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News & Editorials

"Boston Public TV" Smears American Gunowners

by John Meeker


Tonight, this new season's television show took the most biased, propaganda-laden, cleverly-written blast against American gun owners and the NRA that has been my displeasure to witness on network TV. It is refreshing to understand completely and absolutely, at last, exactly what the producer David E. Kelly really thinks of you me, as gun owners. We are the product of incest, among the nicer things.

In previous award-winning series he has slapped and jabbed at those citizens who actually hold the right of self defense to be of value. Kelly is a smart, tough, achieving man, with a great track record of money-producing hits. He was a college hockey player, a lawyer, and appears to have a history of hard work. You may follow up all the bio' for him and his two assistants, Jonathon Pontell and Mike Listo at the 'Boston Public ' website. 

However, tonight this team had a character deliver the vilest smears, including "incest, so more NRA members can be born". The situation was: a teacher/character said that he would be a NRA club advisor, at which an NRA speaker would be present. As the opening speaker for first club meeting, the character serving as the producer's mouthpiece was provided with clever dialog with which to deliver THE BIG LIE litany which this team has been pushing into the brains of an uninformed American public in their other very successful series. 

When you go to the "Fox" website look under 'advertisers' to see what demographic at which they are aimed. 

It isn't middle-aged men, I'll guarantee! They are geared towards an uncritical and easily frightened audience which accepts such propaganda at face value. I guess no one should be surprised, as this enterprise is a wedge of the Rupert Murdoch pie. However, there does come a point when journalism does, indeed, become Yellow.

Registering displeasure about this gross and ugly characterization of gun owners is rendered more difficult by my failing to find an E-link for direct commentary to the either the producers, the network, or Murdoch's Empire. Not that any of this makes one pile of flat, sun-dried cowflop to any of those wonderful and exemplary representatives of the great Western Civilization. Piss on these vermin!

If anyone can come up with an E-mail link would you be so kind as to post it here? It will be my privilege to make representations of outrage and anger to these creative and award-winning heirs to Goebbels. They will be duly amused to have provoked the feeble and ludicrous reaction to which my communication will amount. However, I will at least be able to convey my opinion of their actual place on the scale of humanity.

Thank You, 
John Meeker

Mr. Meeker,

Following are email contact points for various Fox Holdings and corporate types. Go get 'em, Tiger!  But do remember that by and large -- ugly abovementioned report notwithstanding -- Fox News has given more of Our Side of the story than all of the rest of the "vermin" combined. Let 'em have both barrels, please, on the specifics of your complaint, but you might be careful not to paint with so broad a brush we lose their support.



News Corporation Executives

Andrew Butcher, Vice President Jennifer Jaffe, Director
Corporate Affairs & Communications Corporate Affairs & Communications
Phone:  212-852-7070 Phone:  212-852-7083
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E-Mail: E-Mail:

News Corporation Government Relations

Maureen A. O'Connell, Esq. VP, Government Relations
Phone:  202-824-6503
Fax:  202-824-6510

Fox Broadcasting Company

Christina Kounelias, Senior Vice President Thomas Tyrer, Vice President
Publicity and Corporate Communications Corporate Communications
Phone: 310-369-1570 Phone: 310-369-4733
Fax: 310-369-4509 Fax: 310-369-1283
E-Mail: E-Mail:

Fox News

Brian Lewis, Vice President  Irena Steffen, Manager
Media Relations & Corporate Communications Public Relations
Phone:  212-301-3331 Phone:  212-301-3608
Fax:  212-819-0816 Fax:  212-819-0816
E-Mail: E-Mail:

20th Century Fox Television

Sarah Goldstein, Vice President, Media Relations Steven Melnick, Manager, Media Relations
Phone: 310-369-2733 Phone: 310-369-5962
Fax: 310-369-8726 Fax: 310-369-8726
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20th Television

Ivey Van Allen, Vice President, Media Relations
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Fax:  310-369-1506

20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Florence Grace, Vice President, Corporate Communications 
Phone:  310-369-5634 
Fax:  310-369-8825 

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Steven Feldstein, Vice President, Corporate & Marketing Communications
Phone:  310-369-5369
Fax:  310-369-5262

Fox Family Worldwide

Nicole Nichols, Senior Vice President Carol Holdsworth, Senior Vice President
Corporate Communications International Marketing & Publicity
Phone:  310-235-9650 Phone:  310-235-5436
Fax:  310-235-5446 Fax:  310-235-5446
E-Mail: E-Mail:

Fox Investor Relations

Address: The News Corporation Limited
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Phone:  (212) 852-7017
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As I have stood in the crosshairs of those who target Second Amendment freedoms, I've realized that firearms are not the only issue. No, it's much, much bigger than that. I've come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land, in which, with Orwellian fervor, certain acceptable thoughts and speech are mandated. — Charlton Heston

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