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Keep and Bear Arms

"Anti-Gun Mayors" Auto-Mailer

Quite a few mayors of cities across America are using tax-payers money to attack our gun manufacturers.  That just won't do.  Though they present themselves as doing a public service, their attack is meant to hurt We The People's access to our means of self-defense.  They are working to hurt our freedoms.  Unacceptable.

This program automatically sends your own letter or a pre-written letter to whichever mayors you select in the step by step process below.  If you choose to write your own letter, please remember to be as direct and polite as you can be while still getting your point across.  Do make your point.  (Okay, try not to cuss.  :-)

A copy of your message will be sent to your own e-mail address so that you will know the program has successfully delivered your email.  You MUST supply complete information, so when the mayors who want women disarmed in a sea of rapists get the message, he or she will know how far reaching and strong our network is growing.  Please inform us if any mail is returned as undeliverable by clicking here.

Do remember that not all members of the legislature maintain public email addresses.  If you have an email address for a Mayor not on this list, please click here to pass it on.

Step 1

Enter Your Personal Information (Required)


Step 2

Select Your Mayors

Mayors Who've Sued
County Officials Who've Sued

Mayors on the US Conference of Mayors, a Strong Anti-Gun Org. with a Clear Agenda to Disarm Law Abiding People

For multiple recipients, hold down Shift or Ctrl key while clicking.  
To select them ALL
, click the first one at the top and hold down Shift and Ctrl at the same time and then press End.

Step 3

Do You Wish to Write Your Own Letter?

If YES... check this box:   and go to Step #4

If NO...and you wish to use a pre-written letter to save time, go directly to step 6

View Pre-written Letter Here:

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Step 4 Give Your Own Title to Your Email

Step 5

When Writing Your Own Email Message:

Step 6


Click the Submit button one time and wait while the program sends your mail for you.

Other Letters to the Mayors

You can cut and paste any of these letters below into the letter text box above, edit them to your satisfaction, and fire away.  

THIS letter was sent with a title of "Common Sense, Please.  Gun Laws."  I personally think it a brilliant title as the anti-gun mayors want more gun laws, as always, and are likely to read it thinking they are about to get support for their action.  ~ webmaster

Dear Mayor(s),

Your choice to form a coalition to sue gun makers is very interesting. 

I have a list of "responsible" people that deserve to be sued also. 

1.  Cigarette companies, but of course we've already done that and far fewer of our teenagers are smoking now, right? Wrong. 
2. McDonalds and all other fast food chains that knowingly place poor food into the mouths of my children and cholesterol in my mother's veins. These people are reprehensible! I'm sure suing them would put them out of business, right?  Wrong again. 
3. Then let's sue the auto makers for producing cars that go much faster than any posted speed limit that I have ever seen. What is the matter with these people? They should know by know that I am not capable of knowing how to drive safely while driving above the speed limit. Let's include the NASCAR folks on this lawsuit because they are glorifying people that drive fast also and that kind of advertising has a huge impact on my children and by God I can not keep an eye on my kids all day long so I can't possibly be responsible for what they see on TV or on that terrible internet. Speaking of TV, those people need a good suing also, right? Wrong once again although very debatable. 
4. I want to sue the people that make those motorcycles that my neighbor kid rides by my home that raises dust and violates my privacy rights with all that noise it makes. You know sooner or later that little kid is gonna injure himself on that poorly engineered contraption so we may as well get ready to sue 'em for that also. 
5. The new shoes I bought put a huge blister on my heel that ruined my weekend. The shoe makers oughta pay for that because I can never have last weekend back. 
6. The other day my wife asked me to stop at the grocery store and pick up cereal for the kids and when I got to the store they were out of the cereal that my kids must have every morning. I was furious and demanded satisfaction. They offered me another choice of cereal but I know what kind of damage that would do to my kids self-esteem so I obviously refused anything except the brand my kids "need." If this isn't negligence, I don't know what is! 

I guess maybe I ought to apologize for my sarcastic sense of humor but I won't because sometimes that is just what people need to hear when they are being irrational and condoning irresponsibility. Before you you fire off a response that goes something like, "you just share your humor with a parent that has lost their only son or daughter to an unnecessary gun accident or to a stray bullet....." let me just share a little something with you. I lost my only father to a gunshot wound. Unfortunately, my father fired the gun. Was this a gun issue? No, this was obviously a people issue as are all violent crime issues or accidental death issues when guns are involved. When the guns are gone, people will still be here. No matter how noble you believe that you are, you will never be able to protect me from me. I alone can do that. 

I realize that this may be a hard concept for you if you have already let your arrogance get the better of you, but it's true. Guns, cigarettes, alcohol, drug abuse, and fast food are only symptoms of a much larger cause and the cause is simply moral decay. We are dying as a societal family. People would be better served if they would simply peek over the fence and say hello to their neighbors once in a while. When is the last time you did that? People would be better served by doing the little things that keep their families together. People would be better served by turning the TV off once in a while and talking to their kids about what the world is really like...outside of the fairy tale called TVLand.  

Criminals have guns because they are basically evil people who will always have their illegal weapon of choice no matter how many laws we pass or companies we sue. People like me have guns to protect ourselves from the evil people who will always be present whether they be gang bangers or, God forbid, a tyrannical government out of control. Seems outlandish for me to make that last statement, heh. But let's be real for just a moment.

Causes like "gun control" are taking many good people away from doing what they were really elected to do and that is to serve their communities and to leave their communities better than when they were first elected and then go live in those very same communities rather than staying in government for years never being exposed to their own laws until it's far too late. 

Can you honestly say that taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens will leave your communities in better shape than before? I suggest not. In fact, I suggest that for every man, woman, or child you think you will save by removing guns from the hands of law-abiding citizens, the criminals in your communities will kill or injure ten-fold as many. If I were a criminal, and thank God I am not, I couldn't think of a better environment to work in than one where good unarmed people walk around like sheep headed for slaughter. On the other hand, as a law-abiding citizen I would take comfort knowing that if I or a member of my family were ever attacked while walking out in our streets that there would be a possibility that an armed law-abiding citizen may be able to save our lives. Of course that is the duty of our law enforcement but like I said let's be "real" for a moment: 

Our police men and women make up about one percent of of our populace which is about one third of the size of the criminals walking our streets on any given day or night!

Please use your God given common sense and reconsider doing what will ultimately cost a lot of innocent law-abiding citizens their lives. It may not be in our generation but I am not willing to let it happen to my kid's generation either.


Concerned citizen

You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man's freedom. You can only be free if I am. Clarence Darrow (1857-1938)

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