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News & Editorials

Before You Vote Third Party: The 2004 Factor

by Angel Shamaya


For gun owners voting third party in Tuesday's presidential election, I have a question for you:  Are you really willing to let the product of your conscience-vote be AL GORE?

I've never voted anything but Libertarian in my entire life.  Ever.  

Not in a Presidential race.

When it came to PURE Constitutionalism, Republican candidates seemed like candy-coated government clones with oatmeal spines.

Oh, Republicans have talked a good talk, and have certainly been better than the Liberal Slime that oozed onto my television screen all preened and prissy, churning butter for my vote, producing unnatural amounts of stomach acids for me to heal. 

But I haven't seen a Patrick Henry come along as a final contender in the Republican Presidential race in my entire short life. They were too bought, no matter how sweet their talk or sugary some portions of their ideals. Anyone who believes differently is in serious need of revisiting votes and policies of the Republican Presidential candidates from the last 12 years and overlaying them with the Constitution.

Don't get me wrong. Compared to Demoncrats, they've looked like Thomas Jefferson, every time, no exceptions.

But they've still been a far cry short of Pure Republican (as in, Republic of America) individuals.  They just go a little slower while strapping my freedom to the whipping post, telling me things like, "this is the best we could do" while collecting fat checks from my blood, sweat and tears -- living in high cotton picked by slaves they help subdue.

So I voted my conscience.  I voted for the guy who spoke my language.  I voted for the best candidate for the job.  I voted Libertarian.

And helped put Bill Clinton in my White House.  Twice.

Been congratulating myself on that one for 8 years.

Boy, I sure showed them.

I keep hearing people say we gun owners and liberty-minded folks should vote third party.  To send a message to the Republicrats.  To vote the right way.  To put our votes where our hearts lie.

Uh huh.

Sure thing.

I want Algore in my White House for four long years.  Gang rape in prison sounds like a great Sunday adventure, too.

The only message the Republicrats who don't care about your freedom or your Constitution -- or marginally care but place it beneath the public opinion of morons -- are ever going to understand is a bullet through their heads.  Or a knife stuck in their hearts.  Or a rally that defeats them in the ballot box.

Those are the only choices. Forget the jury boxes fixing things in the next four or eight years. While they can certainly help, a high percentage of the judges are rotten lawyers on steroids, and there are too many profoundly unconcerned and apathetic people being put on juries to ever think the jury box is a realistic long-term or even short-term but widespread strategy. The two remaining options for restoring the Republic are: voting box or cartridge box.

Call me an idealist...I still think we can do this thing without bloodshed.  Or at least slow the ride to Party Time so we can collect ourselves, get better organized, get better trained.

If you're going to be a "conscientious" voter, and go third party, then start feeling good about putting GORE in charge of your military while you send the Republicrats a message that you are willing to hand the Darkest Enemy everything he wants to show a dramatically lesser enemy that you're "right."  Under the grave circumstances we face from the Demoncrats and the millionaire gun controllers, that is like being in a war zone and handing yourself over to a guy who will torture and kill you because you disagree with a guy who would simply fine you and send you on your way.

But before you vote for Gore -- and let's do be honest, a vote for Browne in a swing state is a vote for Gore, no matter how "reasonable" your "reason" may be -- I ask you to ponder the rest of this brief message knowing I was raised and am and always will be, philosophically, just the safe side of anarchistic:

Republican Worshippers need one more Republican President to prove once and for all that A Third Party is our last resort if we're going to restore the Republic through civil means. Even then that is a very big IF, but it's a slow-down mechanism we need right now.

Most lifelong Republicans need to be shown that Bush is not the best man for the job. Yes, he's a far cry better than GORE, for God's sake.  Anyone with a brain and even a rudimentary understanding of the principles upon which our country was built knows that.

Yes, he's a trickler. A little gun control here, a little gun control there.

But he's a guaranteed stay of execution.

It's only been eight years since a Republican lied through his teeth to us -- and since he signed a horrible piece of anti-gun legislation against every gun owner and every free American alive.  But people forget quickly.  And having Bill Clinton in office for eight long, tiresome, excruciating years makes anybody look good.

So the vast majority of people and certainly all of the diehard Republicans are voting for Bush or Gore, period. That is called "This Election Reality."

One of those two fellas is going to your White House. Anyone who actually believes a third party will go to the oval office after this election is delusional.

Bush or Gore will be your next President. Choose.

Choose based on the most fundamental rights that establish and then preserve a free society: guns.

Do you want it to be Bush, who signed the concealed carry law in Texas and stopped a host of lawsuits against gun manufacturers from taking place in his state -- to the extent his power would allow?  

