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News & Editorials

The Symbol for War (Part 2)

by Jerry Jones

I would like to thank all of you that e-mailed me to comment on my post, “The Symbol for War”. I wanted to post again to expand on what I wrote and to answer some of the questions I have received.

Several people recommended that we use a different flag. While I agree with some of you that flags like the Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) and the Bonnie Blue represent our movement, very few people own these flags. I chose the U.S. Star Spangled Banner for many reasons as I wrote in my original post. One of the leading reasons includes the fact that most people have a U.S. flag. Flying it upside down requires little time or effort and doesn’t require the purchase of another flag.

Many respondents wrote to say they fly the Confederate Naval Jack. While you and I understand the meaning you intend flying that symbol, we have to admit that its meaning to many has been corrupted by special interest to include slavery, racism and hate. We can correct that if we can educate people about the true meaning of Southern Pride, our symbols and the real reasons for the War for Southern Independence. Unfortunately, this task is monumental as our educational system has been hijacked by the very people that wish to take away our freedoms. The media is also in enemy hands. They understand that an ignorant and uneducated people can be manipulated and controlled. We see it everyday all around us. Because there is little chance we can turn back this tide of ignorance quickly, using the Naval Jack will only serve to enrage many of the people that I believe will support and join us when their eyes are opened. Therefore, we must use a symbol that has universal appeal, clearly indicates what we intend to communicate, and is readily available.

One respondent was worried that using the inverted U.S. flag might cause a problem when someone who is in distress and needs help tries to use it. While I believe most people that see an inverted U.S. flag immediately understand that you are indicating your displeasure with the federal government or currently, the actions of Al Gore and the courts, few understand it as “a sign of distress” because our educational system doesn’t teach that. Those in immediate distress are far more likely to scribe SOS or use a cell phone, radio or telephone to call for help.

A symbol is only one aspect of our fight. Like any movement, we need to recruit new people. This is not an easy thing to do.

Waco, Ruby Ridge and other similar events are clear indicators to us that the government is tyrannous and the system is broken. To most people, they were unfortunate incidents that resulted from the people involved committing criminal acts and refusing to submit to government search and seizures. They have been informed by the government and the media. The sheep have seen the evidence as presented by the enemy -- and they believe it. We can’t change their minds. Most people still believe that “it can’t happen here.” They will block out anything that doesn’t fit their notion of reality.

We can point out small, individual things that our government does along with the law or evidence that clearly shows the acts are against the law and/or the constitution. They dismiss us as kooks and extremists. It doesn’t matter how clear the evidence is, they won’t believe us until they discover it themselves. If we can crack open their minds to several small things, maybe we can spark an interest to examine other government actions more closely. The people have to reveal the truth to themselves to truly believe it. 

This is the way we need to recruit. This is WAR. Bloodless so far but war nonetheless. Fly your inverted U.S. flags and recruit as many people as you can. Let the enemy see our resolve. Let them see our flags. We must recruit one by one because the enemy controls the mass media. The enemy controls the schools. Once someone has their eyes opened to the truth, they will never again believe the media. They will make sure their kids don’t succumb to the public school’s propaganda. Once you recruit someone, they no longer need reinforcement. The truth will set them free. The enemy has to keep a continuous flow of misinformation and deception going just to hang on to its believers. 

We must increase the number and frequency of public protests we hold. The enemy knows well that large groups of supporters can and do sway decision makers and public opinion. We must adopt their “legal” tactics and turn them against those that want to control us. Look at how panicked liberals became when a large group of Republican protesters gathered in Palm Beach, Florida. They were crazy trying to tell the media and the people that they were staged, bused-in and paid. While they weren’t, liberals often do organize and pay protesters. Public protesting works; we should use it. 

If we are diligent, the odds are on our side. All Americans want freedom and support the constitution. There are very few people in the country that actually want to destroy freedom and toss out the constitution. The rest are just uneducated and ignorant of the meaning of the term “Freedom.” We need to educate them, one by one, that freedom is the opposite of what government stands for. Point out how their freedom has been infringed. Use examples that apply to them. 

Walk them through starting a small home business. Point out every time the government touches the process. Point out each time that intrusion is unnecessary. The example MUST apply to the individual you are recruiting. Otherwise, they get the “it doesn’t affect me” syndrome most people are infected with that allows government to oppress small groups without consequences. 

This entire country is under the illusion that it is a democracy. Ask anyone what our form of government is called. 95% will tell you “Democracy.” We are a Constitutional Republic. Until we educate people about the differences, they will believe that the majority should always rule. This is called MOB RULE. It is one of the most dangerous forms of government. The minority will be oppressed and controlled by the majority.

This is precisely why the Founding Fathers set up a Constitutional Republic. The people rule themselves by democratic vote, but within a set of rules that prevent anyone’s rights being trampled. The majority cannot restrict the rights of the minority, thereby creating a truly “Free” country. Those rules were spelled out in our Constitution. The first ten amendments, which were required before the states would ratify the constitution, spell out certain rights that can NEVER be restricted. These rights predate the government, are inalienable and are NOT granted by the Constitution, but exist outside any government. This means, they can not be revoked, even if the government has a ¾ majority to pass an amendment to revoke them. They are the ultimate rule of law, universal and undeniable by anyone or any government.

The enemy has been teaching our children that we are a democracy. The majority rules. They have convinced enough of us that the government has been allowed to completely ignore the constitution and has grown so far beyond its constitutional limits it cannot be reigned in. The courts legislate, the executive branch writes law (“Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda cool. – Bill Clinton), and the legislators buy votes with government handouts. The system is broken. 

While I hope we can put this country back on the right track without violence, I wonder if that is possible. The educational system, media and government are against us. We have a lot to overcome. It may be too late but we cannot afford to give up. We must fight the good fight until we win. We fight with words and education for now. If that doesn’t work, we fight with arms. We must resolve to hang together to the end, or we will certainly hang separately. (paraphrased quote from a founding father)


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