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Thinking Outside the Box

by Nancy Siebern

Like all of you, I read, I vote, I educate myself with the issues, the rebuttals, the friendly politicians, the unfriendlies, I write to the government. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with information, misinformation, disinformation, and preaching to the choir. I call this toxic overload. Then I try to collate everything as best I can and arrive at some conclusion. Here, then is where I am in this.

We have to drop all emotion, because emotion always clouds the issue. We have to stop the internescine bickering because it serves no other purpose than to divide and conquer. We have to use our right brains and our left brains in concert. We have to coalesce to prevent further fragmentation. We have to appoint enough cooks in one camp to make and then serve up the perfect broth. We have to do this NOW. In short, we have to learn to think as one cohesive unit, outside the box.

Here, then, is what I propose:

  1. ID the issue: our rights.

  2. ID the enemy: you all know them by their acronyms. But here are others in our own ranks that you may not have thought of as the enemy: drastic siphoning of funds to so many groups instead of into just one war chest, too many splinter groups instead of one concerted effort of the combined assets of these groups, apathy on the part of the majority, a lot of diversionary, uncoordinated skirmishes instead of relentless, full frontal and flanking attacks until the entire war is done, and others too numerous to mention.

  3. Know the enemy intimately. Know their plans, their tactics, their sponsors, their leaders as well as you know your loved ones.

  4. Formulate counterplans on paper, plans which also examine all possible scenarios. Have plans in place to meet these impediments BEFORE they occur, so spur-of-the-moment decisions do not become born of panic and result in mass casualties.

  5. Disseminate the best of these plans and subplans to everyone at once so there is no doubt in anyone's mind.

  6. Stop being stymied by these socialists and use their own tactics against them. Refuse to be ignored by the press. Relentlessly remind those ensconced in DC that they ARE your employees and you ARE their employers. Remind them that, as their employers, you may terminate their services anytime they do not adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, copies of which they affirmed reception when they took their oath to protect this nation from all enemies foreign AND domestic.

  7. If they refuse to do as they promised, fire them without recourse, without explanation, without emotion, ASAP. You cannot be sued for voting.

  8. In any well-run campaign, guerilla tactics are called for. Think outside the box, develop these tactics, use them. The enemy uses them against us. All IS fair in love and war.

  9. Refuse to be divided against ourselves one minute more. Quit quoting and start acting in defense of this nation. Encourage, no, demand, that all concerned groups unite in one common cause. We can iron out the differences when the war is won, define our favorite groups again, and support them when we no longer have our backs to the wall. Come on, gun rights groups. UNITE. To those where this applies, Drop the huge salaries, limelight, politics and backstabbing. Don't ennervate us, don't gut us. We ARE on your side. Just don't divide us into little factions anymore.

Think of defense of the 2nd in terms of being a CEO. Any rational manager would do no less than to logically define the problems, the solutions and the ultimate goal. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.