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News & Editorials

When government officials ignore The People

By Mel Young


Dear Governor, Attorney General, and Legislature:

Last year, I sent a letter to the Attorney General's office, asking where the State of California felt it had obtained the right to violate the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Mike Small, Manager of the Firearms Licensing and Permits Section -- the very existence of which is a gross violation of the Second Amendment -- replied in a letter dated June 20th, 2000. In the letter, Mr. Small upheld the highest traditions of the entrenched bureaucrat, whereby if you can't dazzle the public with brilliance, you simply attempt to baffle them with bullcrap.

Mr. Small replied, 

"The Department considers California firearms related statutes constitutionally valid with respect to the Second Amendment, based on United States Supreme Court promulgations that the Second Amendment does not extend to state restrictions on firearms."

(See to read the letter.)

When I sent a second letter to Mr. Small, asking that he clearly identify the so-called "promulgations" leading the State of California to this erroneous conclusion, the letter was never answered.  (The letter can be seen at:

On three occasions, I've sent copies of my letter to both Jim Maddox, my State Assemblyman, and Joseph Dunn, my State Senator, requesting that they obtain a reply for me and also state their views on the Second Amendment and the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms. They didn't reply, either.

It seems to be clear that elected officials and politicians have chosen to simply ignore letters and requests from their own constituents, should they choose to do so, rather than plainly state what mischief they are up to. Many are up to no good whatsoever for the Republic. The operative word is "Treason."

First of all, let's define "treason" in this context. Anyone who takes the oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution, and then works tirelessly to defeat that Constitution, change our form of government, or disarm our citizens and deny them the right of self defense, has committed TREASON! No ifs or buts about it. The word is not pretty, but it's truthful. Out and out TREASON!

For those socialist bottom feeders from the governor's office, to the attorney general and his staff, to the State Supreme Court, and to the legislature, let's get it out in the open. They have all taken the oath and they have all violated that oath.

The "BILL OF RIGHTS" means exactly that. It does not say "Bill of State's Rights". It was and is a Bill of Rights of THE PEOPLE, period! Do any of you up there in Sodom on the Sacramento understand this simple fact?

I don't give a damn who tries to Clintonize the Constitution and the Second Amendment, from Governor Red Davis down, it ain't going to work. Believe it or not, many of us out here learned to read and write before the government screwed up the public schools and turned them into "pubic" schools.

You can tell us that bottom feeders sitting on a court, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, have ruled this and ruled that, but the fact remains, none of those judges had the right to make law under the mantle of interpreting and upholding the law.

If there is a truth worth remembering, it is that the lowest of the low, the bottom feeders of the legal mis-profession, seem to be the ones who migrate by one means or another to the seats of our judicial system -- where they do their damnedest to corrupt the system, rewrite law, and totally disregard the Constitution. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The late, infamous Earl Warren is an example. This shining student of the Constitution was the man behind the totally unconstitutional arrest and incarceration of thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage on the West Coast, without their having committed a crime, without a trial, and totally without any Constitutional authority. As a reward for this infamous act, Eisenhower named Warren to be Chief Justice. Of course, Ike was a socialist and a traitor, too. Anyone who has studied the man should realize that.

Warren, himself, made it clear that "his" court would not adhere to the Constitution as it was written and intended but would interpret it in terms of "what is popular" for today. In other words, the Constitution means whatever a certain clique wants it to mean and to hell with any honest interpretation and upholding of it.

Warren also headed up the infamous "Warren Commission" which, he freely admitted, had whitewashed the so-called investigation into the shooting of JFK. After the publication of the commission's findings, he stated publicly that the truth would not be known in our time. My little finger has more integrity in it than Warren and his ilk do, or did, in their entire corrupted bodies.

So, barring the possibility that the US District Court of Appeals in Atlanta rules very soon for the defendant in the US vs. Emerson case, the honest, gun-owning citizens of California are at war with the State of California as of this past January 1. Tens of thousands of honest citizens have become criminals under the new, unconstitutional laws of the State of California.

Every honest citizen MUST consider that every elected official, every judge, every police officer who violates his oath of office by enforcing unconstitutional antigun laws is, in fact, a traitor and an enemy of the people he or she is supposed to be working for -- not against.

California has placed itself in the forefront of the effort to totally disarm the people -- first, by registration, licensing, permits, and restriction on both handguns and rifles -- and later, when they start kicking in doors in the middle of the night to confiscate your guns. DON’T EVER TAKE THE ATTITUDE THAT “IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”! It’s already happening across the land but the media keeps it very quiet.

Late last year, the BATF goons raided a gun dealer in Mesa, AZ -- a dealer who had been properly licensed for 25 years with the BATF and had held a city business license for that same length of time. They treated the owner like a thief, handcuffed him, took him to the local police station to get him out of the way, and confiscated nearly $300,000 dollars in stock. His crime? Unknown to him, the City of Mesa had passed an ordinance requiring gun dealers who DO NOT pawn firearms or other items, to purchase a pawn license, anyway. He had no knowledge of this ordinance, and thus, according to the BATF Gestapo, had his “papers out of order,” and therefore they could confiscate his entire stock of merchandise to drive him into bankruptcy and destroy him. DON’T EVER SAY IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE!


If the gun owners of this Republic fail to take the time and effort to write strong letters of protest to their elected representatives and DEMAND answers and explanations, we are doomed. We must let them know that we will NOT tolerate abuse of our Constitutional Rights, no matter which breed of bottom feeders tells them that it's legal to do so.

Those of you who are physically fit need to contact your local Citizen's Constitutional Militia, by whatever name it's known, join it, and learn the skills that soon may be needed to protect yourself, your family, your property, and your Constitutional Rights from the tyranny of a police state.

It would most assuredly be a good idea to view both of Mel Gibson's stunning, patriotic motion pictures, Braveheart and The Patriot. These movies are classics that will live forever. If you’ve seen them, go watch them again. There are messages to be learned. Thank God we have a few decent, patriotic people in Hollywood these days.

Those, like me, who are not able physically to join in the activities should avail themselves of the chance to form or work with a Tyranny Response Team or to support a local gun owner's group. Set up a web site. Write columns for Internet publications. Get involved!

Above all, people, it's way past time for every single gun owner to dig into his or her pocket and commit at least five bucks, each year, to the truly no-compromise gun owners' groups -- like KABA, Gun Owners of America, and Citizens of America. Think of the "war chest" each group would have to fight on our behalf if just ten percent of gun owners bothered to put their money where their mouths are.

It's my personal belief that ALL the pro-gun organizations MUST join forces and pool their resources to work together to defeat the socialist gun grabbers and their agenda of disarming America. Nothing less will accomplish that which MUST be accomplished. I’ve quoted Ben Franklin before and will continue to do so. Ben had it right when he commented that “we must hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately!” Today, we are in no less peril than Franklin and the other brave men who founded this Republic were in, all those many years ago.

And last, but certainly not least, DON’T LET YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS OFF THE HOOK! Write them, call them, fax them, keep the pressure on. Let them know that you mean business and will not stand for being ignored and brushed off like a piece of lint.

Lock and Load Time!


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Gentlemen may cry, 'peace, peace'—but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! Is life so precious, or peace so dear, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death! — Patrick Henry to the Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775.

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