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FREE Email


What is KABA Mail?

KABA Mail is the world's largest provider of free Web-based e-mail. KABA Mail is based on the premise that e-mail access should be easy and possible from any computer connected to the World Wide Web. By adhering to the universal Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard, KABA Mail eliminates the disparities that exist between different e-mail programs. Sending and receiving e-mail from KABA Mail is as easy as going to the KABA Mail Web site at, signing in, and sending an e-mail message. By using a Web browser as a universal e-mail program, KABA Mail brings your personal information to you in a globally-retrievable form.

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How is KABA Mail different than e-mail?

E-mail provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) requires the use of a properly configured e-mail program. To access e-mail provided by services such as CompuServe® or America Online®, a member needs proprietary CompuServe or AOL® software. These client/server e-mail systems are inherently limited and closed because they require the use of proprietary client software. E-mail access on these services is not universal, difficult while traveling, and virtually impossible from overseas.

KABA Mail is based on open Web-based technology. The Web browser, which is more universally available than any proprietary e-mail program, is used for e-mail sent from and received by KABA Mail. Web-based KABA Mail is accessible world wide, offers a cross-platform e-mail solution, and is cheaper and easier than using traditional e-mail programs. An additional advantage of KABA Mail is that a member is not required to install any new software other than a Web browser.

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How can KABA Mail be free?

KABA Mail is free because it is advertiser supported. KABA Mail will always be a free service.

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Why is KABA Mail universally accessible?

KABA Mail is a site on the World Wide Web. It is accessible via any Web browser (Microsoft® Internet Explorer; Netscape Navigator™, Opera, etc.) from anywhere around the globe, from any type of computer system, at any hour. Accessing your personal KABA Mail is as simple as going to and typing your Sign-In Name and Password.

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Can I use KABA Mail anywhere?

Absolutely. You can access KABA Mail from any computer that has a connection to the World Wide Web. The increased availability of Internet kiosks and public Internet connections in libraries, cafés, airports, and universities makes remote access to KABA Mail easy.

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Can I use the existing Internet software on my computer?

Yes. KABA Mail does not require any proprietary software. You need to have a Web browser installed on your computer and you need access to the Internet. You can have Internet access via an ISP or your company. We recommend using the newest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for best viewing results.

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Why would I use KABA Mail if I already have an e-mail address?

KABA Mail is the one-stop e-mail solution. You can check your e-mail using your Web browser. Your e-mail is available anytime, anywhere. For example, if you attend college, you may have an e-mail address at school. Do you feel cut off if you can't check your e-mail when you're home on vacation? Use your KABA Mail account!

If you travel, KABA Mail travels with you. Even if you are just separated from your computer, you can use any computer connected to the Internet to check your KABA Mail.

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Can I check my corporate e-mail using KABA Mail?

Yes. If your corporate POP server resides outside of your company firewall, you can use KABA Mail to access your POP Mail from any where in the world. Corporate employees also enjoy the privacy afforded by the KABA Mail administration.

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Does KABA Mail have an Address Book?

Yes. KABA Mail has an easy to use method for adding e-mail addresses to your personal Address Book.

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Can I put URLs into my e-mail?

Yes. You can create a link to any valid Web page or e-mail address by typing the complete address (such as in the text box on the Compose page. KABA Mail automatically creates the link to this address. When the recipient receives your message, the address appears as a link that he/she can click to go directly to the Web site or to send a message.

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Can everyone in my family have his or her own e-mail address?

Yes. Each and every member of your family can go to the KABA Mail Web site and create a personal account for himself or herself. In fact, KABA Mail does not allow account sharing, so we encourage families to sign up for an account for each family member who will be using KABA Mail.

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Is my e-mail private?

KABA Mail realizes that e-mail is private correspondence between the sender and the recipient. It is KABA Mail's policy to respect the privacy of its members. Therefore, KABA Mail will not monitor, edit, or disclose the contents of a member's private communications unless required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (1) conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served on KABA Mail; (2) protect and defend the rights or property of KABA Mail; or (3) act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of its members or the public.

