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News & Editorials

Congressman Waxman Admits He Doesn't Think

by Angel Shamaya
Founder/Executive Director

May 15, 2001

MSNBC's "investigation" into the .50 caliber rifle and the militia was enlightening. Having been interviewed for the better part of two or three hours, I found the few brief clips in which I was used to be truly fascinating. If you missed the airings of "The .50 Caliber Militia," you can read the transcript online at All in all, the show was a hatchet job designed to scare the bejesus out of ignorant people, and I'm sure it worked. However, I'm also pleased in that "our message" was broadcast to millions of Americans. What managed to get through, all of which is true:

  • The federal government is overbearing, and many people are frustrated with their attacks on our rights.
  • A growing number of people do not trust the governments in our society and are willing, if necessary, to defend our nation against them, from within.
  • We take Liberty seriously.
  • If you don't have a gun to protect your children, your children obviously aren't important enough to you to protect them.
  • No crimes are committed with .50 caliber rifles, and their going after them is clear proof that citizens' fears of government are justified.
  • MSNBC is still a liar. Among other whoppers they left on the screen of viewers' minds are the false notion that we outspoken gun owners are all Timothy McVeighs waiting to happen and that we are engaged in a war with the federal government.

There were other messages that got through, as well.

The most newsworthy quotes from the demonizing program came from California federal Representative Henry Waxman. His attack on the .50 caliber gun is now legendary. He wants to regulate these non-crime guns like machine guns even though his best research team -- which he needs desperately -- couldn't find but one single crime committed on American soil with a .50 caliber gun, and that crime is said to have been committed by an estranged police officer.

Waxman's quotes from MSNBC's "show":

"If they are militia people who think they're going to defend America from Americans by having these weapons, and using them for that purpose, I don't think they ought to have them."

The key phrase from that statement is "I don't think." We noticed, Henry. Appreciate the honesty.

"If someone is so fearful that, that they're going to start using their weapons to protect their rights, makes me very nervous that these people have these weapons at all!"

Congressman Waxman "doesn't think" we should be willing protect our rights with guns -- the very reason for Article IV of the original Bill of Rights, later ratified and now described as "the second amendment." The sad fact is, there are many sheeple who agree with him, however ignorant and naive he may be. But what these lemmings don't understand is that the gun clause in the Bill of Rights was required in order to get the Bill of Rights ratified -- because it was considered that important. More importantly, they don't understand that there are at least hundreds of thousands and probably millions of citizens who take the gun clause very seriously, indeed. Waxman and other anti-rights public servants like him should be afraid -- very afraid -- of an armed citizenry. Their fear, and caution due to that fear, are the whole point of an armed citizenry.

"When the government fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the Government, that is tyranny." -- THOMAS JEFFERSON

We should count our blessings that dim bulbs like Waxman are "nervous" of the people's arms. What is most amusing, however, is the fact that the MSNBC media whores called the .50 caliber rifle "one of the most dangerous weapons in the world." Meanwhile, the standing army of the federal government owns howitzers, Apache helicopters, nuclear weapons capable of destroying the entire planet, and as many fully automatic .50 caliber rifles as they please, all bought and paid for by you and me. The federal government owns tanks and machine guns like those used against citizens in Waco over an alleged minor tax violation.

Mr. Waxman wishes to strip us of a gun that could never hope to balance the military capabilities between the people and the government. The only questions that should be on MSNBC viewers' minds should be WHY? And for what true purpose? If they want to take away a gun that has never been used in a crime by a citizen, what is the true reason? What do they have in store for us that would make citizens want to attack them with a .50 caliber gun?

Mr. Waxman doesn't want citizens to be able to defend themselves against tyranny. In my opinion and the opinion of many patriotic Americans, that makes him a public enemy and a traitor. The law has a prescription for dealing with traitors.

The anti-rights politicians are encouraged to tread lightly, to step back from their socialist agenda and reconsider carefully their positions -- to proceed with caution. At stake is America's freedom, and all of our lives.

Anyone who believes banning guns is an option is welcome to swing by and get mine. And that includes that sniveling little fool masquerading as a public servant, "Congressman" Henry Waxman.

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No man's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session. Mark Twain

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