONE ON ARRIVAL". This after I was given a incident number and his badge number. 


I do believe the story about the treasonous attack on the Arizona gun shop and owner. If you are not having paranoia you could not be paying attention! If you are alive you will know that our govt does have a N.W.O agenda which is primarily directed at getting the guns first! Hitler knew this too! The guns have been taken up in Australia, England and Canada. We are the last armed populace of any size and our guns must be confiscated per State Dept 7277 signed by Kennedy in 1961. This treasonous treaty gives up our sovereignty to the U.N and establishes a Police state with foreign troops to do the dirty work (U.N). The Alphabet soup is to instill fear in people so they do not try to resist.

People, just read your constitution and remember what our founding fathers told us. " The Armed masses could not be taken by an army large enough" State and Federal law states that all able bodied males between ages 17 and 45 are part of the United States Militia! It is very legal! Do your part and stand ready to defend your country and Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic!


Well put, glad you're back, and I never doubted you for a minute!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Jack Jackson

Keep And Bear Arms

Hang in there Angel. You're doing a job that most people would not have the courage to do in the first place. Don't give up.  

Ray Reel

Dear Angel,

Anyone who is willing to trample our Constitution and Bill of Rights the basis for our society ), would not hesitate to stomp on someone who exposes and opposes their "Illegal" actions.

I whole heatedly support your actions and Keep and Bear Arms.  Our local organization, Americans for Constitutional Enforcement "ACE" is fighting the same battle of not only the abusers of our Constitution but on getting the word out and informing people.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Thank you,
Ken Pekarek
"We Must Preserve Our Heritage & Our Constitution"

The trojan horses hate to hear the truth and the zombies don't know it when it's put in front of their noses, but some will sell their honor and integrity as quickly as politicians do/have and those exposing them for what they are are looked upon as the culprit. Keep being that culprit Angel, it's your truthfulness that gets them riled and you aren't the problem, it's them! I like the solution to that problem found it John Ross's "Unintended Consequences" for those that're part of the problem.

Larry Bigham

Any time an individual or organization becomes effective, the other side fights that individual or organization much harder.
Congratulations, you are obviously becoming effective.


I cant believe how far "Gomer" Pyle is taking this..

I've argued with police officers before, must of em it seems thinks like he does.. police first, our rights 2nd.. And don't dare say they are any Bad cops...gesss....

I've met one or two that would whole heartedly agree with you on this.. That the Bad apples in the Police/atf/fbi/etc needs to be exposed and kicked out, they giving the Good cops a bad name..

Pyles & horns messages seem really very childish responses to me... your response to them was well thought out.. this isnt what our side needs at this time. I wish Pyle would just grow up and get over it and admit there are Bad Police/atf agents and go on... theres bad apples in just about every organization...

Personally, I think he's just doing a power play to get everyone on his side..

Good luck and merry Christmas...

Charles F.

Re: Clearing the Air......

I can understand your indignation, and feelings of betrayal. It is a shame that your valuable time had to be spent responding to personal attacks from a supposedly friendly quarter. It seems to me that a condensed version for publication, and personal contacts with those who have offended would have better served the defense of your position. It is not the critic who counts however. I'm also sure that you are aware of the "good ol' boy" attitude amongst those in law enforcement. It is myopic and serves no purpose, but it exists. Non Illegitimatum carborundum. (Don't let the bastards grind you down)

Buzz Gunning


I have many friends in law enforcement. Sadly, too many of them think an attack on illegal activities of any police agency is an attack on all police offices. It is a weak point, possibly a fatal one, that they cannot see that all of us, and most especially those in the public trust must, I repeat, must obey the law -- the same as is required of every citizen.

I know many honest police officers who put their lives on the line each day. These are good men and women who believe in right and wrong. I know others in law enforcement who believe only that the end justifies the means.  These are the cops who lie on the stand to prove their case. What these people cannot see is the danger they put themselves in. If there ever comes a day when we cannot believe our government will tell the truth, will obey it's own laws and will act with the interests of it's citizens then that is the day long feared but well prepared for by our Second Amendment. It is the day spoken of in "Unintended Consequences."


No problem here. I expect LAW ENFORCEMENT to stick together even when it violates the 2nd amendment, or perjury or what have you. In my opinion ATF is out of control and just like the "Motorcycle Gang Task Force" here in AZ it is populated by steroid junkies that think of themselves as commandos! Keep up your work. Don't let the bastards get you down, remember people who accuse
others of loudly and in public usually have one thing in common, Democrats!


I believe the story to be true and the fact that you have never told us an untruth is monumental when dealing with the likes of the unlawful. Power breeds contempt and a law enforcement officer has a difficult job just remaining humble. The BATF has way too much power which was contrived by J. Reno and the courts.

Keep up the good work. I encourage everyone to write your congressmen and voice your opposition to illegal search and seizure.

Sincerely, KWKSS

Keep up the good fight!!!  Let the Constitution rule, and to hell with the batf!!  They will have a "law and order" president and attorney general to contend with soon enough.  Hang in there.

Jack Cavenah

Dear Angel:

Keep up the good work.

Hopefully your adversaries will come to realize that their actions are discrediting law enforcement officers everywhere.

The blind support of corruption is damaging to the uniform and badge.

John Darwin

God Bless You and keep up the good work, I was a person who always believed in the law until two years ago, when my home was raided without a search warrant, items from my home were taken and I was told that it didn't matter, that the law could do pretty much whatever it wants to...I am to this day fighting to retrieve items taken from my home.....Please do not give up. There are many of us out here that are with you and appreciate your efforts.....

God Bless,


Well I see that they got around to you. It took them a long time to do so. But anyone that tries to get the truth out -- this is what they will do to them. Good luck to you... they have already got me for what I believe in.

Beverly S.


I must confess I was not following all of this. I was stunned to read your necessary but excellent rebuttal/defense. It never ceases to amaze me, no good deed goes unpunished. Well, we know why. The minions of the devil never rest. Keep the faith, Patriot, your work is great, and many of us think it is very necessary.

Greg Raab


Keep up the good work. Thanks for ALL of your effort.

Michael K. Pipe

Don't let the ignorant or the liberals take you off track.  The truth will set you free!!

Merry Christmas.


Hang in there, and never give up or quit !!!

Cpt. Vin

More responses are pouring in and will be printed.  Anyone caring to comment on Blowing Away Police State Smokescreens can submit here:  All we ask is that you adhere to the Rebuttal Guidelines described here:


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