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Force vs. Violence: There IS a Difference
by Angel Shamaya
Reprint permissions explained below.

"Violence is an action against a victim; force is an action to quell the violent act. Passivity breeds violence; force regulates violence." ~~ H.S. Gunnie Reagan, Ph.D., D.D.

"Political correctness" is not helping the cause of freedom; it is getting people killed. I do see many leaders around the nation restraining themselves from saying some things that need to be said. So I'm putting my balls on the table and saying it, and I'm not hiding behind a pen name. Some people won't like it, and they'll blast me for "proving that gun owners are gun nuts" or some such nonsense. Others will finally ante up and help our organization at least make ends meet by becoming members of our organization. If you can't stomach American Reality 101, click to another page about 2/3 of the way through this message, please.

Many men recently sexually assaulted unarmed citizens, in public view, in New York City. That was violent. 5 citizens were murdered in a New York City fast food restaurant (Wendy's) last month. That was violent. New York City has some of the very strictest gun laws in the country, but we see horrible, violent acts being perpetrated there.

Two "men" in Houston engaged in armed robbery at a McDonald's on Wednesday. A violent act in progress, one employee pulled out his gun and shot the two violent offenders. He used FORCE to stop VIOLENCE. There is a VAST difference between force and violence. McDonald's is now considering firing the man because their corporate policy calls for the allowance of violence in their establishments. If they fire him, they will pay in lost business, but that price just isn't enough to satisfy my thirst for freedom. Eye for an eye feels much more balanced to me. I want an end to the violence; it needs to be regulated.

A small restaurant in Dayton, Ohio was robbed by three men a few days back. They sat and ate, at separate tables, and eventually converged on the owner, criminally misusing their guns. In fact, in Ohio, you are not "allowed" by state law to even have a gun in your car with you unless it is unloaded and out of reach. But these criminals, like all criminals, didn't obey that law; they never do. They forced the innocent business owner to empty his safe. This is, by anyone's definition, violent. As they were leaving, the store owner grabbed his shotgun and fired on the violent, criminal misusers of firearms as they made for the door, wounding at least one of them. The violated business owner then ran outside and was met with gunfire. The man who fired on him is now dead. The restaurant owner used force to stop violent people. He understands richly the meaning of "force regulates violence." One of the criminals is enjoying the amenities of Hell about now, another one is about to be somebody's TEMPORARY girlfriend in prison, but the third is still at large, and still presumably violent. So we must look at the Ohio setup and use it to make a point that has been a long time coming, widely felt, and rarely spoken out loud and in public view.

In Ohio, Governor Taft has refused to allow lawful, peaceable citizens the right to carry a gun even after they receive training and going through FBI background checks. While the "President" of this country uses his pen to constrict freedom, Taft leaves his pencap on when the concealed carry bill gets to his desk. According to a detailed comparative study of information from public records, police officers in major cities are more likely to commit crimes than are concealed carry permit holders. This is not to say that these cops as a subgroup of the citizens are necessarily crime-prone; the concealed carry permit holders are simply LESS likely to commit crime. And Taft knows this; he is not stupid. He knows good and well that people who qualify for a concealed carry "permit" are the model citizens of our society. We check out in the FBI computer, are fingerprinted, tested, and qualified. As for the Taft regime, when two women were raped not long ago at roadside rest areas, the thieves of female dignity got away, and local troopers issued their solution: don't go to rest areas at night. Governor Taft and the "law enforcement" team around him prefer to set up scenarios where violent people can operate unfettered by the concern that a victim might be armed. They'd rather have women raped, beaten and brutalized than have the criminals shot. They support the criminals, and tie the hands of the citienry, making rape for sport a relatively risk-free endeavor.

The crux of the matter is uglier than most people imagine. Governor Taft and (from our earlier example) the New York lawmakers and enforcers have something in common. They support violence. By setting up easy prey for criminals, these "lawmakers" help to create violence. The weaker, less evolved souls who make their livings as predators only find their jobs easier with each new self-defense-choking gun law. Law enforcement teams cannot possibly enforce all laws all of the time, and they know it, and public record proves it, and the Supreme Court confirms that they have no legal requirement to do so. The moves of anti-self-defense legislators to disarm the citizens in their cities, towns, and boroughs are exactly the same as if they were actually committing the crimes themselves. They are VIOLENT people. They use their political power to foster, nurture, and breed violence.

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and New York Governor George Pataki are not only forcing their own local constituents to be victimizable (or jailed for carrying a self-defense device), they are now using "legal" violence to attempt to destroy the industry that supplies the rest of the citizenry with OUR self-defense devices. Pataki and Spitzer are now attacking the rights of every single American alive. It's not enough that they force violence on the people unfortunate enough to live in their own state, they want us all violated. And they SNEER about it in nasty little ego-maniacal sound bites, congratulating themselves on another political victory, knowing that the laws will never deter criminals--empowering the BAD guys.

The victims of their anti-self-defense "laws" are many, and the number is growing. These people are the puppeteers pulling the strings that give rise to criminal misuse of firearms. These "men" living protected lives force their citizenry to go out naked amidst the criminal misusers of firearms who break the laws the police cannot and are not required to enforce. There is no other way to shake it; that is violent legislation and politicking.

