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News & Editorials

Regardless of Personal Fears?
Response to
"'No weapons' policy not just for kids on campus"

by Alan L. Lundy


"AT FIRST glance, the case of the LeFlore High School employee who has been carrying a gun in her purse for 22 years seemed to be a no-brainer".

Yes, you are correct and it's definitely a "no brainer" since I found nowhere in your editorial that gave any evidence to the fact that Ms. Lanier had ever been convicted of a crime, involved in a shooting, ever harassed anyone or even posed a threat to harm others in her 22 years of carrying "her" gun in "her" purse. Your neat little biased article only shows that she was nothing more than a law-abiding citizen exercising her right to defend herself should that need ever arise!

"But wait. Turns out, neither federal law nor local public school policy clearly bans employees, as opposed to students, from carrying legally registered guns."

Case closed! 

"Even guns carried by law-abiding, responsible adults can fall into the wrong hands. That's exactly what happened at LeFlore High School: The clerk's purse was stolen and, with it, the pistol. Two students are suspected, but they have not been arrested nor has the woman's gun been recovered." 

Sounds like you have thieves lurking in the halls of Leflore High School. These students should be hounded and prosecuted to the highest degree (I hate a thief). Since our twisted society doesn't hold people accountable for disrespecting others' private property any longer it's seems easier to criminalize the victim. That just goes against everything I was ever taught. 

"Federal law forbids anyone from having weapons on school grounds, but an exception is made for people who have permits to carry a weapon - and, as it turns out, the LeFlore clerk said she has a permit for her gun." 

You sound sad at this point! Again, if she has a permit, case closed. 

"Why would an adult carry a gun on campus in the first place? Ms. Lanier, who works in LeFlore's TV studio and has little contact with students, said she did so in part because she works at odd hours when security personnel are not around." 

Why? I think because criminals are those sneaky types that don't send you a warning via the US Postal Service or a telephone call like an invitation to a party. Crime is for the most part one of those things that just happens when you least expect it and from the sounds of things you will be totally oblivious to it if it ever strikes you or one of your family members, unless you are like a certain segment of our society today that believes personal protection is for the few and the elite. Ms Lanier seemed to understand that this darker side of society really does exist and she seems to have lived the last 22 years being responsibly prepared.

"It's sad commentary on Mobile's public schools - indeed, on campuses nationwide - that a longtime employee doesn't feel safe on a high-school campus unless she is armed." 

She probably studied the police response to Columbine and drew a split-second analysis of her chances of survival if such an occurrence ever happened at LeFlore. What planet are you from anyway? 

"Neither students nor school workers should be allowed to possess weapons on campus, regardless of gun permits or fears for personal safety. The presence of weapons in schools, whether they're in a kid's bookbag or a clerk's handbag, is dangerous for everyone on campus." 

When you say "regardless of gun permits or fears for personal safety" are you speaking solely for yourself? Because that's the only person you can make that decision for: yourself. I and every American citizen in this country have the right and moral obligation to protect our families, ourselves and our personal property. Forget about the Second Amendment hot potato for two seconds and let's put this in perspective. 

I could never look myself in the mirror again if my wife or children were ever injured because I was not willing to do everything in my power to protect them. I could not face myself if I allowed certain politicos to make that decision for me either. This is a personal issue and one that I take very seriously. I'm sure that Ms. Lanier felt the same for the last 22 years. 

You on the other hand have the right to post a neon sign in your front yard that claims your home to be a gun free zone (but I'm betting you won't). You have the right to leave your family completely helpless and at the mercy of thugs if you really believe that guns are evil. I'll support your right and the rights of other gun grabbers in your decision to be ready made victims. I won't even laugh if I see one of you wearing a T-shirt with a gun/verboten logo on it as long as it says "it's a personal choice". 

The true colors of all gun grabbers is in this statement: regardless of .... fears for personal safety! To even be able to make a statement like that shows the vile and subhuman creature you are. I'm sure if Ms. Lanier had been raped and brutalized it would have much better for society as a whole than her being able to defend herself from her "petty" fears for personal safety.

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