Or do you want it to be GORE, who said in plain English that only the police and military and government officials and their bodyguards should be allowed to carry a gun for self-defense?

This isn't rocket science.  Those are the only contenders who have a chance in this election.

A trickle beats a flood.

My greatest concern over this election fiasco is that GORE will win.  But not because I'm afraid of what the little Liberty Maggot will do.  I know what he would do, and surely you do too, or you wouldn't be reading this message on this website.

I'm afraid that if GORE wins, all of the people who would have gotten shafted, eventually, by semi-Constitutionalist George W. Bush will bleat incessantly in 2004 that "we need a Republican in the White House."

Meaning there won't be a third party commanding our military and signing Executive Orders until, at least, 2008.

If you don't put Bush in there this time, not only will you not have a third party President in 2000, you won't have one in there in 2004 and the fight to get a third party president into the White House in 2004 gets pushed back, at least, to 2008. And if we miss in 2008, who the hell knows if we will still have our .22's in "legal" possession by then?

If it gets to a point where only .22's are legal, I'll be dead anyway, having taken as many as humanly possible with me, so it won't matter to me personally, but I'd like to leave this nation closer to freedom, wouldn't you?

It is unlikely that any Republicrat is ever going to restore the Republic.  A government of limited powers is not what flows from the Republican outhouse.  The best we can hope for is that they will stay our execution.

If we want to restore the Constitutional Republic in this nation, without bleeding for it, we will require -- flat out require -- a Third Party in the White House.  We need L. Neil Smith or a man of his caliber and deeply-held Constitutional Convictions in the White House.  And the only way that will happen is if we put another Republican in there so he can prove to the unconvinced Republican Party addicts that the Republicrats are professional government agents behaving a bit more Americanly than their Demopublican counterparts.

If you send GORE at us now, we lose our chance to put a Third Party in the oval office in 2004.  Period.  Think about it.  After four years of being GORED, ANY Republican will sound better than GORE come 2004, especially to blindly devoted Republicans, and the press won't give two hoots to third parties, just like they didn't in this election.

But if Bush sticks it to us after getting in there, that may be our last chance before the UN Curtain falls to show the Republican party members that they need to go third party, and putting GORE up there now steals that chance away, postponing a real possibility of a third party President at the soonest possible chance we currently have: 2004.

If voting your conscience hands GORE the keys to the oval office, I guess you'll have four years to enjoy the product of your conscience: AL GORE.

Maybe Norm Olson, the Commander of the organized militia in Michigan is right. He's voting for GORE so we can get the show on the road.  Maybe GORE would make the hammer drop easier.

I'd prefer to slow down the flood against freedom a bit so we have time to gather strength in the Patriot Community.  If they send GORE at us now, we as a collective are not ready.

America is on UN/NWO/Demoncrat death row. If you were on death row, wouldn't you want a stay?  

We need a stay of execution.

Gore has already told you he's taking your rights to the gallows. Bush has signed laws that protect the most fundamental of your rights, he stopped lawsuits against gun manufacturers in his entire jurisdiction, and he has flat out refused to accept the viability, utility or constitutionality of the most ominous anti-gun legislation we will soon face: registration and licensing. And those guys are the only choices for who will in fact be inaugurated in January. Period. Harry Browne told me -- personally -- that he can't win, and he'll get more votes than anyone else who ponders with reverence our sacred Constitution. Anyone this side of utter denial already knows that, too.

I'm in a state where Bush is going to wipe the floor with GORE, so I have the luxury of voting Third Party without concerning myself with whether or not I threw the Presidency to GORE.

Libertarians, Constitution Partiers, and all the other third, fourth, fifth etc. place finishers in this race who live in swing states are going to decide this election.  You swing state voters will determine who becomes the next President of the United States of America.  One of two people will take that office in January.

One of them espouses anti-self-defense philosophies that say to America's Women: "You must submit to violent rape, torture and murder." GORE also wants to license your rights into non-rights and register your militia rifle to set the stage for having it taken away from you, by force, and he wants to increase the ATF thugforce by 1,000 to assist in the process.

The other, strongly and clearly -- with a proven track record -- holds a commitment that says to America's Women: "If a raping murderer comes up to you with a knife in his hand and shows intent to use it, drop that piece of trash where he stands and have a nice day."

America's mothers, sisters, daughters and grandmothers are counting on you to get a conscience that doesn't wear blinders.


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There is no doubt in my mind that millions of lives could have been saved if the people had not been "brainwashed" about gun ownership and they had been well armed. Hitler's thugs and goons were not very brave when confronted by a gun. Gun haters always want to forget the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which is a perfect example of how a ragtag, half starved group of Jews took up 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazi's. Theodore Haas, former prisoner of the infamous Dachau prisoner concentration camp

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