Then there are Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer, the many mayors suing the manufacturers of self-defense tools, and a few more in every state and city and most counties in this land. These "people" are assuring senseless rape and murder as a way of life for criminals whose plundering gets easier with each new law. While I will agree that the average anti-self-defense citizen is just plain ignorant of the truth about guns--thanks to blatant lies by the slime mentioned above--these aforementioned "people" do not have the luxury of ignorance; they KNOW. Every last one of these violence enablers knows that the criminals will not now or ever obey laws. They KNOW that the criminals are by their very nature predators who seek the easiest prey--and these societal "leaders" make predation a simple matter. They know that guns, like cocaine, marijuana, and other illegal items find their way into the black market, and that the black market grows with each new gun ban they force onto the citizenry. These lawmakers are VIOLENT. They are HELPING rapists and murders. They are HELPING the KILLERS. PATAKI AND SPITZER HELPED KILL THOSE 5 PEOPLE AT WENDYS, with the help of quite a few other murder-by-legislation redcoats who puked their sadistic, life-rebuking "laws" on the good people of New York.

The Patriot is out, I've seen it, and it's nearly a perfect movie for the cause of freedom. Independence Day is coming up, as well, so let's look at American History. Thomas Jefferson said "No tyrannical government has ever been made to stop but by force." When I overlay American History with the violence-enablers in the legislative bodies throughout this nation today, I say with a clear voice and a sound mind that the men who founded this country would have cut their throats a long time ago--to quell the violence they breed.

But nobody in his right mind wants to have to exert force to stop the violence that is legislated into existence by these self-righteous people. We'd like to think they will stop enacting gun control laws that get women raped and murdered. We'd like to think they'll stop lying to the American public through inflated numbers and repetition of deceptive semi-factoids. We'd like to think they'd show an interest in the thousands and millions of lives that are saved each year by use of self-defense devices. We'd like to think they'd "allow" us to enjoy the same protection they enjoy from their bodyguards. We'd like to think they'd use their power to make sure We The People can defend our own lives and families from rapists and murderers. We'd like to think they will start going after criminals rather than the guns we use to protect ourselves from criminals. We'd like to think these people can get real.

All we ask is to be left alone while the legislators and the law enforcement folks go after the criminals--the people who misuse guns in the commission of genuine crimes that have victims. All we seek is to be allowed to defend our own lives, our own families, our own properties. And all they want is every last one of our guns. They want to strip us bare of the device that can save our own lives and leave us bobbing in a sea of criminals armed to the teeth with black market weapons WE cannot legally purchase.

I've concluded, unfortunately, that there will be a great deal of force taking place to quell the violent acts of self-regulated lawmakers and law enforcers. I really don't like to face what I see so clearly. I'm not a forceful person unless I have no choice. I prefer love and peace.

But the choices are being systematically reduced with a frightening, patient, calculated precision, and with the starling rise of violent crime in Britain after their violence-producing gun bans, I'm just not willing to let this country go that route. Not for me, not for future generations. The Founding Fathers gave everything to bring this nation into being, and I'm giving everything to get her back. I couldn't live with myself if I wasn't doing something to set things straight.

I don't profess to know exactly what it will take to get America back. I do know that idle shooters need to become ardent, enthusiastic activists. I do know that legislators need to be forced to obey their oaths of office. I do know that our soon-to-be-announced Doctors organization is going to make some waves, and I do know that our brochures and pamphlets are going to turn some heads, too. I know that more conversation is required, but so is ACTION.

And I do know that Thomas Jefferson might have been right. So I'm going to go sight in my stored-off-property, long range rifle some time between now and July 4th to make sure I'm still good at 300+ yards. Believe I'll run some buckshot through a couple of shotguns and punch a few holes with a couple of HANDGUNS, too. I'll be sure to use my "assault weapons" and my little, tiny, lethal "saturday night specials", and I'm taking a big fat hunting knife with me strapped in my shoulder harness, too. This sucker could help me kill a bear if used properly.

I pray these tyrants wake up in time to save their lives from 83,000,000 militia members. Not because I care at all about them. I don't. Not any more. They've killed and raped and robbed too many innocent people for me to give a damn about any of them. This country would be better off if any of the aforementioned tyrants' heads were placed on a stake on the Whitehouse lawn one bright summer morning as a warning. They can all rot in Hell for all I care, unless they relent SOON. It doesn't need to come to that, but if they keep forcing our women to submit to rape, and if they keep forcing our children to early graves, good people will die in the process of eliminating the communist, statist, socialist, fascist disease that has infested a great nation.

The tyrants have either forgotten that we have a RIGHT and a DUTY to defend this country WITH OUR ARMS, or they are picking a fight. If it is the former, we need to find a way to reach them, rattle their cages, and wake them up. If it is the latter, we're likely headed for a war that the mighty American Citizen Militia will win.

Somehow, the violence-legislators need to be regulated.

I'm pulling for the wake up, and I'm heading to the range. First I'm going to see The Patriot again. I like watching tyrants die. It's good for my American soul.

Angel Shamaya is the Executive Director of, a membership-funded internet grassroots organization dedicated to stopping the assault on American Liberty being perpetrated by political tyrants, self-proclaimed television gurus, misguided mothers, history-ignorant sheeple, mentally-handicapped toy distribution chains, and the general lack of understanding of the fundamental, God-given right to Keep And Bear Arms--resulting in a return to the American Constitutional Republic. Reprint permission granted provided attribution is given including the following link: Copyright 2000. All ownership rights reserved, but spread this one far and wide through all channels; you don't even need to ask. To become a member of, click here. We require assistance to press on.

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Both the oligarch and Tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms. Aristotle

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