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What, Were They Thinking?

by Michael Z. Williamson
KABA Indiana Correspondent

Today, I called the office of Indiana Governor Frank O’Bannon, to protest the proposed change of the Indiana NICS to the “bankers hours” of 9-5:30 weekdays only.  This, of course, would kill all the gun shows, with no weekend sales possible.

I’m sure they heard from the State Fair Commission, who would tell them that there are 10 shows a year using the largest building available on the grounds.  I’m sure every gun dealer in the state called.  I’m a cutlery dealer, but the five Indy 1500 shows (so called because they have 1500 tables full of goodies) I do every year are a relevant part of my income.  That income generates taxes that keeps these people employed.  I called.  Lots of people called.  Most Hoosiers own guns, and we don’t take kindly to crap like that in this state.  Saying the words “gun control” here is political suicide.

The lady who answered politely forwarded me to the Governor’s assistant for such matters, who immediately forwarded me to the State Police, who (again within seconds) forwarded me to the office in question.  Major Karen Butts was on vacation--big surprise.  The coincidences in this keep stacking up--she’s on vacation, it’s scheduled to take effect the day the next show starts, not at month’s end...but I digress.

The gentleman I spoke to sounded very tired, as if he’d already answered 10,000 times.  Well, maybe he had.

He assured me that the state intends to keep the current system of 9-8, seven days a week.

It was a local 2 minute call, so it cost me nothing.  Nevertheless, even with the problem resolved, I suggest continuing to call in and complain.  These people have short memories.  If they suggest it again, I want them to have twitches in recollection of the deluge of angry callers.  It may prevent them from doing something stupid next time they stop to think..and forget to start again.

Contact the governor's office to complain:

Governor Frank O'Bannon--206 State House--Indianapolis, Indiana 46204--(317)