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News & Editorials
May 15, 2001 Excerpt from “The myth of government jurisdiction” The Constitution as written secures the liberties of the People, that all officials and assistants, regardless of branch of government, department, bureau, agency, whatever, must abide by and support the common laws of Man as secured by the Constitution. It is also easily realized that a hierarchy of authority is established. The Constitution for the United States of America establishes the People’s control over the centrally established United States and (note the differentiation in Article VI, Clause 3) the executive and judicial officers of the several States. What is NOT established in the Constitution is any jurisdiction of the established central government over an individual citizen of the US of A. Further lacking is any jurisdiction of a State government over an individual. In other words, each of us remains sovereign by the authority of the People, with our rights of common law fully secured. What rights are these? They are the rights all people are given by their Creator, those the founders and all free men recognize as God-given, unalienable rights. They are the rights of all people to live their lives as they see fit without interference from government and from other citizens. The rights do not have to be enumerated as most are self-evident as recognized and secured by the 9th Amendment for all posterity. The courts are to be of the people in determining if one has infringed upon the rights of another, including the government infringing upon the rights of citizens, and proper redress if warranted. The courts are common law based on the rights secured in the Constitution for the United States of America. Article I, Section 8 states exactly the authority of the Congress of the United States Government. If the authority is not contained in this section concerning any federal government action, then the authority doesn’t exist. Thus, we come to this question. Is it the federal government’s job to determine what is lawful or not lawful? In other words, is it in its job description to make laws concerning the behaviors of people? Let’s see. Is the state you live in property of the federal government? Or, a territory? Or, a possession of? If not, does it have any jurisdiction over your state and, hence, you as a citizen of the State? Is there any authority given to Congress to arbitrarily, or for any “reason”, to make laws concerning the 50 States and by-right citizens of the United States of America? (See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17) The answer is NO!! It is clear that authority of the United States Government to make laws regulating the actions of citizens of the states is not contained in Article I except in very limited and very specialized categories. Is one of these categories that Congress has the authority to establish a federal police force operating outside of its Article I jurisdictional area? Does one of the clauses in Section 8 give Congress the authority to dictate to any citizen what drug he may or may not use, or to qualify different drugs by standards arbitrarily set by Congress? Which of the clauses allow for federal enforcement of federal laws in the 50 States whether using its own enforcement organizations or those of the states? Other than uniform taxes laid, those taxes on imports and other authorized commerce tax, which provision(s) allows for Congress to take the property of the citizens of the 50 States in the form of taxes or seizure based on “due taxes, or for other violations of unconstitutional laws, including the keeping of arms and drug related alleged violations?” In fact, which allows the federal government or any of its creations to even be in the 50 States? Again, federal enclaves are foreign to the state it is located in. So, the writer must ask. Just what the hell is the FBI, DEA, CIA, IRS, and other agents of federal bureaus doing monitoring and attacking the citizens of the 50 States and acting as standing national police forces? What the hell are these extremely violent armed troops (by any other name a rose is still a rose) of the US Government doing invading the peace and tranquility of the people in the 50 States? What the devil is the US Government doing telling Joe, United States of America Citizen, Blow, he can’t use a drug if he wishes? Or if he may use his property to transport himself on highways that are the property of the people and not of the federal government? Or, the many other behaviors of right that have been unconstitutionally converted to privilege? Here is what must be understood. The Constitution for the United States of America establishes each of us as sovereign to any level of government. Without express authorization granted by the sovereigns in the Constitution, government does not have the authority to limit or demand actions of citizens, other than the militia being called forth in time of need. Legislators’ job, whether in the federal, state, or political subdivision of a state, is to provide legislation that protects and upholds the rights of the individual secured through the Constitution. Their job is NOT to regulate everyday actions and make decisions for the people that are outside the authority given in the Constitution. In fact, there isn’t any reason for legislators to meet nearly all year long as they do. For examples, interstate commerce, Title 49 (Interstate Transportation regulations) applies to very few of us. And those comparatively few know who you are. But, federal interstate transportation laws have been applied to all of us, invading our privacies, taxing our rights, converting rights to privileges and making criminals of us when no crime has been committed. States have really screwed us over by fraudulently applying these man-made laws of FEDERAL interstate transportation to our vehicles, our highways, through demands for such items as auto insurance, license plates, driver’s licenses with the end result of whacking billions of dollars out of citizens each and every year across this nation of states. Even cities have jumped on the “easy money” wagon and got people to believe the elected officials have the power to demand anything they want and make any unconstitutional law they want. Since it gives the officials of the cities additional money that most people don’t even know about, and a sense of power, these treasonous suckers ignorant of the Constitution take people’s property or tax and infringe upon their rights when no authority whatsoever to do so exists. The only authority of government concerning drugs is to regulate tax on imported drugs. For the love of God, drugs are not even mentioned in the Constitution. And, why? Because it was not within the powers of Congress to do so. Of course, it tried with the bogus 18th Amendment which was repealed by the 21st because of its unconstitutionality. This episode in our history should have taught government a lesson against creating crime, terror, and useless suffering where, in fact, none existed before. All for the love of the almighty dollar and tyrannical control. Besides, being facetious, how many of the people in the different levels of government do you think would pass a drug test? Or, may be or have been involved in drug use and sales in the past? Be that as it may, Folks, here is what this writer sees. As long as we allow federal troops and local law enforcement agencies to attack and terrify or kill citizens of the United States of America on American soil (meaning that within the 50 States), we are not a nation of free People. We are a nation of sheep. As long as we allow crazed out of control federal bureaus with authority only in federal areas to operate unchecked in the 50 States, taking people’s property, their security, their sense of well-being, ruining their lives, we are not a nation of free People. We are a nation of sheep. As long as we allow lesser governments, the state governments and political