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News & Editorials

It's the American Way, eh?

by Larry E. Bigham


For some fool reason I had for many years been under the impression that "The American Way" somehow implied striving for the best, of everything. Two examples were the best life one could achieve for themselves and their families and another was for the best elected representation possible to send to those hallowed Halls of Congress -- to manage the running of this country in the best interests of it's citizens and the nation as a whole. That was part of what I thought was implied by that term, "The American Way."

Freedom and rights were not granted by, but guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the mention of defending and upholding one or the other, and sometimes both, sworn to in the oath of office of all those we chose to fill the various functions of our elected governments and their agencies, from local to federal. Of course, that was when swearing an oath was a sacred event and meant something to everyone. That was "The American Way."

We had a democratic republican form of government that was envied by most every other peoples on this planet, with freedoms and rights they could only dream of having in their lives. That alone was cause for erecting immigration barriers to keep from being overrun and flooded beyond our abilities to keep "The American Way." We had freedom of speech, assembly, religion, travel; things we took for granted because they were "The American Way" -- and the guarantee of our means of keeping them came with the Second Amendment. 

We had it good, too damned good for a few of the world's banking elite, so change was necessary to make things better, but only for their wallets! Control the economy and you control the people. Their message was simple: we're a world community and should all be equal. Equal, a nice egalitarian concept and pretty well covered in The Declaration of Independence: 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." 

Many lives were given to keep and protect those concepts, that was "The American Way," but that doesn't mean multi-culturalism as demanded today by those trashing every value that makes up "The American Way."

A little over 50 years ago thoough, things began going to Hell in a hand-cart, with well greased wheels. In order to establish a facade of "The American Way" for the whole world, the resulting altruistic creation for achieving this was given the deceitful name, "The United Nations." At the time of it's birth, the citizens of this country, myself included, were under the impression it would help end conflicts such as the world conflagration that had just ended. We no longer had the Nazis or Axis for enemies, and we always need an enemy to survive (think about that one), so they were replaced by our former allies, communists and the U.S.S.R.

Among the targets used to keep "The American Way" we enjoyed Korea, various mis-adventures with Cuba, the Falkan Islands, Viet Nam; hell I lost count. Never mind that the abrogation of the Congress and Senate duties laid out in the Constitution that allowed the beginning of a totalitarian dictatorship as expressed by the empowering of one individual to send our military on so-called "peace-keeping" excursions around the world. Never mind that our troops were sent to places that held no threat to this nation, only to the wallets of those elite bankers; policing the world had for some reason become "The American Way." 

Fast forward to the present. It has become "The American Way" to now totally ignore sworn oaths and what's written in the Constitution and claim it's "good legislation" (e.g., the most blatant violation of the Constitution I can think of: the Lautenberg Amendment) and since we've pretty well overworked communism we replaced it with the "War On Drugs." Along with the WOD's we found that the cartels resented our government trying to corner all the profits and they resisted, so now we needed "reasonable gun control" to protect the children from all those dangerous drug dealers. No mention of protecting the citizens from those dangerous thugs with no-knock warrants that break down doors in the wrong houses and kill the surprised occupant with a semi-automatic remote TV control in their hand. The Second Amendment and an armed citizenry is responsible for all those terrible guns in the hands of those that shouldn't have them, so let's disarm the citizenry. They're stupid, they'll go along, they know we know what's best for them and we only want to protect the children, so says "our(?)" government. Isn't that "The American Way?" 

The idea of a two-party system is no longer valid; if there ever was a prime example of that fact it was exposed with this last charade referred to as an election. Due to the control of the political process by these two parties (with the same end goal) we no longer are offered a choice of qualified candidates infused with the best interests of this country; rather we are presented with despicable puppets of the NWO's bankers. Far-fetched? The only president back to Carter who wasn't a member of the CFR or Trilateral Commission was Reagan; all the rest are members of one or both, and almost every government position of power in all the administrations has been/is filled by a member of one or the other, or both. If you think either of those groups have the best interests of this nation at the forefront of their agendas, then you also must believe the Clintons to be paragons of truth and honesty too. To them "The American Way" has become a contemptible fantasy.

The Ashcroft nomination has been one more prime example of how we, the stupid citizens, should blindly support a two-faced poor example of "seconds" who has proven beyond doubt now how much integrity he's filled with during the hearings. If you have a powerful magnifying glass you might catch a glimpse of some shred; otherwise don't bother, there is none. I was thinking of supporting him until I saw, thanks to J.J. Johnson, "," and that ended that idea. The gun owners of this country voted Bush, Jr., into the White House because they knew Gore would be a disaster for them. Hasn't Bush backed the CCW ideas for Texas? Shows he's on the side of lawful gun owners, right? Like the NRA promoting instant background checks, both are nothing more than a backdoor form of gun registration, and HCI should be proud of them for furthering their goal of disarming the population. The idea that you are required to ask permission for the means to defend yourself -- one of the very reasons there is a Second Amendment -- is ludicrous and insults the intelligence of anyone still believing in the freedom and rights that make up "The American Way."

Now you may not mind supporting someone to replace Reno that thinks gun control is constitutional, because you're supposed to blindly support those you're told to by those not quite in as big a hurry as the Schumer, Biden types to enslave you, but this is one freeman that doesn't see it that way. I like what a friend told me recently, that there are four boxes for freedom. Soap, ballot, jury and cartridge. The first three don't seem to be having much effect. I just wonder how long it'll take before gun owners are tired of "turning the other cheek" and open the fourth to resist the further erosion of the disappearing "American Way."

Today's Socialist Ghetto of Kalifornia might just prove to be the catalyst?


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There are other things so clearly out of the power of Congress, that the bare recital of them is sufficient, I mean the "...rights of bearing arms for defence, or for killing game..." These things seem to have been inserted among their objections, merely to induce the ignorant to believe that Congress would have a power over such objects and to infer from their being refused a place in the Constitution, their intention to exercise that power to the oppression of the people. —ALEXANDER WHITE (1787)

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