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Powerful Online Video & Pro Gun Media Update


Our friends at Citizens Of America have done it again, this time in partnership with our allies at They've produced a video that is not only attention-grabbing, it's so right on the money it will convert some of the true fence-sitters; we're sure of it. We'd like your help getting this video seen as widely as possible, please. The link is below, but before you view it, would you take a moment to please consider the following:

For the last year, Citizens of America has been running pro-self-defense and pro-liberty-defense gun-related radio commercials around the country. You can see a list of the many stations where their results-oriented radio spots are or have been aired, and you can also listen to the ads right here at your computer, as well.  They've also run thousands of print ads.

Coming into the election, COA invested nearly every dollar available on running ads around the country. Was it a wise move? The closeness of the election leads us to believe that YES, it was.

But the post-election debacle seems to have frozen donations to COA. Thus the only ads currently running are those already scheduled or those running around the nation as Public Service Announcements.

We at know that the work done by Citizens of America is pivotal for changing peoples' perspectives regarding our individual right to keep and bear arms. It is our desire to see them continue to do their work. The groundwork is heavily laid, the steamroller is in place, but fuel in the form of non-profit donations is needed.

REMEMBER: COA's pro-gun rights media campaign is not a one-time effort, but an ONGOING PROCESS. We have two years before the next national elections to bring as many Americans as possible over to our side -- the side of the personal safety and adherence to the Constitution.

Take a look at the new video based on COA's "911 Hell" radio ad, and then send the URL by email to everyone you know. That would be a big help -- just letting more liberty-concerned citizens know about the work COA is doing. Here is the link to the video:

And here is the link to where you make your donation to their pro-gun media fight being waged on our behalf: If we don't pay to help run these radio and print ads around the country, who will? If not now, when?