subdivisions, to violate our rights, we are not a nation of free People. We are a nation of sheep. As long as we allow courts which do not have the authority to make rulings against the Constitution (and, therefore, against the People, the sovereigns), we are not a nation of free People. We are a nation of sheep. This is the fact. The people of this nation are sovereign. Governments of this nation are not sovereign to the people; the people are sovereign to government. All laws are of and by the people with only one limit - that one must never interfere with the rights of even one other citizen. Courts are only to settle disputes between citizens, and, in the Supreme Court, cases of constitutionality, state to state, individual to state, and other such relationships. Even in the highest courts, all decisions laid down MUST be based on what is constitutionally correct and the common law rights of Man, not the junk created by men skilled in the art of deception. Such laws are invariably against the unalienable rights of Man and repugnant to the Constitution. Neither legislators, nor judges, nor prosecutors, nor any other attorneys, have the power to interpret, to modify, or circumvent the common laws of Man as these laws were established long before constitutions created governments. Putting it as simply as possible, no man-made law or interpretation may interfere with, nor infringe upon, these long established common law rights. All have existed since the beginning of mankind being God-given. All have been recognized as such by men and women of liberty and faith during the past many millennia of human development. Thus, we people responding as if the federal government, and states/city governments, have any authority to regulate our behaviors that do not interfere with the rights of others (victimless crimes) is a myth that must be shattered. We must enforce our property rights, our privacy rights, our decision-making rights, our sense of well-being rights, our pursuit of happiness rights, and our right of not having our right to choose NOT to interfere with the rights of others infringed upon by legislative dictates. This writer has values that prevents him from infringing on the rights of others. He does not need some elected person telling him what is right or wrong and how to live his life. It is the task of the family, peers, churches, and all other significant others to teach these values of respect for others, their rights, and their property. Government attacks against this freedom and process of societal development must cease. After all, just who the hell are these elected officials other than being elected officials with only one job in reality? Are they Gods who have the insight and maturity to create God-given rights? Are they Gods who have sufficient compassion and respect to determine right from wrong and dictate it to the masses? Are they Gods who make decisions based on furthering the natural development of society, who are not petty and lacking in human frailties such as envy, greed, anger, lust for power, and lust for excesses in human pleasures? Not hardly. Therefore, they have not the wisdom nor the purity to dictate to this writer how he should behave. I, as are you, are sovereign. If a judge, or any official, for that matter, decides against the rights of a citizen in favor of the government when you know rights are violated, then get his butt impeached for violating his oath of office or at least file a deprivation of rights complaint or possibly criminal charges against him. Do something constructive. Just don’t use the excuse of “but what can I do?” Find out what can be done and then, for our liberties granted by God, do it. Many will state that impeachments for violating oaths of office won’t work. But, this travesty of official immunity, the “clean hands” doctrine, exists only because the People have allowed courts to rule against the Constitution. It is the goal to force courts to rule as they should, not to let these criminals against freedom walk because of corrupt rulings in the past. In regards to this, it is becoming quite clear to this writer that far more lay people understand the “law” and “justice” to a greater depth than elected officials, attorneys and the judges many attorneys become. It almost seems as if these people are taught how to circumvent what is lawful for what is taken as “legal” which, of course, makes them far more money. Once upon a time, attorneys could not even be in courts. When permitted to be in court as an advisor for either the plaintiff or the defendant, it could not be for a fee. This writer must suspect this was because of their lack of integrity. At any rate, if you don’t like what an official has done, file a lawsuit against him, class action preferably. If he has violated a statute(s), then file charges based on the violated statute. Or, if you can show it clearly, deprivation of rights or, in many cases, under color of law violations against citizens. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose - cause enough stink and the public will have been given notice of his potential (and probable) incompetence Possibly, that would do a great deal in getting rid of the “pure crap laws” and legal practices we now have and are subjected to. For example, if you don’t like law enforcement stopping people in spot checks and searching persons and vehicles, possibly property seized, then take action. Just don’t use excuses such as “oh, well, I wasn’t doing anything wrong” or “I am not a criminal.” The next time you might have a large amount of cash and have it confiscated, along with your vehicle and other property, by cops accusing you of being a drug dealer without filing official charges. One just never knows. But, hundreds have found out the truth in this the hard way. In regards to all this, it is not just your right as a citizen of the best designed (but now most corrupt) Republic that has ever existed - - IT IS YOUR DUTY!!!. It is your duty, each and every one of you, to do all that is humanly possible to destroy the myths governments are operating on. You see, every right denied to any person affects each and every one of us. Thus, the thousands of unconstitutional laws simply because people didn’t stop government at the onset. The practice that the Constitution of the United States of America needs NOT be considered and upheld by governing bodies MUST cease. The practice that governing bodies base actions on gross constitutional misinterpretations, one of the primary being that government has jurisdiction where in deed and fact it does not, MUST cease. The practice of courts ruling against citizens and the Constitution MUST cease. These practices by officials are those responsible for creating the myth of government jurisdiction over the People. The officials using the practices are no better than subversive criminals; they are the enemies of the well being of the people of this nation. And, of course, well-meaning - but ignorant citizens - support their actions. Enough informed people making demands through proper application of law is the only way to reestablish liberty other than out and out war against the United States Government and its hired terrorists and killers paid to attack the people of the many States. Get this level of government, particularly elected members of Congress and its courts in line, and all other governments and courts will follow just as they have in framing and enforcing unconstitutional laws. If the government, including all levels of executive, legislative, and judicial (including law enforcement), is allowed to continue unchecked at its current expansion rate, the options will no longer remain. We will be in complete servitude to tyranny with sovereignty given to government. And, that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is not a myth.
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God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. — DANIEL WEBSTER (1834)

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