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Silveira v. Lockyer

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Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms

Silveira v. Lockyer
Status of Fundraising

“The fundraising by is essential to Silveira v. Lockyer and has my backing 100%.”

— Gary Gorski, Attorney for Plaintiffs, Silveira v. Lockyer

Buy a signed copy of "U.S. v. Miller and Short-Barreled Shotguns"
You'll be supporting AND the Silveira v. Lockyer lawsuit

--Book Release
"Overwhelming evidence that short barreled shotguns have been used by military forces for hundreds of years."

Updated October 1, 2003

We had $150,000 pledged to fight a true Second Amendment lawsuit. It's common for organizations to expect to invest twice that much in major cases like this one will become when certiorari is granted. 

Unfortunately, between the fundraising by Citizens of America and, we've only raised a bit over $60,000, and all but the last of it is already out the door -- with more needed immediately.

What's left in the Silveira Fund escrow account -- from which funds are being used to support this lawsuit -- is less than $1,000 after checks clear.

A few people have requested clear data showing where the money is going and how it is being used. We'll gladly share such data. We made it as simple and clear as possible so you can scan it quickly:

as of 10/1/2003

Citizens of America:
(NOTE: COA was original fundraising entity for this case.)

$ 26,428.45
(From when COA handed the fundraising torch to KABA to present)

$ 34,828.00

(before associated fees covered below)

$ 61,256.45

as of 10/1/2003

Legal research & writing
(law review articles, certiorari petition, final Supreme Court brief)
KABA: 30,000.00
COA: 22,500.00
(professional third party)
KABA: 1,549.25
COA: donated
Computer Equipment
(Dell laptop for atty. plus scanner, copier, fax, ext. hard drive, CD burner, software, etc. plus lots of extras to make sure he's well equipped for the duration of this battle)
KABA: 450.00
COA: 2,711.14
research, writing, citation, study of opposition, etc.

(Does not include the many books the attorney bought with his own money from funds paid as his fees)
KABA: 192.76
COA: 1,846.38
Printing & Printing Supplies
KABA: 655.62
COA: 240.17
Bank Charges
Checks, Wires, Merchant Acct. Svc. Charges, etc.
KABA: 1,160.37
COA: 150.00
(not counting greater amount of money attorney invested from his fees to pitch numerous articles to Law Review Journals)
KABA: 151.62
COA: 15.77


KABA: 34,159.62
COA: 27,463.46

TOTAL: $61,623.08*
* PLEASE NOTE: More has been invested in this case by and Citizens of America than has been raised. In fact, a lot more than is even covered above -- especially when you account for TIME, which is now several hundred unaccounted hours. Furthermore, donations to's operating funds have been virtually nil, by comparison, for nearly the entire calendar year of 2003 -- as a direct result of the fact that we've focused on funding legal work being applied to this true Second Amendment lawsuit. FYI, Wayne LaPierre's salary at NRA was reported last year as $424,000 or $515,000, depending upon which report you believe -- and their chief attorney tried to kill this case. We believe the case will be heard and won on the two most pressing 2A questions.

** PLEASE NOTE: Figuring out how much of KABA's bookkeeper expenses are directly related to the Silveira case has been difficult. She's been with KABA since before we incorporated and has amazing attention to detail, and we've still been stumped to produce 100% accuracy down to the penny -- because she does KABA's books, too. Suffice it to say that the bulk of her time for months has been accounting surrounding our support for the Silveira lawsuit -- because donations to our general operating funds have been sadly and frustratingly minuscule by comparison. KABA's bookkeeper has kept us from crashing and burning in the wreckage long ago and repeatedly. Without her support, we wouldn't be here to be fighting this case.

as of 10/1/2003

Citizens of America


$ 26,428.45
+950 (reimburse)
= 27,378.45

SPENT + owed: $27,861.45


(KABA will reimburse from Silveira escrow account to cover recent expenses incurred -- printing, postage, etc.)


$ 34,828.00


$ 34,159.62


$ 668.38  *

* NOTE FOR STICKLERS: KABA's bank fees above are estimated based on the average percentage of merchant account fees for all types of credit cards -- Visa, M/C, Discover, Amex -- so the numbers are always off slightly but average out over time. This is one of the many bookkeeping headaches KABA's bookkeeper has had to deal with to support this Second Amendment case. The actual amount currently in the Silveira escrow fund, after a written check clears and a wire transfer fee is processed, as of 10/1/2003, is exactly:  $995.75. That does not account for the donations given in the last four days as it takes a few days for them to process and actually drop into the bank account to be transferred to the Silveira escrow account.

For more information on WHY money is needed immediately, go here:

Silveira Second Amendment Case Needs Immediate Financial Support, and Here's Why

Give online:

Give by mail:

Silveira v. Lockyer

“The work Roy Lucas is doing is absolutely essential for the success of this case. The fundraising by will ensure that Mr. Lucas is able to work efficiently, effectively, and without interruption, and that any contributory work by others can be secured, and that necessary ancillary expenses are taken care of. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and have my backing 100%.”

Gary Gorski, Attorney for Plaintiffs, Silveira v. Lockyer

They should have stopped with "Congress shall make no Law..."

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