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News & Editorials

Blocks Maadi-Griffin Business Before Court Ruling?
Intercepting mail??
by Angel Shamaya
Executive Director,

Just when Bob Stewart of Maadi-Griffin thought he'd seen it all, the BATF appears to take yet another step beyond their jurisdiction.  In direct defiance of a federal judge's ruling, it seems the BATF agents have ordered the U.S. Post Office not to ship Mr. Stewart's rifle kits.  Mr. Stewart and his wife, Naomi, were given the news when they went to ship 3 kits on Tuesday afternoon at the main post office in Mesa, Arizona.  "We've been ordered not to ship your kits," said the postal employee.  They refused to admit that BATF gave the order, saying, "we can't talk about it," but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  Who else could have given that order?  Mesa Police?  Overriding the court order of a federal judge?  We'll see.  Though possible, this stinks like BATF.

The Stewarts also firmly believe that the power-abusive federal agency is intercepting all mail addressed to Maadi-Griffin.  (All personal mail was let through.) The day after BATF's "expert" Chief of Firearms Technology, Curtis Bartlett, failed to prove his claim that the kit is a firearm, Maadi-Griffin's mail went from a large daily stack to zero. 

Maadi-Griffin was raided under severely questionable circumstances on June 16.  Full story here.  On June 26, in Judge Lawrence O. Andersen's court in Phoenix, the judge ruled that the Stewarts could conduct their business as usual.  The conditions of release, signed by the Vietnam veteran Judge and in my possession state: "..can conduct current business."  Although the acting President of this country could put a team of overpaid, beady-eyed federal lawyers in place to explain how "...can conduct current business" really means something else, it's not gonna fly in Arizona any more than "...the right of the people..." can be construed to mean anything but YOU and ME.

Bob Stewart's "current business" is not being allowed to "can conduct" -- any way you shake it.

The hearing on Monday was to determine the validity of the BATF's claim that the kit is a rifle.  There is uncertainty, to say the least, as to the definition of "readily" convertible.  In fact, the BATF have no definition in their own regulations as to what "readily" made to fire even means.  At issue in this case is how easy, or not, the kit can be converted into a fully operational firearm that fires a .50 caliber bullet.  The ruling is expected on Thursday at 10:30am.

BATF entered as evidence a partially-converted kit and tried to pass it off as complete.  They presented a partial gun none of them in their right minds would dare fire, and they kept a straight face while saying "it could fire a bullet."  What they allegedly fired was a blank cartridge.

The ATF made themselves look stupid and, once again, tyrannical in the way they conducted the raid on Bob Stewart's family.  They deviated from the search warrant.  They ignored Miranda for 4 hours while holding the Stewarts hostage at gunpoint.  They stole items not listed on their search warrant.  They made themselves look even more inept in federal court on Monday.  And now they seem to have some need to further infringe on Mr. Stewart's rights and in violation of a federal judge's order. With the ruling a mere 48 hours away.  If we find a way to prove these guys violated Judge Andersen's direct, legal, signed, official court order, this last tactic is not only stupid, it's asinine.

BATF Director Bradley A. Buckles needs to give serious review to the practices of his regional directors.

We're going to get to the bottom of this.  Somebody gave the order to block Bob Stewart from conducting his current business, and we are going to find out who, and under what authority.

If you or any gun owner or liberty advocate you know can attend Bob Stewart's hearing on Thursday in Phoenix, we're calling for a packed house.  In a discussion at 4am after we'd each been up for far too long, Bob said, "I believe this Judge's career may be riding on his decision, and we need to get out there to support him in making the right decision--to insure that the rule of law stands."

Thursday, July 13, 10:30am, 1st Ave. & Van Buren on the 5th Floor of the Federal Courthouse.  We'll be the group of people quietly discussing the future of this nation, and we are asking for as many people as possible to fill the courtroom.  Dress nicely, and bring a friend.

We're offering a chance to win a completed Maadi-Griffin .50 Caliber Stainless Model 89 with every membership to our organization.  We REQUIRE funds to press on.  Join here:

See the rifle here:

Stewart Legal Defense Fund:  Please send funds addressed to Naomi Stewart.  We will be setting up an online mechanism to receive funds for the Stewarts shortly to assist in this cause.


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