Keep and Bear Arms
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Operation Self Defense --


Keep and Bear Arms

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Keep and Bear Arms


Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms  
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Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms


Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms


Keep and Bear Arms
Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms
The Best Defense:
True Stories of Intended Victims Who Defended Themselves

by Robert Waters

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Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms

Operation Self Defense

Because self-defense is a basic human right...

...and people need to know the truth about how many people use firearms to legally defend life, liberty and property.

Any "man" who attempts to forcefully and violently have sex with a woman against her will deserves a hot, fast-moving, well-placed piece of lead as his reward. Anyone who would deny a woman the right to stop a rapist is a sick, sick, deranged, perverse, disturbed individual in need of serious psychological and spiritual counselling.

Overview of OpSD --
Operation Self Defense:

Who We Are

We are a collective of volunteer activists who devote a few minutes of time each day to search a small number of personally chosen news websites in order to find true accounts of armed self-defense in the news.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is...

• to blanket the entire U.S. online news system, both online and offline, and capture every armed self-defense story covered;

• to establish a single, centralized location in which to archive the many accounts of armed self-defense that are reported each day in America;

• to provide a comprehensive, searchable resource of armed self-defense information for researchers, writers, reporters, editors, politicians, gun rights organizations, gun rights activists and others;

• to expose the lies and misinformation put forth by anti-rights activists who claim that armed self-defense stories are rare and all but non-existent;

• to insure that Americans know how many of their neighbors, co-workers and fellow citizens are using and relying on guns to exercise a basic human right - the right of self-defense; and

• to provide a cohesive and efficient system where a large number of gun rights activists can invest a small amount of time, in a teamwork environment, to help achieve all of the above.

What We Do

We seek and find current news stories recounting true events of lawful, decent citizens using firearms to defend themselves, their loved ones, others and property -- and channel it back to this central location to assure maximum exposure of these events in a timely and efficient manner.

How We Do It

We each commit to monitoring pre-selected online news resources, every day, and we keep our commitments to assure that our strands in the Net Detective web are strong.

When we find a story where a citizen successfully thwarted a crime, we simply (quickly) forward the link to the person who acts as the OpSD funnel -- and celebrate the fact that we made sure that that fish didn't get away.

Why We Do It

Crimes are thwarted every single day, all across America, by lawful, decent gun owners who simply choose to be un-victimizable.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media isn't very helpful in getting these stories widely reported, and there is no online organization getting "all" of these stories.

Working as a team, as we blanket the entire nation's online news resources, we make a difference by assuring that there is a place where people can find out about these effective, successful uses of firearms to save life, liberty and property.

We are OpSD -- to help spread the word that Guns Save Lives.

About OpSD Team

We are a loosely knit group of individuals who care about preserving and restoring the right of the people to keep and bear arms for self-defense and liberty defense. We come from all walks of life and live in many places throughout America and abroad.

We know that working as a team allows us to accomplish significantly more than any of us can achieve as individuals, and we enjoy the fact that we are all connected in a common bond of camaraderie toward a single purpose.

If you have additional questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Join OpSD Team Right Now

Each member of our growing team of Net Detectives devotes a few minutes of their time each day scanning a few online newspapers in search of articles where a citizen has used a firearm for legal self-defense.

If you’re willing to regularly give a small amount of your time to assist in our efforts to tell the truth about the legal use of firearms for the defense of life, liberty or property, we invite you to become a part of our OpSD team.

For more information or to Join Today, click here.

Contact OpSD

Before you make contact, please understand the very hectic nature of our early stages of deploying this next phase of Operation Self Defense. While we oil the machine, we are busy, indeed. So please make certain that any questions you have are not already answered in our Frequently Asked Questions system, and please also DO NOT add our email addresses to ANY distribution lists without express written permission to do so.  Thank you so much!


OpSD Submission for General Public

General Email Address

Signup for Email Notification

The email list above, in the upper left corner of this page, is the list by which we will notify you as we find new self-defense news events. It's unlikely we'll send to the list more than a couple of times a week, and probably only once a week. Subscription is free.

Latest OpSD Stories Collected By The Team:

• Warning shot turns deadly (AZ)
• Man shot while trying to break into house, police say (LA)
• Resident fires at 2 suspected of break-in (PA)
• Store clerk's gunshot fatal to teen boy (MI)
• Homeowner: Illegal entry was more than that (MI)
• Drive-Through Shooting Leaves Would Be Robber Dead (CA)
• Mobile home intruder met by gunfire (AK)
• Robbery victim shoots attacker (South Africa)
• Gun shop owner apprehends suspect during armed robbery (TX)
• Prowler prompts man to fire gun (IN)
• Fatal double shooting in Jacksonville ruled justifiable homicide (FL)
• Jeweler gets best of robbers in gun fight (LA)
• Gunman Shot By Store Clerks During Acampo Robbery (CA)
• Robbery suspect killed at diner (TN)
• Man kills burglar, police say (LA)
• Police: Armed burglar killed by homeowner (TX)
• Early Morning [Self-Defense] Shooting (FL)
• Homeowner, 79, Not Charged For Shooting Intruders (KY)
• Police say man was killed in self-defense (WI)
• Intruder Shot To Death After Breaking Into Home (FL)
• East Side Shooting Involved Earlier Assault, Vandalism (TX)
• Man killed in neighborhood shootout (LA)
• 79-Year-Old Shoots Two Intruders, Police Say (KY)
• Merchant ends holdup, shoots robber (IN)
• Suspect shot in head by liquor store owner (CO)
• No charges for wife who shot and killed her husband (NY)
• District attorney's office rules shooting was self-defense (NC)
• Two people kidnap Coppell woman (TX)
• Woman won't face charges in husband's death (SC)
• Police: Burlington store owner shoots would-be burglar (NC)
• Convenience store owner fatally shoots would-be armed robber (TX)
• Police: Store Clerk Shoots Back At Robbers (NC)
• Robber beaten with brolly, shot (South Africa)
• Alleged Burglar Shot in East Montgomery (AL)
• Teen Intruder Shot By Neighbor, Police Say (MS)
• Man killed at Brooklyn Center apartment (MN)
• Police arrest Bossier City shooting victim (LA)
• Mother Fights Back Against Intruder (TX)
• 911 calls reveal chaos in defensive shooting (CO)
• Grand jury no-bills woman in shooting (TX)
2 try to rob jewelry store; 1 suspect shot, still at large (AZ)
• Jewelry Store Owner Grabs Gun, Chases Robber (MI)

• Gun Battle Breaks Out Between Family, Intruders (TX)
• Police: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder (TN)
• BSP security guard outduels 3 robbers (Philippines)
• One Man Dead, Another Arrested After Attempted Robbery (NC)
• Florence robbers leave gun behind (FL)
• No indictment in fatal [self-defense] shooting (KY)
Alleged Burglar Fired On (WA)


»OpSD Archives«

NOTE: OpSD Archives aren't being updated presently as we're creating a much more sophisticated archiving system.


The maintenance of the right to bear arms is a most essential one to every free people and should not be whittled down by technical constructions. [State vs. Kerner, 181 N.C. 574, 107 S.E. 222, at 224 (1921)]

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