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by Aaron Zelman, Executive Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

March 23, 2002 -- Regarding: Flier raises questions of 'Hate Speech'

In Montgomery County, Maryland, Augustus Alzona is in trouble with the Democrat and Republican parties and the Jewish Community Council of Greater Washington. Republican officials have started proceedings to remove Alzona from his position on the local Republican Central Committee.

What exactly did Alzona do to bring such wrath down upon his head? He distributed a flyer (created by the Tyranny Response Team implying that a proposed gun registration and licensing scheme (which would require all gun buyers also to submit to fingerprinting and mug shots) was Hitlerian. The flyer showed the faces of three Democrat politicians digitally imposed onto photographs of Nazi soldiers.

Apparently some critics have decided that this flyer constitutes "hate speech" and is even "anti-Semitic." And therefore, Mr. Alzona must go.

Earth to critics:

1. Fact: The Nazis (initially using existing laws of the Weimar Republic) required registration of firearms. Hitler then used these laws to confiscate all firearms from Jews, thus making it more difficult to fight back against his Final Solution. The flyer Mr. Alzona distributed is accurate in implying that "gun control" advocates have something in common with Nazis.

2. Fact: Calling an opponent a Nazi can hardly be "anti-Semitic," and it's astonishing anyone could be so ignorant as to think so. In this case, it's PRO-Semitic. It is a warning to Jew and other minorities (of which Mr. Alzona himself is one) not to trust excessive government control. From Pharaoh to the Tsars to Stalin to -- yes -- Hitler, powerful governments have never been good for the Jews. It's a mystery why so many Jews in America support citizen disarmament. Do America's Jewish Councils have the same mindset as their predecessors, the ghetto _Judenrat_ of Europe, which urged their people to cooperate with the Nazis -- until almost none of their people were left? (This attitude was clearly depicted in the NBC-TV film, "Uprising," which can now be seen on video.)

3. Fact: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has repeatedly documented the connection between "gun control" and genocide, including Hitler's Final Solution, in books (_Death by Gun Control_, _Gateway to Tyranny_) and articles Anyone who doubts the accuracy of the TRT's flyer can look at the documents on our Web site.

4. Finally, to the accusation that Mr. Alzona's distribution of the flyer constitutes "hate speech," I can only say, "Wake up. You live in America. We have free speech here, not governmental mind control. When freedom is at stake, political speech can -- and should -- be vehement and strong." In this case, I remind you, it was not only strong, but accurate.

I am a Jew, a Semite. My organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, has used the image of Hitler to characterize those who want to control, and eventually deprive us of, our firearms This image is one of the most popular JPFO has ever produced -- and it's popular with both Jewish and Gentile supporters.

If you want to take me on for producing "anti-Semitic" "hate speech," go ahead - make my day.

Aaron Zelman
Executive Director
Jews for the Preservaton of Firearms Ownership
P.O. Box 270143
Hartford, WI 53027
Phone (262) 673-9745
Fax (262) 673-9746

(You may distribute this letter as you see fit.)

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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