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"Ashcroft Petition" for Second Amendment Enforcement Radio/Internet Broadcast

April 9, 2002

David Codrea will be Pam Stegner's featured guest on "Preparedness Now," radio/internet broadcast. Tuesday, April 9, station KCXL 1140 AM, Kansas City Area, 4:00-5:00 PM Central Standard Time. You can also listen to the program by clicking on the tower icon at: If you miss the airing, this website also has an archive, accessible from the main page.

In addition to being Petition for Enforcement of the Second Amendment (the "Ashcroft Petition") co-founder and coordinator, David is a founding member and director for the national RKBA media project, Citizens of America (, a co-founder of, a regular contributor to, and a contributing columnist to Guns & Ammo magazine (his most recent G&A article, "A Pirate's Life for Me!" appeared in the April issue, and "Things to Come..." will be featured in June).

Pam's past guests include notables such as author John Ross ("Unintended Consequences"), empowerment/training expert and author Paxton Quigley ("Armed and Female" and "Not an Easy Target"), Bo Gritz, and ex-IRS agent Joe Banister, to name a few. This should be an exciting opportunity to spread the word on the Petition effort-- please make plans to listen if you can, and please pass this message on.