For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

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Can I attach files to my e-mail messages?

Yes. If your Web browser supports the attachment of files (such as Netscape Navigator 3.x and later, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or later, etc.), you can send attachments using KABA Mail.

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Can I receive attachments at my KABA Mail address?

Yes. Attachments sent to your KABA Mail account can be downloaded to your personal computer by clicking them. GIF and JPEG images and HTML files are automatically displayed in the browser window.

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Can I use KABA Mail as a business address?

No. You may not use your KABA Mail address as your primary business address. If, however, you work for a company with which you have an e-mail address and you want to use your KABA Mail account to send and receive e-mail while away from your computer at work, you are encouraged to do so.

Example of Prohibited Use:
You are an individual who runs a business. You and your employees want to use KABA Mail accounts rather than registering and administering your account through a paid ISP.

Example of Allowed Use:
You are a business person who travels. You have an account with your company ( You use your KABA Mail account to read and send solicited messages while you are traveling.

KABA Mail prohibits account sharing. Since KABA Mail is accessible from everywhere in the world, each individual is able to sign up for his or her own personal account. You are encouraged to sign up for an account of your own, to which only you have access. Sharing an account compromises the privacy and security of your e-mail. Each KABA Mail member must have his or her own e-mail account.

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What software do I need to use KABA Mail?

KABA Mail requires that you use a Web browser that supports graphics and nested tables, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later. For a richer KABA Mail experience, KABA Mail recommends that you use a Web browser that also supports JavaScript™, cookies, and style sheets. Text-based browsers, such as Lynx, do not meet our requirements.

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I'm already a KABA Mail member, but I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can use the Password Retrieval system on the Sign in page.

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Does KABA Mail sell its membership list?

Absolutely not! KABA Mail keeps all individual member information, including the e-mail addresses of its members, private. KABA Mail does not maintain or sell any e-mail lists. Please refer to our Privacy Statement for more information.

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How much junk e-mail (aka "spam") will I receive?

KABA Mail does not condone or support the sending of junk e-mail (aka "spam") through our system. The KABA Mail Terms of Services (TOS) strictly forbids sending unsolicited e-mail and we terminate all reported accounts that are in violation of the TOS. If you do receive unsolicited e-mail, report it to Remember to include a complete copy of the message, including the full message headers.

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Does KABA Mail host personal Web pages or business Web sites?

Yes, Keep And Bear Arms hosts websites for individuals and businesses of all sizes.  For more information or to order hosting services, go here.

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Why does KABA Mail ask for personal information?

KABA Mail needs you to complete your profile information to display appropriate, individualized advertising banners. This allows us to display advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you.

Your individual personal data is never disclosed to advertisers.

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Do I have to have an Internet connection to use KABA Mail?

KABA Mail is a site on the World Wide Web. You must have Internet access to use KABA Mail. You cannot dial into KABA Mail.  However, Keep And Bear Arms does offer Internet Access / Dialup from 14.4k connections to 56k connections to DSL, go here for more information.

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How much e-mail storage space do I get with KABA Mail?

KABA Mail currently offers 2MB of storage space. Keep your account below this limit, or KABA Mail may need to remove some messages, and these cannot be recovered. If you need additional storage space, use the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer v5, which includes Outlook Express.

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When will my KABA Mail account be marked "inactive," and what does this mean to me?

Currently, if you do not sign-in to your KABA Mail account for 60 days, or if you do not sign-in within the first 10 days, your account will be marked "inactive." Stored e-mail will be deleted, and inbound mail will be refused. Your Passport will still function, and your KABA Mail e-mail name will be reserved. To re-activate your account, simply go to, and enter your member name and password. You will then be able to once again send and receive e-mail using KABA Mail. If your account stays "inactive" for a full year, it may be permanently deleted.

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Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. ~ Benjamin Franklin

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